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About Us

About Us

Kaiya Baby didn't just happen overnight. Imagine 15 years of my heart and soul, alongside a team of fellow parents, constantly bouncing ideas on how to make parents feel good about the choices and things they buy for their babies. But here we are, and more profoundly, it's the story of a mom who wanted her babies to feel secure, knowing they're safe because of the beautiful connection and love that only being a parent brings.

From my early days as a wide-eyed first-time parent, I didn’t have access to brands or social media on a device where I could see if other parents were going through the same uphill battles with babies like I did.

Now, navigating the ups and downs of raising grown kids, I've seen it all and tried plenty of different sleep sacks. And let me tell you, there were moments when I thought, "How do we do this again? Is this even safe?" Trust me, the worry was real, but here we are, aligning to support each other through more comforting spaces, knowing our newborns and babies are in their safe zone. 

Those moments fueled my curiosity to create Kaiya Baby - a brand that's all about safety, comfort, and new ideas. Because let's face it, who said parenting easy? Whether you're doing it  solo or with a partner, having products that make it just a bit easier makes all the difference. That's why my team of parents and I prioritize the safety and comfort of our little ones with organic cotton and natural wool filling.  and biodegradable baby gear because we also recognize that this is just the beginning of something greater than us. It's for our kids, the future guardians of this planet. I envision a future where Kaiya Baby isn't just a brand but a catalyst for a breathable future. Together with my dedicated team, we're committed to stepping up our efforts for environmental protection. Whether it's through organizing public welfare activities or simply inspiring those around us and our cherished fellow parents like yourselves, every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. After all, it's about leaving behind a world that our children - and their children - can thrive in. After all, we are all playing a part in this world. When you become a part of our village, creating a better world for our kids and future generations is not a job; it's a given.

Safe, Sound, and Simply Sincere,