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Article: How Do Babies To Self Soothe Themselves

How Do Babies To Self Soothe Themselves?

How Do Babies To Self Soothe Themselves

If a baby wants to have a good sleep. Parents should learn how to soothe their babies or teach their babies to self soothe. Today’s article is all about soothing babies. For more details, please kindly read on.

What is self soothing?

Babies wake up more often than adults. Because they are easily startled. For example, a sudden loud noise or a sudden hit both can scare them. Babies will wake and start to wail. At this time, some babies need their parents’ help to calm and soothe them. Some babies can self soothe themselves to fall back asleep. It is necessary for parents to train their babies to learn how to soothe themselves. On the one hand, it can help babies go back to sleep quickly. On the other hand, it can help parents to save time and energy. Because waking up, and getting the baby off every day at midnight is exhausting.

Ways to self soothe and some soothing techniques

soothing techniques

1) Set a biological clock

The biological clock is always stable. It is necessary to set a body clock, get the baby used to a bedtime routine.

2) A quiet sleep environment

Create a quiet environment, play some calming music, listen to white noise all can help soothe babies to fall asleep.

3) A good sleeping bag to help

A night of good sleep also needs a good sleeping bag to create a comfortable sleep environment.


This sleeping bag has wrap-around closure that can simulate the uterine environment, give the baby a safe feeling to have a better sleep. Mitten cuffs and built-in footies can have better warm keeping. Babies are easy to get cold hands and feet and catch a cold. Parents need to pay more attention to warm-keeping. The split-leg design offers plenty of room for legs movement. It is useful to increase the natural mobility of the feet and improve their flexibility. Fabric selection is also the main focus of this sleeping bag. Bamboo fiber is a new, green, environmental fabric. It is made through a physical method without chemicals. This fabric is highly breathable, stretchy, anti-bacterial, anti-mite.


The biggest selling point of this sleep sack is the removable sleeves. Buy one sleep bag get two different types: long sleeves and sleeveless. Babies always can feel comfortable at different temperatures and humidity environments. Besides, the grow-with-me adjustable hemline is removable, it is versatile for longer service life. It is suitable for both little babies and toddlers from 3 months to 24 months. These sleep bags are all made of 100% cotton or Pima cotton that are comfortable and durable.


Compared to other regular sleeping bags, this sleeping bag is special. Because it has three different wearing methods: arms in, arms up, arms out.

Arms-up is a natural sleeping position. It is convenient for babies to suck on fingers and stroke their cheeks for self soothing. 

The arms-in wearing method can offer the baby a safe feeling to prevent startles. Babies can easier have a longer, restful sleep.

The arms out wearing method has no restraint on the upper body. Babies can be more comfortable in parent-child interaction.

self soothe

1) suck the thumb or a pacifier

  Sucking can help relax. That's why babies need pacifiers and thumbs. And parents also need to pay special attention to ensure the pacifiers’ surface is clean.

2) slightly shake the head or move the limbs freely

Moderate exercise is also essential to self-soothe for having a good sleep. Because regular exercise is recommended to help sleep well, no matter for babies or adults.

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