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A Selection Guide for Sleep Sacks

A Selection Guide for Sleep Sacks

This is a guide for choosing sleep sacks. Whether you want to learn about it, or you’d like to buy a suitable sleep sack for your baby. You will get everything about the sleep sack. Is it true? Now let’s start to find the answer!

Understanding Sleeping Bags

The sleep sack is used for sleeping. It can offer a warm and safe environment, which is similar to the clothes.

As a customer, you ought to learn about something of the sleep sack.

In the first charter, You'll get the information you want. Now let’s dive in……

Size and design style

As to the baby under 24 months, Kaiya Baby specially design a series of sleep sacks. No matter which size you need, we can create a comfortable environment for your baby. Below is the size of the sleep sacks for babies at different age stages.  Now let’s continue:

  • Size:If the sleep sack is too big, the excessive material become a waste and increase the risk of suffocation. While if the sleep sack is too small, the baby’s freedom will be limited, resulting in uncomfortableness and insecurity. So what size is suitable for your babies? At first, let’s learn the sleep sack of babies (0-24 months) and its corresponding weight range.

baby sleep sack

applicable time

applicable weight

0-3months sleep sack



3-6months sleep sack


12-18lbs(5.4-8.2 Kg)

6-9months sleep sack


16-21lbs(7.-9.7 Kg)

9-12months sleep sack


18-25lbs(8.2-11.3 Kg)

12-18months sleep sack


24-28lbs(10.9-12.7 Kg)

18-24months sleep sack


28-30lbs(12.7-13.6 Kg)

 (Note: The table above is for reference, and you’d better use it connect to the specific brand and infant size.

  • Style: You should know that various sleep sacks is designed for different seasons and temperature ranges, which help your babies survive the period of adaptive phase. No matter which size you choose, Kaiya Baby can bring you best sleeping experience.
    1. Swaddling sleep sacks: It’s purpose is to imitate the warm and safe environment of uterus. Besides, it provides a sense of package to promote a good sleeping.
    2. Transitional sleep sacks:It’s an ideal choice for babies who transit from swaddling sleep to independent sleep. It’s detachable design makes the baby gradually used to wave the four limbs freely.
    3. Independent sleep sacks:It’s suitable for babies in the stage of independent sleeping. It’s loose and comfortable design help the baby to wave their four limbs freely. It will be the optimum selection for babies who develop the capacity of independent sleeping.


TOG refers to the warmth index of the sleep sack. If the TOG value is too high, the sleep sack will produce too much warmth, making the infant feel hot. On the contrary, the sleep sack with a too low TOG index can’t offer enough warmth, making the infant feel cold.

So how to choose the right sleep sack? I recommend……

Choose the right TOG

(Note: the table above is for reference and you’d better use it connect to the specific brand according to the personal requirements and environment condition )

The weather is always changing, but Kaiya Baby remains ever. In order to provide your baby with all-around caring, sleep sacks come in a variety of TOGs: 0.5TOG sleep sack1.0 TOG sleep sack2.5TOG sleep sack, 3.5TOG sleep sack.

Material and fabrics

Apart from tog grade and temperature choice, material and fabrics are also very important. Suitable material and fabrics can create an environment adapted to the season. And now let’s keep reading.

Choose the right material

(Note: the table above is for reference. You can customize the ratings and add more metrics according to your needs and understanding of the product.)

Design and style

The sleep sack’s design and style is crucial to the safety and comfort of your baby, meanwhile it supply the baby with a lovely and distinctive environment. Now let’s have a deep understanding of it:

  • Design
  1. Long sleeve design: The sleep sack’s long sleeve design refers to the sleep sack is furnished with prolonged sleeve or arm coverings. With the help of the long sleeve design, babies can keep warm all night. For instance, Kaiya Baby is a sleep sack with removable sleeves. You can install or remove the long sleeves for your baby according to the temperature.
  2. Two-way zipper:This design makes it more easy to change clothes. You just need to open the zipper from the bottom, rather than taking off the clothes       entirely. For example, Kaiya Baby’s two-way zippers help parents to take on and off their loves’ clothes easier. The zipper tab also protects the baby's chin from feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Front-opening design: It’s convenient for you to change clothes with the help of it. You aren’t  required to take off the sleep sack completely .Thus it will be very easy to conduct nighttime care. That’s the reason why I introduce Kaiya Baby.It can help you save time and money. How? Parents can use it to change babies' sleep sacks easier, even in the middle of the night.
  • Style

For the purpose of expressing the innocence of your baby, Kaiya Baby creates a cozy and funny atmosphere. How does it generate? It is combined with cream, mint green, and dark pink, as well as the cute animal and natural element.

  1. Adorable style: It uses soft colors like pink, blue and yellow, decorated with cute cartoon animal patterns or prints, creating a warm and adorable feeling.
  2. Modern style: It uses simple lines and geometrical patterns, using neutral color tones, such as grey, white or black, creating a modern style.
  3. Natural style: It uses natural fabrics like organic cotton or flax, decorated with plant patterns or forest animal patterns, creating a natural style.


I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of the sleep sack. Next I will list the difference between the sleep sack and other bedding (swaddling, blanket and pajamas). Now let’s start to select a nice one!

Firstly, I will introduce the difference between the sleep sack and swaddling.

Swaddling vs sleep sack

Conclusion: They are suitable for babies at the different stages. Compared to the swaddling, the sleep sack has some disadvantages to some extent. So you should grasp the opportunity to choose a proper one!

  • Sleep sack vs blanket:

Now you must know something about the difference of the sleep sack and the swaddling. Next I will list the difference between the sleep sack and the blanket.

Sleep sack vs blanket

Conclusion: The sleep sack offers enough warmth and it is especially suit someone whose babies move actively. Besides, you are advised to buy one if you focus on the comfort and safety. While the blanket would be available in the case that you feel the drought. So it is wise for you to consider carefully.

Standards for a good sleeping bag

Since you have learnt the sleep sack thoroughly, next step is to choose a suitable one for your little love. Suppose that you are confused about it or belongs to the team of Selective Mutism. This chapter will take you on the right path.:


When choosing the sleep sacks, It’s for sure that safety is a key factor influencing the healthy growth of your babies. As to it, I make a detailed description as follows:

  • Material:There is a kind of noxious and low sensitivity material, such as natural cotton, organic cotton or synthetic fibers. It is not only soft, but don’t contain higher irritating substances to avoid the occurrence of the allergic reaction. I assure you that Kaiya Baby will impress you deeply? Why? Adopting certified 100% organic cotton and excluding chemicals, it is more safe and healthy. To ensure the safety of your loves, let’s take action and choose one!
  • Sewing quality: How to check to ensure the sewing quality of the sleep sack?Firstly, the sleep sack has strong stitching. Besides, the sewing quality is up to standard. Additionally, the sleep sack has no cracked parts.Kaiya Baby employs a serging design, which stitches two pieces of fabric or edges together. What’s more, it employs the breathable and moisture-wicking bamboo fiber material to make your baby feel cool in summer.
  • Specialized baby sleeping bag: Considering baby’s age and body shape, you should choose the specialized baby sleeping bag. It has suitable size and thermal performance. Furthermore, it adopts the special safety design, such as clip-proof design around the neck and shoulders for babies’ comfort and safety. For instance, Kaiya Baby isspecially designed for babies. We have profound brand heritage and expertise, committed to create the best quality of sleep environment.

In the following part, I will introduce some remarkable features of the specialized baby sleeping bag, including cleaning, maintenance, smell, craftsmanship, and comfort.

At first, I will explain the following aspects:  cleaning, maintenance, smell and craftsmanship.

Easy of cleaning and maintenance

The sleep sack that is easy of cleaning and maintenance is good for babies’ health. Moreover, it is durable to wear. Thus as long as you clean and maintain the sleep sack properly, you can provide the baby with a good environment.


Craftsmanship plays an important role in choosing the sleep sack. When selecting a sleep sack of top quality, good workmanship can guarantee the durability, comfort and safety of the sleep sack, making the baby fall into sleep peacefully.

Now that you have understood the importance of the above factors. Next step is how to purchase a nice one. Please click How to choose an appropriate one for your babiesto learn more details.


After knowing the importance of these factors concerning easy of cleaning and maintenance, odour and craftsmanship. Now let’s transit to another relative theme “comfort”. Next I will offer some advice for you:

  • Warmth:It’s an important index to estimate the comfort. Well, the normal sleep sack can offer enough warmth in the low-temperature environment to create comfortable a condition. To meet the needs of different users, Kaiya Baby design the seep sacks of different TOGs. For example, this 3.5 TOG sleep sack adopt double-layer design, full of 100 grams of polyester. It’s your optimal choice when the room temperature is between 14 – 16℃.
  • Material comfort and breathability:Soft material feels cozy and increase the comfort to a certain extent. Good breathability can accelerate the process of removing the moisture and sweat from the body to retain dry and comfort in the environment. Our cotton sleeping bags and bamboo fiber sleeping bags are famous for their distinctive features of the comfort and breathability. They absorb the sweat and release them quickly.
  • Suitable size:What is really the right size?  The sleep sack should fit the user’s height and shape, which means it is able to hold the body and offer enough space to maintain the user’s comfortable level.

How to make your babies experience the product of good quality?

Here are some choices for you:0-3 months sleep sack. 3-6 months sleep sack, 6-9 months sleep sack, 9-12 months sleep sack, 12-18 months sleep sack, 18-24 months sleek sack.

Factors considered in choosing the sleep sack

After a thorough comprehension of the sleep sack, it is time to choose a proper one. Wait for a moment and thinking about it? What’s the factors considered in choosing the sleep sack? Now let’s continue.

Baby’s sleeping positon

It refers to the body place and posture of the babies when they are sleeping. you may have doubts about its effect on choosing the sleep sack? Let’s find out the answer right now!

lSupine sleeping position: The sleep sack is expected to have comfortable fillings and good warmth. Besides, the design of the soft fabric and a comfortable lining is suggested as well.

  • Lateral sleeping position: The sleep sack should be designed in loose style to let babies bend their legs freely. In addition, the sleep sack with the adjustable shoulder belt can fit the babies’body size and sleeping position changes
  • Curling sleeping position: The sleep sack should be soft and closely fit to the body. Besides, the sleep sack’s width and the flexibility should suit the posture of babies as they curl to a bowl.

Indoor temperature

It affects the comfort and warmth of the baby directly. Various sleep sacks have different thermal insulation performance to adapt to the diverse temperature condition.

Now let’s dive into ocean of knowledge and appreciate the wonder together!

Firstly, if the temperature is over 25°, you should choose the thin or summer sleep sack. They are designed for the good breathability and heat dissipation performance.

Within a moderate temperature range (20°-25°), you are advised to select the sleep sack with moderate warmth. Not only can they provide basic warmth, but they can prevent the baby from feeling too hot.

On the other hand, on condition that the temperature is from 16° to 19°, I advise that you opt for a thicker sleep sack or one with better thermal performance in a cool environment.

Finally, let’s have a look at this situation of the lowest temperature(less than 15°), I advise that you opt for a winter sleep sack with more fillers and thermal layers inside to offer the best thermal effect.


As the season changes, the indoor temperature varies as well. Consequently, the temperature is a crucial consideration. Meanwhile we can’t overlook the influence of season when choosing the sleep sack.

  • Spring/Autumn: The temperature gradually picked up in spring. On the contrast, the temperature gradually drops in autumn. You may feel cold at night and experience large temperature difference between day and night in these two seasons. Thus you ought to select a sleep sack with good thermal performance. Besides, the sleep sack should be equipped with Equipped with adjustment function.
  • Summer: The high temperature requires a sleep sack od good breathability and You should have a try on the sleep sack made from Synthetic fiber or cotton material.
  • Winter: Are you worried that your loves may catch a cold. Why not choosing a sleep sack with good thermal performance? It’s unique design such as long cover head and tight neckline can minimize the heat loss.

Quality of sleeping sacks

Considering the babies’ comfort and safety, now let’s discuss about the recommended number in different situations.

  • Household usage:To make sure that there are spare sleep sacks for you to wash and exchange, you can prepare two or three sleep sacks.
  • Daily usage: Used for your little love’s daily sleeping, three sleep sacks are right for you. Only in this circumstance can your babies keep clean and dry.At the same time, it reduces the washing frequency to the greatest extent.
  • Travelling and accommodation: If you always plan to travel and require accommodation. It is considerate of you to prepare for two sleep sacks at least. Why? One sleeping bag is for the travel, the other one is for emergency use.
  • Season changes: As the temperature changes, you should purchase an appropriate number of sleep sacks suited for corresponding seasons.

What kind of sleeping bag is suitable for you

After exploring the factors worth considering in choosing the sleep sacks, I will lead you to choose the proper one.  Slide the page and start this fantasy journey with us.

Choosing sleeping bags for babies of different ages

As to babies, sleeping is crucial to their health and development. To make sure that your babies can fall into sleep safely and comfortably, it’s important to choose the sleep sack for babies in different ages and development stages.

The sleep sacks for babies in different age stages (0-24months) are as follows: 

  • Newborn(0-3months):The newborn usually need to be wrapped to imitate the surroundings of uterus. In this way can they get warmth, namely the feeling of safety. The swaddling sleep sacks is the best choice. Why? It can fix baby’s arm near the body to offer safety and comfort.
  • Infancy(4-6months): The baby starts to focus on the outside world. Exploration with more action of the baby occurs during this time. The transitional sleep sack is a right choice. It offers certain freedom by adjusting the position of the sleeve on the basis of the baby’s development.
  • Toddlerhood (7-24 months): Babies begin to be more active in this stage. The movement includes crawling and standing, even learning to toddle. With more freedom and movement space offered, the independent sleep sack is perfect for your loves for they accommodate to their changing requests: turning over, kicking, and exploring. Besides, they offer warmth and safety at the same time.

How to choose sleep sacks of different types:

After knowing the importance of selecting sleep sacks for babies in different age stages, now let’s learn about the choice of different sleep sacks. Next we will provide you with a guideline on choosing the sleep sacks.

  • TOG: It is a unit to measure the warmth degree. The sleep sack of a high TOG fits for the cold climate, while those of a low TOG fits for the warm climate. Kaiya Baby comes in various TOGs to satisfy the unique needs about the season and temperature. Now let’s
  1. 0.5 TOG sleep sacks: It’s lightweight and breathable material produces less warmth. So they are flawless as the temperature is from 24° to 27°. Babies feel cooler with the help of it.
  2. 1.0 TOG sleep sacks: They are worthy of being chose when the temperature is from 20° to 24° Kaiya Baby Is a bilayer of 20g polyester fill. It maintains a comfortable environment in the modest temperature condition.
  3. 2.5 TOG sleep sacks:It is suitable for the temperature from 16° to 20°。Kaiya Baby is a double-layer design with a 60g polyester fill. It can offer modest warmth to create a comfortable environment.
  4. 3.5 TOG sleep sack:Unlike the above tow sleep sacks, it’s suitable for the temperature between 14°-16°. Kaiya Baby Is a bilayer of 100g polyester filler. With remarkable warmth performance, it makes the baby stay comfortable and warm all night.
    • Sleep sacks with sleeves: This design is not only forwarmth, but promotes the movement of babies. Besides, Kaiya Baby focus on the popular design. Below are the introduction of suitable occasions:
  5. Summer/Autumn: Asthe season changes, temperatures may be cooler but not particularly cold. Equipped with the cuff, it offers extra warmth to make them feel comfortable.
  6. The baby is prone to kicking off the blanket: This behavior makes them exposed to the air at night. Equipped with cuff, the sleep sack can be fixed to the baby to ensure baby’s warmth and comfort and reduce the risk of asphyxiate.
  7. The baby starts rolling over: As to this phenomenon, the sleep sack with the cuff can prevent the baby’s arm get stuck on the outside of the bag
  • Split-leg sleep sack: It’s the sleep sack with special design. It provides independent leg space. Kaiya Baby’s long sleeve split-leg sleep sackadopts the ultra-soft 100% cotton of good quality, especially designed for babies in the stage of independent sleeping. Below is the introduction of suitable occasions:
  1. When the baby learnsto crawl, stand or walk, it is suited for their independent movement.  
  2. It helps babies transit from the waddling sleep sack to the independent sleep sack.
  3. It provides enough space for babies who often
  4. Without disturbing the baby, it is convenient for you to Change the diaper.

After reading this guide, you must have got something of the sleep sack. Now let’s think about it, if you choose a nice sleep sack right now, what will be your first choice and which factor you value most? And if you have any doubts, please comment below.