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Article: Are sleep sacks safe for newborns?

Are sleep sacks safe for newborns?

Are sleep sacks safe for newborns?

  Baby clothes are a market where people can go from baby rompers to baby bodysuits and many other things, for example, sleep sacks. However, there are many questions about sleep sacks. Using sleep sacks for babies is becoming more and more frequent. If your baby uses a sleep sack, what kinds of sleep sacks are better? Is it better to buy a sleep sack with or without sleeves? Do you use it for your baby in summer? The most common issue is whether sleep sacks are safe for newborns?

  If you are also curious about it, do not miss this article. This article will address the most common questions about baby sleep sacks. So you and your baby can sleep peacefully, relaxed, and safe.


  There are almost 3,400 infants dead because of SIDS in the United States. Some parents want their babies to sleep on their stomachs. Because they want their babies can have the beautiful shape of their heads. But sleeping on the back or side can cause respiratory obstruction in the baby. So it is recommended that babies under the age of one should sleep on their backs.

  When the temperature gets low, parents or caregivers always be concerned about that how to keep their babies warm. Some people may stack some warm items, such as pillows and blankets, on the baby's crib. But newborns can not remove the external objects covering their mouths and noses like toddlers or adults. It is dangerous. I recommend you to use a one-piece, a sleep sack, or baby pajamas to reduce the risk of suffocation and prevent babies from SIDS.

To create a safe sleep environment to prevent babies from SIDS.

  • Sharing a bed with another person is a risk factor for SIDS. It is recommended that babies should sleep in the same room and in different beds with their parents. 
  • When you are using a quilt or blanket for your baby for warm-keeping, wrap it around the baby's chest and expose his arms to reduce the risk of suffocation, or wear him a sleep sack.
  • The surface of the crib must be firm and flat without soft objects, such as pillows, stuffed toys, etc. Do not allow your baby to sleep on the sofa, chair, etc.
  • Avoid overheating. Do not wear too much clothing and overwrap the baby.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke near the baby. Babies need to sleep in a smoke-free environment.

Are sleep sacks safe for newborns?

      For newborn babies, sleep sacks are a safer choice than covering quilts. Sleep sacks are not easy to cover the baby's mouth or nose to prevent SIDS. The U.S. SIDS organization has been promoting the use of baby sleep sacks for parents to improve the safety of the baby's sleep environment.

      Sleep sacks are also anti-kicking. Quilts or blankets will always be kicked off by babies in the middle of the night. Thus babies may be awakened by the cold and even catch a cold during sleep.

      For small babies under 4 months, some functional sleep sacks can help them sleep more steadily and restfully. 

      Sleep sacks also can help establish a good sleep routine for the baby to develop a good biological clock.

    kaiya baby swaddling sleep sacks

    sleep sack vs. swaddle for newborns

      Newborn babies are suggested to use sleep sacks. Babies during 0-8 months will not roll over by themselves. But they can kick the quilts. Quilts are easy to be kicked off. If you are using sleep sacks for your baby, remember to choose a loose sleep sack. If the baby is restricted in the activities of the hands and feet, he will wake up crying. And it affects the baby's sleep.

    How to choose sleep sacks?

      buy the right size sleep sacks

        Pay attention to the size of the neckline and hips while you are buying a sleep sack. If the sleep sack is too large, then the neckline also may be too large. Your baby may slide into the sleep sack, which is very dangerous. 

        If the lower body of the sleep sack is too small and wraps the baby too tightly, the baby will be uncomfortable being tied up. And his hips will develop poorly. When you are swaddling a baby with a blanket or quilt, you should also pay attention to leaving enough space for the baby.

      choose a suitable TOG rating

        Many American parents often worry that their babies will be cold. In fact, the metabolism of the baby is faster than adults. They are more afraid of heat than adults. When people are choosing a sleep sack, it is best to choose a sleep sack with different TOG ratings according to the room temperature in different seasons.

        A safer and recommended suggestion is to choose a sleep sack according to the room temperature.

        Some brands of sleep sacks will indicate the TOG rating to help people to choose a suitable sleep sack. What is sleep sack tog? The higher the TOG rating is, the warmer the sleep sack is.

        Kaiya Baby’s suggestion is:

      • Room temperature is 24-27 degrees Celsius. Use a sleep sack with a TOG rating of 0.5.
      • Room temperature is 20-24 degrees Celsius. Use a sleep sack with a TOG rating of 1.0.
      • Room temperature is 16-20 degrees Celsius. Use a sleep sack with a TOG rating of 2.5.
      • Room temperature is 14-16 degrees Celsius. Use a sleep sack with a TOG rating of 3.5.

        When it is colder or hotter than the above room temperatures, it is recommended to adjust with air conditioning. The appropriate room temperature and sleep sacks can ensure a night of better sleep for your baby. The best room temperature is usually between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. It is the most comfortable temperature for the human body.

        On the other hand, the TOG rating is only a reference. The most important thing is that parents should observe the baby's behavior at any time. Different temperatures arouse different perceptions in different babies. If your baby is sweating or has red cheeks, restlessness, etc., it means that the baby is overheated. Parents should change to a new sleep sack for him.

      check the safety of sleep sacks accessories

        Two-way zippers are more convenient and easier for parents to change clothes and diapers for their babies. Every zipper needs a zipper protector to prevent your baby from being scratched or being uncomfortable.

        Do not choose sleep sacks that contain buckles or ties. Or your baby’s neck may be wrapped, which will affect his breathing.

      choose safe fabrics

        The fabrics of sleep sacks should be safe, sustainable, and natural, like organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These fabrics are soft and sturdy and can touch the baby’s skin directly. In summer, bamboo fiber is a better choice. Because it is more breathable, some sleep sacks have mesh cotton on the back, which is beneficial for your baby to let heat out and prevent him from having heat rash.

      long-sleeved sleep sacks vs. sleeveless sleep sacks

        Long-sleeved sleep sacks and sleeveless sleep sacks, which is better? They both have advantages.

        Long-sleeved sleep sacks are good for warm-keeping. In winter, babies can hide their hands in the long sleeves to get more warmth. If your baby is wearing a sleeveless sleep sack, he can self-soothe more easily. In addition, sleeveless sleep sacks can prevent babies from overheating.

      choose different sleep sacks according to your babys age

        Babies need different sleep sacks at different ages.

        Newborns are suggested to use swaddling sleep sacks. Because newborn babies always lack security. They need to get a safe feeling by swaddling. Choosing a swaddling sleep sack is an ideal choice. Firstly, swaddling sleep sacks are safer than swaddles. Secondly, swaddling sleep sacks can create a similar environment, which is like a mother’s womb to babies, which can make babies feel secure and have a more restful sleep.

        If you are swaddling your baby, please consider the baby's developmental stage. At around 3 months of age, the startle reflex of your baby will disappear gradually. He needs to be able to move his arms freely. Most babies will eventually resist being wrapped after 3 months. So the swaddling sleep sack should be stopped when the baby begins to flip.

        When your baby starts to crawl and roll over, you can consider changing a transitional sleep sack for him. A transitional sleep sack usually is one-piece and loose. Babies can feel comfortable and free to move.

        Split-leg sleep sacks are suitable for babies who can walk by themselves. Once your baby can walk, he will be mobile. The baby sleep bag walker is easy to wear.

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