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Article: All About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Parents Need to Know

All About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Parents Need to Know

All About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Parents Need to Know

  Mothers may be familiar with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It has been deprived of a mother’s little baby and also has become the chief killer of infants under age one. In the old days, people are entirely blind to this cause of death. All mothers are worried about it. For many years, a number of experts have been dedicated to the research in this area and have gotten some results. Today’s article will share some causes of SIDS. Mothers need to pay more attention to and try to avoid these causes.

1. babies do not sleep in the same bed as their parents

  Most parents who want to take care of their babies at night conveniently will let babies sleep in the same bed as them. But in fact, it has some harmful impacts on babies. For example, people are usually unconscious when they are asleep. They don’t know and can not control what they will do. Parents may hurt babies when they roll over on them at night. After groping for solutions to this problem, people can choose to set a crib in the bedroom attached to their bed. In this way, babies can sleep in the same room with their parents but also avoid getting from parents at the same time.

2. unsafe baby cribs

  In order to avoid crib accidents, the CPSC (Consumer Safety Society of America) set strict safety standards for the safety of baby cribs in 2011, including the safe production, sale, and use of baby cribs. If you have a baby crib at home, it is necessary to check its safety regularly.

  Below are some requirements of baby cribs:

  • Improved slat strength.
  • Stronger hardware.
  • Improved mattress support durability.

  The skeletal development for your baby is still not mature, and it is not suitable for the baby to sleep on a soft mattress. It is better for your baby to sleep on a firm that helps ensure the sleep safety of the baby and reduces the risk of SIDS.

  • Require tough testing.
  • Prohibit traditional drop sides.
  • Materialsand coatings are safe and harmless.

  The natural solid wood crib is an ideal choice. Solid wood is more stable, breathable, and even can regulate the temperature and humidity.

  • Asecond-hand baby crib is not recommended.
  • Baby crib bumpers are not recommended.

  It will increase the risk of getting stuck and SIDS in your baby.

  • Make the baby crib empty.

  Pillows and soft toys both should not be in the baby crib. These things will increase the risk of apnea. In addition, it is safer to use a sleep sack than a quilt.

3. smoking

  Baby death, or sudden infant death syndrome, is directly related to smoking. As it is evident that smoking is harmful to health, no matter to adults or babies. It is not only harmful to smokers themselves but also threatens other people's health. As the victim of secondhand smoke, women and babies are more at risk from the cigarette. Secondhand smoke can cause or contribute to serious health problems, including stroke, cancer, asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic lung ailments. Of course, it will cause sudden infant death syndrome. If there is a smoker in the home, it should make sure that the smoker washes his hands and face, and changes his clothes before picking up or getting in touch with the baby. But the best way is to quit smoking.

4. bad sleep position

  There is also a result of SIDS: Sudden infant death syndrome is associated with babies’ sleep positions. Usually, there are three different sleep positions for babies: sleeping on the tummy, sleeping on the back, and sleeping on the side. It is not suggested that the baby is sleeping face down. Because it will increase the risk for apnea. It is better and safer to let babies sleep on their backs.

5. premature birth

  Premature babies often meet more complex medical problems. In general, the complications of preterm birth vary. However, the earlier the baby is born, the higher the risk of complications.

  Premature infants also have a higher risk for SIDS.

6. sleep environment

  Infants are always vulnerable. The too hot or too cold environment can cause babies to get a cold and even can cause SIDS. Parents need to stabilize the room temperature and change suitable baby clothes in time for their babies.

  Next will recommend some different baby clothes that are suitable for different temperatures.

  • Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This is one of the most hot-selling baby clothes in Kaiya Baby. It has a swaddling design that can offer the baby a sense of security. About the fabric selection, this sleep sack is made of 100% organic cotton that is 100% safe and sustainable, which can help babies feel more comfortable during sleep.

  In addition, swaddling the baby also may help prevent SIDS because swaddling helps your baby lie more comfortably and safely on his back. How to swaddle a baby?

  Different from the above swaddling sleep sack, this thick sleep sack is more suitable for cold winter. On the one hand, it has a higher degree of TOG. On the other hand, the premium cotton is ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable without static electricity. Babies can feel cozy and warm after wearing it. Keeping your baby warm can protect him from SIDS.

Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

  This sleep sack is another star product. Because it has removable sleeves and a bottom, the long sleeves of this sleep sack in Cameo Pink, Whisper Green, and Shell can be removed. Parents can adjust it as their preferences.

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  This sleep sack has a short-sleeved and meshed cotton design that helps babies to let heat out conveniently. Babies are easier to sweat than adults at night.

  Babies who sweat a lot tend to lose more water, salt, and zinc. Zinc is an essential trace element that is closely related to a baby's growth and development. In addition, sweating causes your baby to catch a cold easily, increasing the risk of SIDS. The high room temperature is also easy to bring a baby out in a rash. Rashes always make babies feel uncomfortable and can not sleep well. For more information on sweating, please kindly check Why my baby sweats while sleeping?

  Besides the fabric safety, the product design of this short-sleeved sleep sack is also safe. Firstly, it has seam strength that makes the sleep sack durable. Secondly, the fit neck design helps to protect babies from the hazard of suffocation. Thirdly, two-zippers are convenient for parents to change clothes for their babies. Fourthly, every two-zipper has a zipper tab that helps babies’ chins from incomfort or scratching. Fifthly, the bottom of the sleep sack has enough room for babies to kick their legs. And the bottom can be opened. Parents can change diapers for babies at any time quickly and easily.

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

7. drinking or abusing drugs during pregnancy

  Drinking during pregnancy can have devastating effects on the developing baby. It will lead the baby to have poor cognition and behavior. Alcohol also increases the risk of SIDS.

  Pregnant mothers should not abuse drugs at will during pregnancy. It can easily increase the risk of SIDS.

8. have feeding problems

  Most of the time, feeding problems are usually minor, but sometimes they also can have serious consequences, like increasing the risk of SIDS.

  • spitting up

  Spitting up is normal as long as it is not excessive. Almost all infants will spit up because they can not sit by themselves during and after feeding. Also, their stomachs are not mature to digest. Spitting up will be aggravated when the baby sucks too fast or swallows a lot of air. But don’t worry, spitting up usually stops by seven to twelve months of age.

  • Vomit

  Infant vomiting is usually the result of acute gastroenteritis. Parents should take babies to see a doctor avoid the situation worse than when it begins.

  • overfeeding

  On the one hand, overfeeding can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. On the other hand, an overfed baby will become obese.

  • feeding is not enough

  If a baby can not get enough food, he will have growth retardation. And it will lead to problems with adequate growth and development for your baby. Babies always need to take adequate nutrition.

9. The age of puerpera is under twenty

  Due to the differences in physical functions of puerpera, they are prone to a variety of complications during delivery. And the baby may be born with other defects or have a higher risk of SIDS.

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