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Article: How to select the best sleep sack for the baby in different temperatures?

How to select the best sleep sack for the baby in different temperatures

How to select the best sleep sack for the baby in different temperatures?

  The temperature will change with the seasons. Some new mothers don’t know how to dress their babies to keep warm and comfortable. People usually take it quite easily. When a mother is buying a sleep sack, she has many things to be taken into her consideration. So how to select the best sleep sack for the baby? A good sleep sack can help the baby sleep tight. Today’s article will talk about it depending on different temperatures’ needs.

1. TOG

  Before getting started, all mothers need to know what TOG is at first. What does tog mean on sleep sacks? The full name of TOG is thermal overall grade. The TOG is the standard to measure how much heat a sleep sack can retain for a baby. The higher TOG is, the warm the sleep sack is.

  For more information about the TOG, please kindly check the below link and the TOG rating chart:

What is a TOG rating? How to choose the right sleep sack?

  People do need to choose a suitable sleeping bag for babies. Too hot or too cold can make a baby catch a cold or feel uncomfortable. Some people may ask, how many sleep sacks do I need?

  Now, there are four TOG ratings in Kaiya Baby:

  • 0.5 tog sleep sack
  • 1.0 tog sleep sack
  • 2.5 tog sleep sack
  • 3.5 tog sleep sack

tog sleep sack chart kaiya baby

2. Why is it recommended to use a sleep sack for your baby?

  • reduce the risk of SIDS

  Traditionally, people will wrap their newborns with a blanket or a quilt for a soothing effect. But on the other hand, it also has a potential risk. Once the blanket or the quilt is kicked, it may cover the mouth and nose of your baby. It is dangerous to cause an infant suffocation. So U.S. SIDS organization has been recommending parents use baby sleep sacks to improve safety. 

  • avoid having a cold

  In the old days, the quilt or the blanket was easy to be kicked off in the middle of the night. Babies will be awakened by the cold or even catch a cold.

  • offer a sense of security

  A newborn sleep sack is helpful for an infant to find a similar feeling when he is in his mother’s womb. It makes him feel like being snuggled and hugged. A functional sleep sack can also give babies more security that they can sleep more steadily and more solidly.

  • help establish a good sleep habit

  Sleeping with a suitable sleep sack is good for your baby to develop a good biological clock. It can give him a sign that it is time to go to bed after wearing a sleep sack.

3. When to stop using sleep sack?

  There is no specific time to let a baby stop using a sleep sack. You can change a new one at any time when the old one is not fit. Actually, different aged babies need different kinds of sleep sacks. A newborn usually needs a swaddle zip up. A toddler who starts to walk can wear a basic sleep sack or a sleep bag walker.

4. Choose different sleep sacks under different temperatures

4.1 Warm

  In the northern hemisphere, summer is already over. When a baby sleeps in a warm or even hot temperature, he will feel uncomfortable because hot weather will make him more prone to sweating. Sweating babies are easy to grow prickly heat and cause the stimulation on the baby's skin.

 Babies who feel uncomfortable can’t sleep well. Having a high-quality, restful, happy sleep is important for both adults and babies. After people fall asleep, growth hormones will be released into the bodies. Sleeping well is good for a baby’s growth and development.

  Below are some sleep sacks for warm day wear. 0.5 TOG sleep sacks are a good choice.

  These sleep sacks in five different prints are made of 100% organic cotton. This is a completely organic fabric that is 100% safe, natural, healthy, and sustainable. It is no stimulation to the baby’s sensitive skin and can avoid skin allergies. The one-piece design is suitable for all aged babies to wear. Besides, babies can kick their legs in the sleeping bag freer. Every baby needs exercise to keep fit and healthy.

  The other individual design is the mesh cotton on the back. We all know that summer is super hot. And babies are easier to sweat a lot. Especially babies always sleep on their backs. Their back usually can not breathe, making them easily break out in a rash. The mesh cotton can help let the heat out and offer your baby a cool feeling.

sleep sack with mesh cotton

  Different from the above basic one-piece sleep sack. This one is a baby sleep bag walker. When a baby grows, he can learn to walk with this sleep sack conveniently. The bottom crotch has extra room for a baby to get more comfort when they are wearing a diaper. It is made of single-layer cotton that is lightweight for the baby. Your baby won’t have pressure. A protector on the top of the zip to protect babies from feeling uncomfortable.

  This is one of the best-selling sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby. Why do these sleep sacks attract mothers?

  The classic, simple design never goes out of style. Both baby girls and boys can wear it.

  Various colors and prints: It includes three solid colors and three prints.

  Lightweight: 0.5 TOG lightweight design makes people won’t feel pressure.

  Opened bottom: The bottom can be opened. Babies can peek their feet out freely.

  Its long sleeves are detachable: It can be a long-sleeve sleep sack or a sleeveless sleep sack. Buy one sleeping bag and get two different uses at a competitive price. What a great deal!

organic sleep sack

4.2 Cool

  With every change of the seasons, the temperature will not be too high or too low. What kinds of sleep sacks are good for cool days’ wear? Long sleeve 1.0 TOG sleep bags with long sleeves that are made of single-layer cotton are recommended.

   This is a sleeveless sleep sack. Compared to long sleeves, sleeveless sleep sacks are better for avoiding overheating. The sleeveless design is also convenient for self-soothing. The bottom has enough room for a baby to sleep in.

  The new bamboo sleep sack is a four-season sleep sack that your baby can wear all year round. The suitable 1.0 TOG rating will not be too hot or too cold. Bamboo fiber is a good fabric for babies to wear. It is super soft, more breathable, and more comfortable.

  The range of sizes is also wider than other sleep sacks. The size is from 0 months to 3T, which means it has a longer usage life.

bamboo sleep sack

  If you want to swaddle your baby, you can buy this sleep sack with an accessory: Baby Bamboo Velcro Swaddle Wrap Band. These two are perfectly matching.

4.3 Cold

  Keeping warmth for a baby is very important, especially on a cold winter day. Babies are easier to get a cold, or colds will worsen in winter. Parents need to have especially thicker winter sleeping bags for babies. Normally they need a tog 2.5 or tog 3.5 sleep sack.

  These sleep sacks are similar. They are both made of double-layer 100% cotton with padding. These sleep sacks are good at helping cozy, warm-up babies. Snuggling with a winter sleep sack, the baby can have a sweet dream.

  The main difference is that one has a split-leg design, the other has an opened bottom. And the split-leg sleep sack is convenient for kicking legs. The opened bottom design is easier for mothers to change diapers for their babies, even in the middle of the night. No matter what kind of types the mother likes, both of them are perfect for winter. Mothers can choose one for their preferences.

  The 3.5 TOG sleep sack is perfect for winter sleepwear. A warm sleeping environment is necessary for a baby. Warmth can offer security and comfort to babies. Then they can sleep well, restfully. Besides, the mitt cuffs can be folded. Babies can hide their hands in the cuff for better warm-keeping. There is a seat-belt slot on the back. It helps babies for easy transfer between stroller, car seat, etc.

Zip Thicken Winter Sleep Sack

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