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Article: My Baby Showed Growth Retardation What Can I Do?

My Baby Showed Growth Retardation What Can I Do?

My Baby Showed Growth Retardation What Can I Do?

The birth of a baby brings joy and happiness to the whole family. Parents will do everything they can to ensure that their child grows up healthily. What parents are most afraid of during their child's development is that their child will suffer from growth retardation.

At the same time,parents often ask these questions:

What is growth retardation?

What are the causes of growth retardation?

What should I do?

can the baby still catch up with normal children?

Will there be any after-effects in the future?

Baby is thinking

In this article Kaiya Baby will discuss these questions with parents.

To answer those questions above, it is important to clarify: what kind of baby is considered growth retardation?

A baby's functional development is multi-faceted and includes a total of five areas of function: gross motor, fine motor, adaptive skills, language and socialization. Normal babies are able to achieve the corresponding functions as they grow older, and many parenting books will describe what functions babies of different ages can achieve. Parents can check the age of their babies against the age in the book to see how many months their babies are functioning at the same level.

If a baby is functioning more than two months later than the average age of a normal baby, it can be considered a growth retardation. For example, the average age to be able to sit still is 6 months, and if a baby over 8 months of age cannot sit, it can be considered growth retardation. Of course, this is only a preliminary judgment. To make a definite diagnosis, it is necessary to do a neuropsychological developmental examination for children aged 0 to 6 years old or a Gesell developmental scale examination.

There are clear passing indicators for children's development, and parents must be alerted if their baby's development fails to meet the baseline. The earlier the intervention, the less difficult the treatment.

baby dressed up as business person

Causes of growth retardation in children (prevention, care improvement methods):

1、nutritional deficiencies: reasonable nutrition, focus on a balanced diet, cultivate good eating habits, promote appetite, and so on.

2、Dwarfness caused by systemic diseases: the primary disease should be actively treated.

3、Familial dwarfism and somatic growth retardation: through various kinds of conditioning, give full play to the growth potential, and growth hormone can be used as appropriate.

4、Caused by mental factors: improve the living environment so that children can get mental comfort and life care.

5、Inborn genetic and metabolic diseases: special treatment according to the situation.

6、low thyroid, pituitary dwarf, congenital ovarian hypoplasia, less than fetal age children, idiopathic dwarf, etc., should be treated symptomatically.

What to do if the child has appeared growth retardation?

1、timely supplementation of various nutrients

According to some information from the World Health Organization in the past, the fastest growing season for children is spring, especially in May, which is the fastest growth, with an average of 7.3 millimeters. In order to meet the child in this period on a variety of nutrients greatly increased demand characteristics, parents should be scientific and reasonable baby spring supplement, in life, pay attention to all kinds of dietary nutrients balanced collocation, in order to ensure that the child's nutrient supply, so that the child can grow quickly.

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2、participate in more physical exercise

Exercise can also promote the secretion of growth hormones so that all aspects of the baby's function develop better. Often letting the child participate in suitable for height and brain physical exercise (such as jumping rope, shuttlecock, a variety of ball activities, etc.) can promote blood circulation throughout the body to ensure that the bones, muscles and brain cells get enough nutrition, prompting the bones to become thicker, thickening of bone density, resistance to pressure and fracture resistance to strengthen the ability to play sports, but also to enhance the child's own immune resistance to disease.

3、ensure adequate sleep

After the child falls asleep, fatigue and growth hormone secretion are very conducive to promoting the child's growth. Therefore, sleep is also a "nutrient" to make children grow taller; parents should let their children develop regular habits and ensure adequate sleep.

4、psychological health

It is necessary to remind Cheng Wen, the director, that in addition to diet, sleep, and exercise can affect the child's height problems, mental, emotional, and other factors can affect the height of people. A warm, harmonious, civilized, quiet family environment can make children grow up healthily; on the contrary, adverse mental stimulation and excessive psychological burden will directly affect the child's night sleep and the secretion of growth hormone and pituitary hormone, which will impede children's growth and development.

5、regular physical examination

What should I do if my child has growth retardation? How do we correctly intervene in the treatment? Regular physical examination is also necessary for children who want to grow taller; first of all, you can systematically understand the baby's physical growth at all ages; through regular multiple measurements, you can not only know whether the child's current growth level reaches the reference standard, but also make an assessment of the child's intellectual development, to understand whether the child's intellectual development is at a normal level, and if there is anomaly, timely intervention, and a lot of them can help the child grow taller. Still can help the child grow taller.

Each physical examination should be recorded in the baby's health booklet; parents should keep this baby's health booklet; remember that no matter where you go to the doctor, you should bring the baby's health booklet for the doctor to systematically understand the child's growth and development process.

6、Increase protein diet appropriately

Protein is the foundation of life; bone cell proliferation and muscle organ development are inseparable from protein. The baby's growth and development speed increases and the organs and tissues of the protein demand also grow. Therefore, the side dishes should be more appropriate than usual to increase eggs, fish and shrimp, chicken, beef, dairy products, soy products, etc., and the main food choices of rice, millet, small red beans, and so on. Among them, the egg promotes the healthy growth of infants and is a very good nourishing food; egg yolk contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin D, and other bone calcification and hematopoietic raw materials.

7、to ensure an adequate supply of calcium

In the baby's rapid growth and development, the body's demand for calcium nutrients also increases accordingly; the diet should give the baby more choices of milk, soy products, bone broth, fish and shrimp, sesame seeds, seafood, and other foods. In order to ensure the absorption of calcium nutrients, in addition to letting the baby go outdoors with more sunshine, we should also pay attention to providing a diet rich in vitamin D, such as eggs, milk, animal liver, seafood, and so on. Be careful not to let your child eat more sugar, chocolate, or pastries because it contains more phosphates, which can hinder the metabolism of calcium in the body.


In fact, growth retardation is not scary; what is scary is the parents' ignorance and intimidation of themselves. How has it been determined that the child is in the stage of developmental delay? Parents correctly face timely medical treatment; please believe that with the child's growth process, amazing ability to recover, and perseverance of rehabilitation training, many children are very likely to catch up and restore the normal rhythm of growth.

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