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Article: How to get the best bonding with a baby?

How to get the best bonding with a baby?

How to get the best bonding with a baby?

  When a baby was in his/her mother’s womb, he/she was connected to the mother by an umbilical cord. After birth, babies need to make new connections with their parents. It is really a big joyousness for parents to have a new baby. And most of them are ready to bond with new babies immediately. It needs a heart to bond, and it also needs a process. A deep connection can not be built within just a few minutes. It takes time.

  During the process, parents may meet some bonding issues. How to solve these problems? Why do parents need to develop a bond with their babies? When the bond grows, it is good for babies’ growing progress in their development and can help them to explore the world. 

1. Baby Feed

Baby feeding is a regular daily interaction between parents and babies. Providing milk to babies no matter by the direct or indirect way. Parents always can feel a loving bond during feeding which is good for the closer parent-child relationship.

2. Play with babies

  Playing does not represent only playing with babies. But also means other activities, including talking, reading, singing, dancing, etc. 

  Babies always learn things by playing. Playing can build close bonds between parents and babies. Sometimes, parents will choose some baby initiation toys. These kinds of toys not only can help babies knowing more new things but also can excise their limbs to develop the muscle strength they need to crawl and move. Playing and dancing together with babies can deepen connections.

  Cloth books are good toys for parents and babies to read, play together. In the process, parents can talk and introduce the books to their babies. Some cloth books can sing by pinching. Bond in these playing processes is also deepened.

3. Sleep close with babies

  Babies sleep much of the time. It is not so good for babies to sleep with their parents in the same bed. Parents may roll over and compress their babies in the middle of the night. It is dangerous. Parents can arrange a crib for babies next to their bed. Sleeping in the same room can make babies feel safe, and it is helpful to make the parent-child relationship be stronger.

  Parents also need to choose a good item for their babies to get a more restful sleep.

  This sleeping sack is suitable for the ARMS UP sleeping position. Babies can get longer sleeping in a comfortable position. Two-ways zipper design is good for convenient diaper changing.


  The biggest design feature of this swaddle is the wrap-around design. It simulates the uterine environment that can offer babies a safe feeling. It also can help fix their arms to prevent flailing hands to scratch their faces.

  When the baby gets a bit older, parents can try this front-opening sleeping sack. Grow-with-me adjustable hemline can be opened. It can be used in the wide age range of babies from 3 months to 24 months. A longer use life also conforms with sustainable development.

4. Spend more time

  The central one is, parents need to spend more time with their babies. The company of parents is necessary and basic. Try to do things together with babies can help parents bond closer to them. On the other hand, from the babies’ point of view, if children have enough parents' accompany in their childhood, they can be more confident than others.

  So no matter how busy they are, parents should spare some time to accompany their babies. Try not to make babies grow in the absence of their parents. Besides, the company is not unilateral, but the impact on each other. No matter parents or babies, both of them can experience companionship, love, security, and an overall sense of well-being.

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