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Why Choose Us

Organic Cotton Camel Wool Sleep Sack

Baby Sleep Safe & Sound

Why We ❤️ Camel Wool


Make all seasons a breeze.


Warmth lasts the entire winter.


Support earth's sustainability.


Softer & finer handfeel.

Kaiya Baby was created to help the baby sleep safe & sound.

We prioritize ultimate safe&cozy in sleep sacks.

Just like many first-time parents, our brand is dedicated to create a perfect sleep sack for every baby. Our production criteria were simple yet crucial: safety and coziness are priority.

Both mothers and babies are need safe, cozy, and sustainable sleep solutions, ranging from sleepwear to an expanding array of baby products to let babies sleep safe & sound.

Organic raw material

The most sincere love for the tenderest babies. We insist using organic raw material (100% natural organic cotton and camel wool).

Ergonomic & humanized design

Our mind is to treat every baby as we would our own. We only create the best for them, to let babies and mothers both can sleep tight at night.

A supportive community

Our mission is to serve as your trusted nurturing guide throughout the journey of parenthood. Create a supportive community for parents because it takes a village.

FSC certified recycling package

The concept of safety and environmental protection is present in our entire product line, including packaging.

Why Kaiya Baby?

Nothing is more important than your baby's safety. That's why we prioritize the safety and quality of our products at every stage of our process. We introduce the third-party independent testing agency including SGS, GOTS and Oeko-Tex® for quality inspection to ensure transparency and traceability. Our high standards ensure that we can deliver on our promise to provide safty, comfort and care for every baby.

Organic Cotton

100% organic cotton is a healthier, more sustainable, and ethically produced material for your baby’s sleepwears. It’s a choice that benefits not only your child but also the planet and the people who produce it. GOTS Certification ensures transparency and traceability.

Camel Wool

Camel wool filling is a naturally superior material that offers warmth, breathability, comfort, and sustainability. It’s a smart, ethical choice for parents who want the best and luxury for their baby while supporting environmentally friendly.

FSC Package

FSC-certified recycling packaging supports sustainable forestry, protects biodiversity, ensures fair labor practices, and promotes the use of recycled materials, contributing to a healthier planet and a more equitable world. Not only love our babies, but also love our earth.

Temperature Sensing Sticker

Our sleep sacks come with a unique temperature sensing sticker that provides real-time feedback on your baby's sleeping environment. This innovative feature helps ensure your baby is always at a comfortable and safe temperature, reducing the risk of overheating or getting too cold.

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