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Article: How to protect your baby from flu?

How to protect your baby from flu?

How to protect your baby from flu?

  There's nothing a mother likes less than the flu season. Because they need to start to worry about their babies. Flu is highly infectious. Especially babies, who have a weak immune system and low immunity, are easy to be afflicted. So parents should pay more attention to their babies in the flu season. They may be confused that how to protect their babies from flu? And how to beat the flu? Today’s article will advise you on some tips about how to prepare before the flu season came to avoid early flu symptoms occur.

1. get your baby a healthy diet

  If you want to improve your baby’s immunity, it is far from easy. Taking care of babies’ diet to enhance their immune function is a basic way.

  For babies, breast milk is the best food for them. There is a quantity of vitamin D and other nutrition for babies that are naturally present in breast milk. It contains a number of ingredients that can contribute to immunity. Besides, many experts also say that breast milk is the best food for babies.

  For some toddlers who can start to eat food supplements, try to let them eat more fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet should be varied and balanced. Besides fruits and vegetables, they also can eat plenty of meat, milk, eggs, whole grains, beans, etc.

2. get your baby a high-quality sleep

  If you want your baby to be strong, a night of high-quality sleep is necessary. After all, sleep is a basic need. How to get your baby a good sleep? The key point is to let him/her sleep in a good sleep sack. Below are some recommendations of ideal sleep sacks for all aged babies:


  The first introduction is a new sleep sack that is made of bamboo fiber, a kind of healthy, natural fabric. According to its name, you can find that it is suitable for newborns to wear. Every sleep sack has a humanized version of the design. They are all ergonomic with an anti-startle reaction. Newborns can get enough sense of security, and have a feeling of familiarity. Why did we choose the bamboo fiber to make sleep sacks? When considering the coming summer, bamboo fiber is a breathable, cool fabric that can help babies feel more comfortable. Rely on the efforts of designers, pattern makers, and cutters. All babies can find a satisfying sleep sack here in Kaiya Baby that is suitable for them. 


  Besides the above newborn sleep sacks. This one is good for toddlers’ wear. It is sleeveless. This design is for two functions. On one hand, babies can move their arms freer. On the other hand, they are convenient for self-soothing. Also, our designer has created two new, attractive prints: pine and graffiti.

3. develop a habit of handwashing

  Handwashing can prevent the spread of the flu. It is also important for babies. When your baby is too small and can not wash their own hands by themselves. Parents should help them to wash their hands in time regularly. As they grow up, you can teach your baby how to wash hands and how important it is, help them to develop the habit of handwashing.

4. influenza vaccinations

   Influenza vaccinations are also a kind of prophylactic measure. Getting a flu shot is not only a protection for adults but also for all the people that are most vulnerable. Like babies under five years old, pregnant women, people with certain chronic illnesses, etc. They do need extra protection.  

5.wear a mask

  Flu is spread easily through the air. It is a droplet precaution. So everyone starts to put a mask on when they are in crowded places.

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