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Article: How to dress a baby seasonally?

How to dress a baby seasonally?

How to dress a baby seasonally?

  Parents usually need to prepare many essentials for their babies, like diapering essentials, feeding essentials, bath essentials, play essentials, etc. After giving birth, mothers should keep buying newborn baby clothes: summer baby clothes and winter baby clothes. How to dress a baby seasonally? What kind of sleep sack a baby needs? Here are the answers.

1. What kinds of baby clothes are good for wearing?

  • Safe

  Safety is always the priority when you are buying something for a baby. Newborns and babies both have poor resistance. If the baby clothes you bought are not completely safe, it may cause many problems. Babies will be easy to get sick and have skin allergies. Some people may ask what kinds of baby clothes are not safe? If the raw material of a baby cloth contains chemical components, this baby cloth is not safe. These unsafe baby clothes not only harm your baby’s health but also pollutes the natural environment. A baby cloth that contains hazardous materials should not be thrown into the trash directly.

  So Kaiya Baby always chooses pure, healthy, safe, organic fabrics to produce baby clothes. Now there are three available fabrics in our store: 100% organic cotton, 100% cotton, and bamboo fiber. They are totally natural without any chemicals. Parents can rest assured to buy.

  • Comfortable

  Parents buy clothes for their babies to wear during the day and at night. Babies need to wear clothes all the time. The clothes should be comfortable and have a comforting, soothing effect on babies.

  • suitable sizes

  Because babies grow fastest, and they keep growing taller and heavier every day. Fit baby clothes may become too small all of a sudden. So when you are selecting baby clothes for your newborns, you can choose some newborn baby clothes that are relatively large and easier to wear. A newborn just needs several pieces of clothes to wear all the time. It is not suggested to keep changing clothes for your baby as he grows up. The adaptation process costs time. And new clothes also may have a stimulus on the baby's delicate skin.

  • light-colored clothes

  Dark-colored clothes may be mixed with a lot of chemical dyes. The baby's sensitive skin may have an irritating effect. Light-colored clothes will avoid these problems to some extent. In addition, if the color is too bright, it will make the newborn baby overly excited. Light-colored clothes will also make it easier for mothers to find the dirty. Then they can change baby clothes for their babies in time.

  • have a convenient design for changing clothes or diapers

  Parents need to wash their newborn babies’ butts often to avoid eczema and infections. Because babies are in diapers for a long time. It is easier to choose baby clothes with a convenient design to help parents to change their babies’ clothes or diapers more conveniently.

  • types of baby clothes

  The neck of a newborn baby is fragile and weak. Pullovers are not convenient to put on and take off and may even cause harm to babies. 

1) baby kimono

      The baby kimono is super easy to put on and take off. In summer, a single baby kimono can be worn. In autumn and winter, you can let your baby wear a long-sleeved kimono and wrap him in a baby quilt or a small blanket to keep warm.

    2) romper

        The romper is one-piece clothes that can wrap around the baby's butt. Normally, a romper has a crotch designed with buttons or snaps to make it easy for parents to change the baby's diaper at any time. The style of the romper is also very diverse, including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, long pants, shorts, etc.

      Zipper Baby Romper One Piece

      3) footie

        Footies can help a baby hide his feet. When the weather is cooler, parents don’t need to worry about the baby will get a cold during sleep.

        Organic Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

        4) sleep sack

            Some people may ask that how to dress baby for sleep. Newborn babies are better being wrapped by swaddles or sleep sacks. Using a sleep sack is always safer than covering a blanket. The baby is also not easy to catch a cold and will become more secure. Baby sleeping bags have a variety of options, and you can buy sleeveless sleep sacks in the summer or buy long-sleeved sleep sacks in the winter.

          bamboo sleep sack

          2. Details of baby clothes that mothers need to pay more attention to

            Check the workmanship of clothing. How many threads, whether the edges of clothes are smooth, if the labels are sewed on the outside of the clothes, etc.

            Baby's clothes should be as simple as possible. Do not have many decorations like sequins and beads. These things may cause the baby to have skin allergies or swallow them accidentally.

            Do not choose baby clothes that have ties, drawstrings, etc. It may strangle the baby's limbs or neck.

            It is better to choose snaps that are safer than ties, buttons, or zippers.

            There should not be too long threads at the cuffs and pant legs. These closed threads may be easier to strangle your baby's fingers and toes and cause damage.

            Wash the baby clothes to remove dust and other substances from the surface of the clothes before letting your baby to wear them. It is a kind of protection.

          3. Notes on dressing a baby seasonally

          • the age of your baby

            Generally speaking, babies from birth to three months old need to dress more than adults in winter. Because their abilities of thermoregulation are not fully developed. Some premature babies who are of low weight need to be paid more attention to keeping warm. After three months, most babies’ abilities of thermoregulation are almost the same as their parents’.

          • pay attention to the ambient temperature

            When you and your baby are outdoors, you need to keep your baby warm. When you take your baby back to the house, you need to pay attention to the reduce your baby's clothes in time. Many parents will undress themselves in the house but always forget to take off the clothes for their babies. Newborn babies can not express themselves when they are hot and cold. So parents need to observe their babies at any time to avoid the babies being overheated.

          • determine the body temperature of your baby's by touching his neck or back

            If parents are worried about dressing their babies too much or too little, they can determine their babies’ body temperature by touching their body skin. If your baby’s skin is warm and dry, it means the clothing is just right. If the baby’s skin is a little cool, you may need to add clothes for him. If your baby is sweating, you need to reduce his clothes.

          4. How to dress a baby seasonally?

            Temperatures are different when the season changes. It will district demonstrate that winter is cold and summer is hot. Parents should dress their babies seasonally. Because no matter whether a baby is cold or overheated, he/she will get a cold.

          • hot summer days

            When you are selecting clothes for your baby to wear in summer, you should choose something fresh and breathable. On the other hand, people are easy to sweat on hot summer days. The baby clothes are better for absorbing and releasing moisture. In this way, it can help prevent colds and eczema. The best fabric for summer is bamboo fiber. I will recommend some baby clothes that are made of bamboo fiber as below:


            The first recommendation is a newborn sleep sack. We all know that sleep sacks are necessary for all aged babies. It can help babies to have a better, restful sleep. A good sleep sack can improve your baby’s sleep quality. And this front-opening sleep sack is a good choice. It has an anti-startle reaction that can soothe and comfort newborns effectively.





            These three new arrivals in solid colors are all designed for summer. They are easy and convenient for babies to wear at any time, anywhere. Every item can match a sleep sack and also can be single worn.  

          • cold winter days

            In winter, the weather is cold. Warm keeping is often the first thought when you are buying winter baby clothes, especially winter sleep sacks. Normally, TOG 2.5/3.5 sleep sacks are better to wear on cold winter days. They are thicker and warmer than 1.0 TOG sleep sacks. Thick sleep sacks are made of double-layer organic cotton with padding that can offer babies enough warmth and coziness.

            Now there are four winter sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby.





          Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

            All of them can give a baby a warm feeling. Babies feel warm, and they can sleep tight.

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