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Article: a guide to home safety for babies

a guide to home safety for babies

a guide to home safety for babies

  Home is the place where the baby grows up. Besides comfort, the most important thing is safety. Parents know that the baby crib can not be put on pillows or quilts to prevent choking accidents. And babies need the crib that attaches to bed. A sleep safe bed is essential for the baby. People also know that going out with the baby should use a safe car seat. But they may not think that there are many other dangerous safety hazards for the baby during everyday life at home. 

  As babies grow up, they will gradually explore every corner of the home, so parents should provide a safe environment for their babies.

1. clean up all small objects to prevent choking accidents

  Babies always love to put all kinds of things into their mouths So some smaller things, such as coins, electronics, small beads, etc. must be cleaned up to prevent your baby from accidentally swallowing them. Or it will be very dangerous.

2. put away medicines and cleaning agents to prevent poisoning accidents

  Besides the above small objects, all cleaning agents, cosmetics, drugs, health products, etc. can poison babies. So all of them should be placed in high cabinets or out of reach of babies as much as possible.

 Parents also should know the potted of all plants in the house clearly, and try to choose varieties that are not toxic, put them away from your babies.

  Parents also can use safety locks to lock cabinets and drawers that contain hazardous materials.

3. seal the power outlet to prevent electric shock

  If you want to cover up all the electrical outlets in your home, you can use outlet plugs. However, if you take the outlet plugs away and forget to put them back after using them. In addition to the risk of electric shock, your baby also may pick them up and put them in his/her mouth. And it can cause choking accidents. So parents should pay more attention to that.

  If you have a patch board, you should also put on a power strip cover, or seal the unused plug. In addition, it is best to unplug and put away the electric appliances that are not in use.

4. fix the furniture to avoid injury from overturning and crushing

  According to a survey, there is a child died in a furniture flip accident every two weeks, and a user has injuries due to a furniture flip every 15 minutes in the United States.

  TVs, bookcases, closets, and other heavy furniture must ensure that they will not flip over. People should fix them to the wall stakes with special anti-tip anchors or straps.

5. wrap the edges of furnitureto prevent bruises

  Babies are easy to run into furniture and step with sharp, hard edges. They will be an injury. Set some edge guards to protect. It can reduce the risk of getting injured for your baby.

6. install safety gates

  If there are dangerous places such as stairs or fireplaces in your home, you should use safety gates to keep your baby from dangerous places.

  Parents also can use the playpen to keep their babies in a safe area where he or she can move and play freely.

7. pay attention to kitchen safety

  The most direct way is to use safety gates to stop the baby from entering the kitchen. It is also a good habit to keep knives and other dangerous things away from the kitchen.

8. safe sleep

  The key point to making your baby have a safe sleep is to buy a suitable sleep sack for him/her. It is safe for a baby to sleep with a sleep sack in a baby crib. Besides, the comfortable, safe feeling also can help babies to sleep tighter, and more restfully. Shop on Kaiya Baby, get your baby an ideal sleep sack.

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