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Article: How many sleep sacks for the newborn?

How many sleep sacks for the newborn?

How many sleep sacks for the newborn?

  Many pregnant mothers are starting to buy lots of clothes for their babies before giving birth. What clothes and sleep sacks are suitable for the newborn baby. And how to pick the new baby's clothes? How many sleep sacks for newborns?

Why use a sleep sack for the baby?

  Sleep sacks are easy to use and comfortable. Below are some benefits of sleep sacks.

avoid the baby kicking off the covers

  Whether newborn babies or toddlers, they rarely sleep tightly at night. Sleep sacks can prevent babies from kicking the quilts and mothers from waking up at night, especially for babies who are bed-sharing with parents or sleep in separate rooms. Sleep sacks are essential.

have a better sleep

  Sleep sacks can make the baby sleep more restful and longer.

reduce the risk of SIDS

  Sleep sacks can effectively reduce the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome and reduce the risk of suffocation.

  Newborns can not roll over by themselves and don't know how to remove the coverings. Once the bedding, the quilt, or the blanket covers babies’ mouths and noses, they can not escape on their own. If you must cover your baby with a blanket, remember to cover the armpits, not the arms.

How many sleep sacks for the newborn?

  The biggest advantage of letting your baby sleep in a sleep sack is that he won't kick it off. The A hooded sleep sack is also not recommended. Parents should make sure the neckline of the sleep sack has the right size, so the baby will not slip to the bottom of the sleep sack. Do not use a sleep sack with a quilt or duvet. Otherwise, your baby will be overheated.

Newbornsessential - swaddling sleep sacks

  The waddle is the style that can wrap the baby's arms.

  Babies are used to being wrapped in their mother's womb. Using this kind of sleep sack can give babies a sense of security to make them feel that they are still in the womb. And at the same time, after falling asleep in bed, the baby's arms and legs will not be spread out at once, but continue to be wrapped, which can help them feel safe.

  On the other hand, before 4 months of age, babies have a “startle reflex”, also known as the “Moro reflex”, which means that the baby will involuntarily and suddenly move in their sleep. This sudden movement will often wake the baby and interrupt his sleep. Swaddling sleep sacks can be very effective in reducing the impact of Moro reflex on infants’ sleep so that the baby can sleep more restfully.

Prepare different swaddling sleep sacks for your baby in different seasons.

  • Summer:

  The sleep back is a convenient parenting supply for parents. Wearing a sleep sack will let your baby not kick the quilt, thus reducing the chances of catching a cold, especially in the summer. When the air conditioning, sleep sacks can make the baby sleep peacefully.

  But there is a matter of some dispute. Some parents think that the baby should wear a sleep sack inside without clothes, while some parents think their babies need it. So is it necessary to wear your baby clothes under the sleep sack?

  Generally speaking, babies should wear something under the sleep sack.

  The baby sleep sack may have zippers or buttons. We all know that the baby's skin is more delicate. If you let the baby wear a sleep sack directly without clothes, then the baby's sensitive skin may be scratched. If parents buy a bad-quality sleep sack, then wearing the sleep sack directly may also lead the baby to allergies.

  If the baby wears a sleep sack without clothes, it is easy to catch a cold because the sleep sack is not close to the baby's skin. The sleep sack does not have a good warm effect when it single wears. The baby is more likely to catch a cold. So the baby should wear more than one layer of clothes under the sleep sack so that the warmth effect is better.

  Sleep sacks that are made of bamboo fiber are suitable for babies to wear in summer. Because bamboo fiber is a breathable fabric that can help babies feel cooler on hot summer days. Some sleep sacks also have mesh designs to help let the heat out. Newborns have a faster metabolism than adults. So they are easier to sweat. Sweating a lot will cause your baby to lose too much water. On the other hand, if parents do not change clean, dry sleep sacks for their babies in time, babies are easy to grow prickly heat, which can make them feel uncomfortable.


  • Winter:

  Parents are always worried that their babies may feel cold in winter and wear too much or too thick clothes.

  On the one hand, newborns have a fast metabolism and imperfect development of the thermoregulatory center. On the other hand, they have weak adaptability to changes in external temperature, as well as high heat production, but slow sweating and heat removal, which is easy to lead to high fever in newborns. Wearing too much is not conducive to normal heat dissipation for newborns, so we recommend parents adjust the appropriate room temperature and not wrap babies too thick.

  • How to keep your baby warm in winter?

before 3 months:

  For babies under 3 months of age, multi-layered clothing is suitable for them to wear in winter. Parents can dress their babies in long-sleeved rompers and sleep sacks. Remember not to tighten the clothes, or it may restrict the baby's development. The baby is actually developing his motor skills when he is kicking his legs. If you're worried about your baby getting a cold in the middle of the night, you can wear your baby a swaddling sleep sack. Don't make the sleep sack too thick or heavy, or the sleep sack may accidentally cover your baby’s mouth or nose and cause suffocation.

  Newborns have less hair, so some parents are afraid the baby's head will get a cold. You can put on a hat for your baby. When choosing a hat, the hat should be made of breathable cotton material and do not make the size too loose or too tight to avoid covering the baby's mouth and nose or making the baby feel uncomfortable.

after 3 months:

  At this time, the baby starts to be more motor. You can use an anti-kicking, suitable sleep sack depending on the baby's mobility and sleeping habits. Some doctors point out that the blanket or swaddle may restrict the baby’s movement. The anti-kicking sleep sack can let the baby’s hands and feet move more freely and can avoid getting a cold.


How to choose suitable baby clothes?

styles & sizes

  Newborns have delicate bones and are not suitable for pullovers. It is suggested to let your baby wear a cardigan to make it easier to put on and take off.

  When wearing lace-up underwear for babies, the length of the straps should be appropriate and secure. Otherwise, the straps may be accidentally wrapped around the baby's neck, which will be dangerous for babies.

  Ensure that the design of baby clothes does not interfere with the use of diapers is convenient to take on and off when changing diapers.

  Pay attention not to buy clothes that have a tight neckline, arms and legs, as well as clothes with ties, bow ties and strings, which are not only a safety hazard but also uncomfortable for babies to wear.

  Buy loose bodysuits and rompers with snaps or buttons at the crotch to help parents to change diapers for babies conveniently.

  Do not give your baby clothes with hard buttons. Hard buttons will hurt the baby's skin. There is a possibility that the baby may suck the buttons into the mouth and cause a choking hazard.

  The size of the underwear should be appropriate and fit.

  Do not put on your newborn shoes. Shoes are not necessary until your baby can walk. And if the baby wears shoes too early, it may affect the development of the feet. 

color & material

  The material of the clothes should be soft, comfortable and safe. Experts point out that brightly colored clothes may contain chemicals. If babies wear chemical underwear for a long time, their skin may be allergic.

wash & care

  All baby clothes should be washed in warm water and sterilized in the sun before being put on the baby.

  Baby's clothes are better to hand wash and should be washed with natural and safe laundry detergent.

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