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Article: Getting into a regular schedule for baby activities

Getting into a regular schedule for baby activities

Getting into a regular schedule for baby activities

  Most mothers might face it: their babies don’t sleep at night. Because their body clocks are not set yet. At the same time, parents couldn't sleep at night, and they will be tired all day. Over time, it can lead to health problems. So it is necessary to get babies into a regular schedule for activities. It will make life easier for both parents and babies.

  Today will also introduce some onesies and clothes for newborns to wear, like baby pants, baby vest, etc.

1. Activities for babies

1.1 Sleep

Babies usually need 15-16 hours of sleep all day. 12 hours at night, and 3-4 hours in the day. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services both suggest people get adequate sleep. Because it is crucial for good long-term health.

1.2 Eat

  After feeding, babies’ bodies will transform food into energy. Mothers feed milk to their babies. The food of older babies can be added to drink milk formulas and complementary. Do regular feedings every day to make sure babies can get the daily dose of nutrients.

1.3 Read Book

  Cloth book is a kind of educational toy for babies from 0 to 6 years old. It is designed for  exploiting babies’ capabilities in intelligence, physical and social. Gay colors help the baby to learn and identify colors. It also will broaden their horizon of the new world.

1.4 Music

  Different kinds of music have diverse effects on babies. Play some gentle music can stabilize the baby's mood. Music that has a strong beat can delight little babies.

1.5 Learn to stand and walk

  It is important for parents to spend some time helping babies learn how to walk every day. The practice of standing balance and the strength of the lower limb is the basic condition.

2. Baby clothes that are suitable for activities recommendations


  It is a regular item for babies. Kaiya baby pants can bring every baby with the most comfortable wearer experience.

1) The pants have an elasticized waist drawstringon the front for an easier, adjustable fit.

2) Relaxed designcan make babies feel comfortable all day with diapers.

3) Perfect for anyoccasion, including daily wear, playwear, home wear, etc.


  These baby shorts are similar to the above baby pants.

1) Elastic waistband for more comfortable wear. And it is also easy to put on and off.

2) Suitable stretch makes a perfect fit. It will not be too tight or too loose.

3) Legs-free design help make babies get freer movement.


  For this one piece, Kaiya Baby specially chose two colors with low-key costly and quietly elegant: Gray Morn and Lilac. These two colors are unisex that is suitable for baby boys and baby girls. Sleeveless and legs free give baby the greatest freedom to move. No matter they are awake or asleep. Three snaps on the bottom are easier to be opened and closed. Parents can change diapers, or take them on and off more conveniently.

  Another selling point of this baby romper is that it is made of bamboo fiber. It is a new eco-friendly fabric with luxurious softness and comfort.   


  This sleeveless thick sleeping bag with 3.5 TOG is versatile. On one hand, it is good for babies to flail their arms. On the other hand, it is good at warm-keeping. There is also a zipper on the bottom. The bottom can be opened. This is a sustainable design that helps extend the usable life of this sleeping bag. A big range of sizes is suitable for all aged babies from 3 months to 24 months.

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