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Article: What things to do for the first time mom with a baby?

What things to do for the first time mom with a baby?

What things to do for the first time mom with a baby?

  The interaction between parents and babies is an important content of the family relationship. It is necessary for the first-time mom to learn what things to do with a baby. It also can help improve communication quality. A new mother could observe and understand their babies from a new perspective and know more about them.

1. Skinship

  Skinship is a natural and original way for a mother to get close with a baby. By touching with mothers can help a baby build confidence, self-awareness, etc. At the same time, the baby also can get enough sense of security, and have a deeper and more regular sleep.

  Besides mothers, baby clothes also have a skinship with every baby. As it is known to all, a baby’s skin is more sensitive, more delicate than an adult’s, and more likely to have an allergy problem. Parents need to be careful of what goes onto their babies’ bodies as that is how to protect babies’ health and skin.

  All Kaiya Baby baby clothes are made of organic, eco-friendly, healthy fabrics without chemicals. Including bamboo fiber, 100% cotton, Pima cotton, etc.

2. Do some exercises together

  Some babies may like flailing arms or kicking legs. Move the limbs freely is a good exercise for a baby. It also can develop their muscle strength. Babies will be easier to learn how to crawl and walk later. If parents do the exercise together with their babies, babies will learn new things faster. And it also can add more interest, build excitement and engagement for both parents and babies.

  In order to exercise better, parents need to choose suitable baby clothes for their babies. Below are some recommendations from Kaiya Baby:


  This sleeping bag will be introduced by three different aspects: color, design, fabric. Now, there are four colors of this product in Kaiya Baby: lilac, whisper green, shell, cameo pink. Lilac, whisper green, shell are made of 100% cotton. 100% cotton is super soft, cozy, friendly for babies to wear. It also has no static electricity. Cameo pink is made of Pima cotton. Pima cotton is a kind of “Cotton Noble”. It has extra-long staples with excellent durability, softness, color.

  Ergonomic one-piece design with anti-startle reaction. Every baby can have a more restful sleep after wearing it. At the same time, this sleeping bag has a two-way zipper. Parents can change diapers easier and more conveniently. There is also enough room on the bottom, babies can kick legs more freely.


  Compared to the above sleeping bag. This one-piece sleeping bag is more suitable for toddlers who can stand or walk. Split-leg design gives more freedom for a baby to crawl, stand, walk. TOG 1.0 is lightweight for babies to wear comfortably.


  The biggest feature of this romper is the sleeveless and legs-free design. Babies can feel freer after wearing it. It is also cool for hot summer days. Because it is made of bamboo fiber that is highly breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-mite. Snaps on the bottom are used for an easier diaper change, and take on and off clothes more conveniently.

3. Listening to some music together

  If it is possible, expose a baby to music early. On the one hand, play light music can help the baby to sleep soundly. Play a variety of soothing music can soothe, quiet the crying baby.

  A variety of different musical styles have different effects. Rhythmic music can cultivate a sense of rhythm and audio in a baby.

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