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Article: Parenting babies with love and logic

Parenting babies with love and logic

Parenting babies with love and logic

  For most parents, parenting is their lifelong career that occurs 24 hours a day. It is natural to worry about their own babies. Every parent wants their babies can grow up healthily both in body and mind. On the other hand, people should not blindly parent, they need to have some careful thoughts, then action. Parenting also requires some skills. Every baby likes non strict parents. Parenting babies with love and logic will help a lot. Today’s article will introduce some positive parenting tips for reference.

1. Parenting Tips

1.1 talk to babies frequently

  Take to babies frequently, though they can not understand sometimes. It can improve their familiarity with their parents’ sounds. When babies are faced with unfamiliar situations, they can find their parents’ voices calming. The voice can give them a different kind of security. A sense of security is very important for babies.

  What’s more, talking to babies also can help them learn to use language better. The way to learn a new language is very simple, just listen more and talk more.

1.2 read books with babies

  There is a specially designed book for babies: cloth book. It is a new kind of book that is cloth, safe and waterproof. Babies can shred, and even chew on it. Besides durability, cloth book also is a new type of educational toy for babies. It can exploit a infant's capabilities in intelligence, physical and social. What’s more, parents should try to read with their babies as often as possible. It's the best thing that parents can do to help babies learn better. On the other hand, it also can help improve the parent-child relationship, help a baby to develop and understand language and sounds.

1.3 sleeping with mom

  Sleeping with mom doesn’t mean sleeping in the same bed. It is good for both mothers and babies to sleep in the same room. Putting the baby’s crib next to the parents’ bed has many important benefits. Babies can always feel secure and safe. It is also more convenient for parents to take care of babies at night.

1.4 give babies more praise and encouragement

  It is necessary to praise babies appropriately and give them love and support. It can develop their self-confidence, and help them grow up healthier. High-quality praise also can make a baby better.

1.5 listen to different kinds of music

Play different kinds of music for babies will help develop their brain development. It also can cultivate a sense of rhythm and audio in a baby. Play some soothing music can help calm a baby when he/she is crying.

1.6 take some time to cuddle the baby

  The hug is a kind of emotional and physical contact. Cuddling can give the baby a sense of security. It is easier for a baby to fall asleep in parents’ arms.

1.7 parents also need to take care of themselves

  Another thing that parents need to do is ensure that they can take good self-care while taking care of their babies. Parenting is a kind of hard work. A healthy body with a positive attitude enables parents to deal with work and life in a better way. 

2. Baby Clothes Recommendations

  Besides good parenting, a good baby cloth also can help. Below will advise a popular baby cloth recommendation for references.


  The first recommendation is the star product in Kaiya Baby - FRONT OPENING LONG SLEEVE SLEEP SACK. This is also the top-selling sleeping bag on the official website. Why is it so popular?

  • Long sleeves and bottom are both removable. Parents can remove the long sleeves or open the bottom as they like at any time.
  • Made of eco-friendly, healthy, green fabric: 100% cotton, Pima cotton. These two fabrics both are breathable, soft, and cozy.
  • Two-way zippers from top to bottom for easier diaper changing.
  • 0 TOG is lightweight for babies to feel comfortable.

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