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Why Organic?

Why Organic?

We have devoted a great deal of time to develop baby’s wear. Comfort, softness, durability are basics. The key point is that the Baby clothing need to be made of the organic cotton which is skin-friendly, healthy to your little ones.

To Farmer

Organic cotton uses only non-genetically modified seeds, and are grown without any chemicals, pesticides. The whole cultivation is organic. Handpicking organic cotton is totally safe for farmers. Kaiya Baby continues to be involved in the entire process until today.

To Worker

Organic also represents safe working conditions. No child labor, no forced labor, no chemical pollution. Fibre is spun into yarn at accredited textile mills. Yarn is woven into fabric at accredited facility. Totally environmental printing and dyeing and spinning and weaving.

To Earth 

Organic means less energy and water use. Organic cotton can degrade in 5-6 months. At the same time, it also helps prevent soil and groundwater contamination. Safe for not only humanity but also the planet.

To Baby

The end products that your baby gonna wear definitely has non toxic, no bleaching, no chemicals. Mothers no need to worry about environmental pollutants and chemicals that may cause irritated skin conditions.