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Article: Happy Halloween In Kaiya Baby - Get Halloween Colors Baby Clothes

Happy Halloween In Kaiya Baby - Get Halloween Colors Baby Clothes

Happy Halloween In Kaiya Baby - Get Halloween Colors Baby Clothes

Halloween is always one of the favorable festivals for children. Because everyone loves Halloween candy.

Origins Of Halloween

Halloween is a kind of ancient festival in western countries. People will celebrate it each year on October 31st. The Celts marked this day as the end of summer and the beginning of winter. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, the god of death. They believed that the dead and ghosts will return to earth on that day.

There are many symbols of Halloween. Including candy, a name of “trick or treat”, black cats, witches, skeletons, pumpkins, etc.

Kaiya Baby would love to celebrate the special festival with all customers this year.

Halloween Colors

Black, orange, and sometimes purple are Halloween's traditional colors. 

Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, so orange has become a traditional Halloween color. Pumpkins are a traditional decoration on Halloween. People use it to elevate the festival atmosphere. And they also use the Jack-o'-lantern to frighten the ghosts.

Black is another traditional Halloween color, because the Halloween festival is usually celebrated at night. 

How about purple? Purple is always associated with mystery and magic. So it signifies witchcraft and mysticism on Halloween. It is also a unisex color that is suitable for both baby girls and baby boys to wear.

Kaiya Baby Baby Clothes Recommendations

Below will introduce some related purple (including aster purple and lilac) baby clothes in Kaiya Baby for references:


  This headband is flexible. It is stretchy enough for comfortable wear. People don’t need to worry that the headband will slip off and leave any red skin marks on babies' heads. Mothers also can tie a cute bow for giving their babies a cute look.

  The biggest selling point of this front opening swaddle is the ergonomic and waist design. These two special designs make the swaddle have an anti-startle reaction. So babies can have a longer sleep while wearing it.

Different from swaddles, rompers usually are more suitable for moving. Like this half sleeves romper, it has a short sleeves and a legs-free design. Babies will have much more freedom for kicking their legs and flailing their arms. The neckline design is also designed to give the highest amount of comfort for every baby. Three snaps on the bottom for easier take on and off. Parents don’t have to take much time on a diaper change.

This button romper is similar to the above snap romper. They both have half sleeves design. And the legs of this romper will be longer. Buttons on the top and snaps on the bottom give more convenience for parents to change clothes and diapers.  

  This cute baby short is versatile. It can be a single item. It also can be paired with other baby products, like rompers, vests. Elastic waistband is easy to make a comfy fit, it is not too tight or too loose.

  This sleeping bag is suitable for older babies or toddlers from 3 months to 24 months. Split-leg design is for freer movement, like standing, walking, crawling. The three-dimensional bottom of the crotch is designed for a more comfortable feeling while wearing a diaper.


  This sleeveless one-piece is made of bamboo fiber. It is a highly breathable, stretchy, anti-bacterial fabric. It can single wear. Babies also can wear it under a sleeping bag.

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