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Article: How to get a toddler to nap - Bedtime Tips for Mothers

How To Get a Toddler To Nap - Bedtime Tips for Mothers

How to get a toddler to nap - Bedtime Tips for Mothers

Toddlers usually need a nap of one-two hour during the day. Toddlerhood is a time of physical growth. So their bodies are in great need of energy. Toddlers can get the energy reserve with a power nap.

But the problem is not every toddler can sleep or nap well. Some may sleep too little, some may sleep too much, and some may sleep at the wrong time. Mothers will always get a headache when their babies are naughty. Today’s article will advise some bedtime tips for new mothers.

How to get a toddler to nap?

Some toddlers may resist nap time. How to get a toddler to nap? Below are some suggestions for references:

do not let toddlers overtired

It will be difficult to fall asleep when toddlers are overtired. Although regular exercise is important and good for body health. It is not a good idea to exercise before going to bed. Besides, some activities before bedtime may get the toddlers overexcited. It may be hard for them to calm down and sleep.

drink some milk

If toddlers have difficulty in sleeping. Mothers can try to give them a glass of hot milk before they go to bed. It always works.  Why milk can help sleep? From a medical point of view, dairy products like milk are rich in sleep-inducing amino acids, tryptophan that can contribute to the production of snooze chemicals, serotonin, and melatonin. 

create a comfortable sleep environment

Mothers usually need to consider the temperature, light, and air quality in a toddler’s bedroom, and try to help them to have a better sleep environment. Besides, most people will prefer to sleep in a quiet, relaxing environment. The bedroom is better to be quiet, but not completely silent.

improve the sleeping habits

It is necessary to help toddlers to develop a natural and healthy sleeping habits. After that, they can follow their body clocks, and get a good rest. 

Toddler clothes recommendations

The sleep quality may drop without a good sleeping bag. So next will recommend some good sleeping bags from Kaiya Baby. All these sleeping bags are suitable for toddlers from 3 months to 24 months.


This is an adjustable sleeping bag. Because its long sleeves and bottom are both adjustable. The long sleeves can be removable. When the weather gets hot, mothers can remove these two long sleeves, and this sleeping bag will become sleeveless. When the weather gets cold, mothers also can choose to put the sleeves back for warm-keeping. One sleeping bag can be worn at any time. The bottom can be opened. Many babies grow fast. Babies can kick legs freer in the sleeping bag when they are small. Because this sleeping bag has enough room at the bottom. When a toddler starts to learn to walk, the bottom can be opened. It is very convenient for toddlers to stand, walk.


The weather grows colder and colder recently, it is time to get some thick sleeping bags. This sleeveless thick sleeping bag is one of the star products in Kaiya Baby. On one hand, it is a warm, cozy sleeping bag with 3.5 TOG that can give toddlers a much warmer feeling. On the other hand, it is sleeveless that can help toddlers flail arms freer. There is a zip on the bottom. The bottom of this sleeping bag also can be opened. Toddlers can stand, walk with it. This removable bottom design can make the sleeping bag be used for a longer time. It is a kind of sustainable development. It is profitable to the whole human society and earth.

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