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Article: washing tips of baby clothes

washing tips of baby clothes

washing tips of baby clothes

  Some mothers are enthused about buying baby clothes. They would like to get many different types of baby clothes to keep the baby closet full. Then they will face a challenge. All clothes are needed cleaning regularly. There are some questions, How to wash newborn clothes? When to wash baby clothes? Every mother needs some tips for washing baby clothes. Today’s article will give some tricks for your references.

1. wash new baby clothes before wearing them for the first time

  Baby clothes are usually next to babies’ skins. You should make sure these clothes are clean before helping your baby to wear them for the first time. Because the clothes may get dirty, and be polluted during transportation or in the process of doing business. Babies’ skins are different from adults’ skins. Babies’ skins are more delicate, more sensitive. They are prone to skin allergies. Washing the clothes is good for helping your baby to maintain healthy skin and a healthy body.

2. choose a suitable baby laundry detergent

  Before washing, you need to do some preparations. Firstly, you need a suitable baby laundry detergent. There is a wide range of different detergents available on the market for parents to choose from. I would not recommend a specific brand. But you should know how to choose an ideal one. The detergent should use fully natural ingredients to keep the baby’s clothes healthy, non-chemical. It can fundamentally help to protect babies from skin problems.

3. washing tips

  • 30℃-40℃ hand wash

  It would be more liberating, convenient to pack dirty clothes all off to a laundry. But you’d better hand wash them delicately, gently, due to chemicals the cleaners in the laundry may use. It is not perfectly safe. Most infectious diseases are spread by people’s hands, so it's important to wash your hands before washing clothes. And I recommend using warm water to wash. On one hand, warm water is gentle to clothes. On the other hand, it is mainly for comfort, so people can wash longer, more carefully.

  • do not expose to sun

  If the baby’s clothes expose to the sun for a long time, the fabric fibers will be damaged. And your baby clothes always will fade away gradually. It also will decrease the softness and comfort of clothes. You can choose a shady spot, drying the clothes in the wind naturally, using zero energy.

  • separate the baby clothes by colors

  When you start to wash the baby clothes, remember to separate the dark-colored clothes from the light-colored ones. Or the dark-colored clothes may bleed and stain the light-colored ones.

  All the washing tips are premised on the basis of a natural sleep sack.

  When buying a sleep sack, first, let's look at its fabric. The fabric needs to be organic, natural, healthy, without any chemicals. In this way, newborns and toddlers can get enough comfort after wearing it. A comfortable sleep sack can make babies happy. They also can sleep tighter. This is only one reason for a restful sleep.

  On the other hand, sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby for newborns are designed ergonomically and have anti-startle reactions. Newborns will get a familiar feeling like they are still in their mothers’ wombs. A familiar feeling can offer newborns a sense of security.  

  For toddlers, they need an appropriate temperature. Like FRONT OPENING LONG SLEEVE SLEEP SACK. Parents can change the types of this sleep sack with the change of temperature. When your baby feels hot, you can remove the long sleeves, make the sleep sack to be sleeveless. When your baby feels cold, you can reinstall the long sleeves to give your baby warmth. This two-way sleep sack can meet all needs of your baby.

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