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Article: How do newborns learn new things?

How do newborns learn new things?

How do newborns learn new things?

  As is known to all, parents are their babies’ first teachers. Many people may not seem to know that the first learning of a baby is in the womb. Some mothers will do prenatal education. That is why some babies have had some experience with a language before they were born. And after giving birth, it is time for new parents to know how do babies learn. Learning should be a lifelong journey, especially at the beginning. Today’s article will offer some advice for references.

1. Imitation

  For babies, parents are their closest connections. They always believe everything from their parents. Observe newborn activities, parents can find their babies are good copycats, they can simulate words or actions. This form also is named “teaching by example”. Parents are these good examples. Find some things to do with newborns, to make them simulate.

  Sometimes, it is a little difficult for babies to learn a new thing only by words. Words are too abstract to make them fully understand and control a thing. At this time, parents need to instruct the babies not only in words but in deeds.

  Babies are generally highly imitative from very early on. Including copying facial expressions, stretching poses, the tone of voice, etc.

  Babies have the first understanding of the new world and learn best through imitation. 

2. Read Books

  There is a kind of book that is specially designed for babies. These two-way books are versatile. Babies not only can read them but also can play them. It can be a book or a toy.

2.1 These books normally are made of safe, soft, durable, washable fabric that is can not be torn apart or damaged.

2.2 Books are all colorful and interesting. Babies always can be attracted to bright colors. Colorful things can stimulate them visually, and help them learn to pay attention.

2.3 Some upgraded versions even can be made of sounds. Sounds can increase the amusementof books, and make babies enjoy playing more.

2.4 Here isa wide variety of choices available in books with diversified subjects and widespread content. Including animals, shapes, foods, numbers, vegetables, etc. The different topic has different flavors.

2.5 Easy to understand, every baby can read.

  On the one hand, a good book can make babies have a more active imagination. On the other hand, it also can improve their cognitive capacity for memory to think of the world around them.

3. Listen To Music

  Try to expose babies to music early. Music is another language, a language of the whole world. Different music has different effects.

  Play some fun and rhythmic music to make babies dance and move. This way to provide babies with energy, and help them to cultivate a sense of rhythm and audio. 

  Play smooth music can help babies to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

4. Tips During Learning

4.1 More Gradually

  Nothing is can learn or grasp all of a sudden. Parents need to teach their babies how to learn more gradually. Give more patience and time. Too much pressure can make both parents and babies get frustrated.

4.2 Keep Safe, Comfort

  In learning at the same time every day, parents also need to try to ensure the safety, rest time, sleeping time of their babies.

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4.3 Keep Encouraging

  Not least ensuring babies’ safety physically, also need to give some moral encouragements properly. In this way, babies can get more satisfaction, and develop their motivation and interests in learning.

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