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Organic cotton sleep sacks with camel wool filling make all seasons ease.

Safe, Sound and Simple Sincere


Safe and cozy sleep for babies is always priority.

Just like many first-time moms, our brand founder Lily dedicated considerable time searching for the perfect sleep sack for her little one after welcoming her firstborn. Her selection criteria were simple yet crucial: safety and coziness are priority.

Kaiya Baby is dedicated to providing safe, cozy, and sustainable solutions for your little ones, ranging from sleepwear to an expanding array of baby products.

Why Kaiya Baby?

Because we prioritize ultimate safe&cozy in sleep sacks.

Introducing our Natural Camel Wool Sleep Sack: crafted with a genuine camel wool filling and an outer layer made of organic cotton, designed to ensure babies sleep safe and sound throughout the night. This ultra-cozy and buttery-soft sleep sack not only promotes peaceful sleep for your little one but also guarantees a restful night's sleep for the entire family.

Monitor your baby's sleeping environment.

Our sleep sacks come with a unique temperature sensing sticker that provides real-time feedback on your baby's sleeping environment.

Choose sleep sack made of organic cotton and camel wool.

Sleep sacks are featured in camel wool for padding. Camel wool is the most durable and heat-retaining fiber. Softer & finer handfeel, 100% natural and sustainable.

Join a supportive community.

As fellow parents, our mission at Kaiya Baby is to serve as your trusted nurturing guide throughout the journey of parenthood. Create a supportive community for parents because it takes a village.

Friendly to the earth

Organic raw material(100% natural organic cotton and camel wool), FSC certified recycling package - supporting Earth's sustainability.

How we started?

This is a story about a mom named Lily

Our brand founder, Lily, wanted to find an ideal sleep sack for her little one, which is safe, breathable, and cozy. One day, she chanced upon a special filling - camel wool, inspiring her to create her own line of organic sleep sacks for every mother who would like to let their baby sleep safe and sound.

Read Lily's Story

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