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Article: How does a busy working mother to bond with her baby?

How does a busy working mother to bond with her baby

How does a busy working mother to bond with her baby?

  For many women, it is a little hard to be a working mother. There are two main reasons resulting in this situation. On one hand, the mother needs to try to continue with her demanding career. On the other hand, she doesn’t have much time to spend with her babies and loses family time. They usually will have some bonding issues.

The time that a mother and a baby get to spend together is precious. Parents work hard to provide their children with good living conditions. But at the same time, the company of parents is also very important for babies’ development and growth. That is the key point that most working mothers worry about. As a working mother, how to get bonding time with a baby? Today’s article will tell all about this question.

1. set a time to do quality feeding

  Feeding is an important and necessary thing that a mother could do for her baby. Mothers can feed their babies in their spare time. Like every morning before going to work, or every night after work. Every mother can spend this time productively, and enjoy the joy and love in the feeding time. Feeding is one of the most intimate contacts with the body. Mothers and babies can be closer during this time.

2. story time before going to bed

  Some mothers habitually read books or tell some stories for their babies at night before they go to bed. It is an interesting time. Babies can learn something from hearing. Mothers who spend stories time with babies can increase the babies’ intimate degree.

3. use the weekly time

  Weekly time is uninterrupted, free for most mothers to stay with their babies all day from day to the night. A mother can wake up together with her baby, bring her baby outside to take a walk, etc. All activities a mother does with her baby can bond them closer.

4. choose a good sleeping bag for babies

  Buying good sleeping bags for babies with love and care also reflects the love from mothers. A good sleeping bag can help avoid restless baby sleep. Below will introduce four grow-with-me sleeping bags.

  Why these sleeping bags are called grow-with-me? Because they all have an opened bottom. In the beginning, babies’ feet will hide in it for warm-keeping. There is enough room for them to kick legs. As babies grow, they can peek their feet out to learn to stand, walk. A sleeping bag with a long lifetime use that is very economic and practical. Little babies and toddlers all can wear them.

  This is one of the most popular sleeping bags in Kaiya Baby. Because it has removable sleeves. It can be a sleeveless sleeping bag, also a long-sleeve sleeping bag. When a baby feels hot, mothers can remove the sleeves. When a baby feels cool, mothers can add the sleeves again.

  This long-sleeve thick sleeping bag is designed for babies to keep warm on cold winter days. It is made of two-layer of cotton with padding. At the same time, the designer has removed the weight on the chest. Babies will not feel pressured and uncomfortable. They can have a better, restful sleep easier.

  This is also a winter sleeping bag but is sleeveless. Babies can get enough warmth, and also have enough freedom to shake arms. The two-zipper design helps mothers to change diapers easier and more conveniently.


  Different from all the above sleeping bags. This one is 0.5 TOG that is more suitable for warm days. A short-sleeve design for babies can have a cool feeling. Made of 100% cotton creates more comforts, softness, breathability.

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