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Article: My breast milk production is low, what can I do?

My breast milk production is low, what can I do?

My breast milk production is low, what can I do?

  During breastfeeding, mothers usually will meet many problems. Like breast milk cooler, one breast producing less milk, breast milk leaking, etc. Today we will talk about when a mother’s breast milk production is low, what can she do?

Why the breast milk production will decrease? And what can mothers do?

  Before we solve this problem, we should figure out why will it happen?

1. the increase in complementary foods

  Generally, when babies are 6 months old, their mothers can start to add complementary foods to them. With the increase in the number of complementary foods, the number of breast milk that babies drink is relatively reduced.

  Note: I recommend that mothers need to feed their babies breast milk as babies’ main food until they are one year old. Mothers also can feed babies some formula milk and then give them complementary food. On one hand, it can help babies avoid being too hungry. On the other hand, the amount of milk can be maintained.

  In addition, when your baby is over one year old, you do not have to worry about the problem of breast milk becoming less. You just go along with the natural feeding at right.

2. overuse of milk bottles

  Nipple confusion refers to the fact that sometimes babies do not want to suck on their mother's breast after drinking from a milk bottle. This is because the bottle has a higher flow rate and is easier to drink from. But the mother's breast has to be drunk with greater effort.

  If the baby does not want to suck on the mother's breast, you will not be able to stimulate milk production all the time. Gradually, it will cause a decrease in milk production over time.

  Then you can help your baby learn to suck again, which will enable your baby to get enough breast milk and stimulate the production of mother's milk.

3. mothers have insufficient water intake

  Most of the ingredients in breast milk are water. So drinking more water definitely can help the production of milk. It is recommended that pregnant women drink 2,500 to 3,000 ml of water per day, which is equivalent to 10 to 12 glasses of water.

4. blocked mammary glands

  The milk in the mammary glands will be blocked due to fatty lumps. It will reduce the supply and secretion of the mother's breast milk.

5. unbalanced nutrition

  The various nutrients in breast milk come from the mother's body. If the mother is in a chronic nutritional deficiency, it will naturally affect the normal milk production.

6. stress

  Mothers’ emotions will be affected due to physiological and environmental factors. When they experience depressed moods, it will constrain breast milk production. Medical experiments also have shown that breastfeeding mothers will have a dramatic decrease in milk production when they are depressed. In fact, when a woman has just transitioned from a pregnant woman to a mother. There are a lot of things she does not know. Her mood changes are unpredictable with the baby. A husband should communicate more with his wife, to open up her mood of her.

7. lack of sleep

  Adequate rest is necessary to have enough breast milk. But usually, mothers can't sleep well at night. Because they have to get up several times to breastfeed. Lack of sleep will reduce the amount of breast milk. Nursing mothers should pay attention to catching up on rest. Mothers can try to ask their husbands or family members to help take care of the baby during the day and take a nap themselves. Learn how to breastfeed at night without disturbing your sleep.

  Besides, help babies to have a longer, more restful sleep. Mothers also can get more time to take a rest. Every mother can buy a sleep sack for her baby. Kaiya Baby has various kinds of sleep sacks for your choice.

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