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Article: What's the single most important thing a mother can do for her baby?

What's the single most important thing a mother can do for her baby?

What's the single most important thing a mother can do for her baby?

  For a new parent, they need to consider how to take care of a new baby. What is the most important thing a mother can do for her baby? What are baby essentials first 3 months? Here's a summary, there are two main things: baby feeding and diaper changing. For more detailed information, please kindly read on.

1. Baby Feeding

  After giving birth, the first thing which a mother will consider is that how to feed her baby. The growth of a baby is strongly linked to what and how he or she is fed.

  Baby feeding patterns mainly include breastfeeding, mixed feeding, and formula feeding.

1) Breastfeeding

  Breastfeeding is the most original, traditional feeding approach. On the one hand, women have no other choice before, they only can feed babies by themselves. Breastfeeding, especially early and exclusive breastfeeding, is one of the most significant ways to strengthen babies’ bodies, minimize the risk of cot death, improve infants’ survival rates. WHO also recommends mothers breastfeeding, it is an ideal way to provide infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Breastfeeding also can provide emotional benefits to mother and baby.

  Kaiya Baby baby store has many sleep sacks that are suitable for breastfeeding. Especially wrap-around zip sleep sack. As newborn clothing essentials, this special sleep sack has wrap-around closure that simulates the uterine environment for babies and gives them a safe feeling to prevent flailing arms. 1.0 TOG degree is not too heavy or too light for a baby. Lightweight feeling to make the baby feel more comfortable. 

2) Mixed Feeding

  After having done exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, mothers will start to blend some solid foods, other liquids, or formulas in with breast milk. That is mixed feeding. It is a kind of transition before the baby weaning.

3) Formula Feeding

  As time went by, people found that some mothers can’t or don’t want to breastfeed. Because not every woman has the choice whether or not to breastfeed their babies. Also, feeding a baby requires waking up often throughout the night. It does burn a lot of energy. In order to solve these problems, people start to produce infant formula. Compared to breastfeeding, formula feeding has its own strength and weakness. Like mothers should learn how to bottle-feed their babies. It is more convenient to make a mother have her time to have a break.Many mothers will make a newborn baby shopping list, and that includes milk bottles for formula feeding.

2. Diapers Changing

1) How often to change a newborn’s diaper?

  It depends on when a baby is about to pee or poop. Checking the baby’s diaper often. If a diaper is wet or poopy, it needs to be changed. If the diapers can not be replaced in time, babies will feel uncomfortable and cry. It also will increase the risk of diaper rash. The skin of a newborn is easily irritated and sensitized. Parents need to take better care of it.

2) How to change a diaper?

A: Firstly, people need to do preparations. Make sure to prepare everything that will be used during a diaper changing are within arm's reach.

B: Before starting to change diapers, don’t forget to wash hands carefully.

C: Lay the baby down slowly and gently.

D: Take off the dirty diaper.

E: Clean the baby’s ass.

F: Apply some ointments or creams to reduce chafing and to keep babies’ skin smooth and soft.

G: Put on a new diaper. Disposable diapers are very easy to put on.

  All sleep sacks and rompers in Kaiya baby clothes store have two-way zippers or adjustable saps and buttons to make diaper changing become easier and more convenient, even in the middle of the night. The highly recommendation is long sleeves split-leg sleep sack.

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