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Article: How to stop a baby from crying?

How to stop a baby from crying?

How to stop a baby from crying?

  Most mothers have strong maternal instincts for their babies. When a mother found that her baby did not stop crying, she may be afraid for the baby. Some babies even can continue to cry all night. It even can consume parents’ leisure time and can affect their health.

  It is necessary for parents to look for a smart way to distinguish why babies are crying, and try to take some actions to soothe them. In this article, the content will provide some tips on how to get cry babies not to cry.

1. What is a baby crying for?  

  Firstly, parents should try to find the reasons and then attempt to solve the problem. 

1.1 Communication

  As babies can not talk, crying is only a way of communicating for them. When babies hear other babies crying, they will also display empathy and get upset, then start to cry, too.

1.2 Feel alone or afraid

  A sense of safety from birth is very important. This needs to be given by parents or caregivers. Parents need to make their babies feel secure and taken care of. Some parents have found that every time they depart, their babies will go into freak-out mode, crying and screaming in protest. It is a signal to ask their parents don’t go.

  Besides, after birth, every baby is in a new world. They need to take some time getting used to it. From the beginning, it is normal to be afraid of meeting strangers. When a stranger has approached, it may cause distraction, anger, anxiety, or fear to babies. Then they will cry.

  A baby cries when put down. Every baby likes to be held. Everyone needs to master the correct method of holding a baby. 

1.3 Hunger

  When a baby is crying, hunger is the first thing to consider. This is also a kind of common reason. Newborns normally need to be fed every few hours, about 8 to 12 times in one day. Parents can make a further judgment if the baby has hand-to-mouth movements or lip-smacking. If a baby has these performances, it means the baby is hungry.

1.4 Sleepless, tired, or fatigue

  Every baby needs to get plenty of sleep. The smaller a baby, the more sleep he/she needs. Babies will cry when they are tired, sleepless, or fatigue.

1.5 Uncomfortable

  Sometimes, baby crying in sleep. At this time, parents need to check something out. Wet, dirty diapers, sweatiness, pain, bad postures, too hot or too cold, etc. all will make babies feel uncomfortable.    

2. How to stop a baby from crying?

2.1 Parents need to be calm first

  As an adult, and a parent to a baby, they need to be calm at first. Not make negative emotions affect babies. Some earlier studies have shown that at just three months old, babies can tell human voices from other sounds - and work out when someone is sad. Babies like people or things around them are happy and calm. 

2.2 Create a safe, comfortable environment

  No matter asleep or awake, happy or sad, babies always prefer to feel and smell a warm embrace. When they are wrapped, they can get a feeling of security. 

  A Kaiya Baby sleep sack is an ergonomic swaddle specifically designed by the designer to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of the uterine environment to help a baby with comfort, support, and development. People also can try to put out all lights in the room. Make sure the room is completely dark is helpful to calm, stop a baby from crying.

  On the other hand, it also can prevent babies from flailing their arms. It is convenient for feeding if the baby is hungry to cry.

  Every sleep sack and romper are made of friendly, soft, comfortable fabric to make babies feel gentle against their sensitive skin. A stretchy feeling brings gentle pressure to babies for comfort and a sense of security. In this way, a baby will stop crying, or rolling from time to time.

  The special fabric can stabilize a baby’s body temperature. Prevents him/her from getting cold or overheating in an air condition room.  

  If a baby is crying from the wet, dirty diaper, don’t worry, all Kaiya baby products are easy to take on and off. It is convenient to change a diaper for the baby.

  Kaiya Baby offers sleeping sacks for toddlers and newborns.

2.3 Make some external influences

  Parents can choose to play some soothing music, sing a song, etc. The principle of this method is to find something to hold babies’ attention. When parents turn babies’ attention elsewhere, babies will stop crying.

2.4 Go to see a doctor

  If a mother has tried all the above methods, but nothing has worked. The baby is inconsolable crying. He/she may be ill. Parents need to take their babies to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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