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Article: Everything A New Mother Need To Know About Baby Sweating

Everything A New Mother Need To Know About Baby Sweating

Everything A New Mother Need To Know About Baby Sweating

  Some babies love sweating and need to be paid more attention to. But most new mothers know nothing of baby sweating. Don’t worry, today’s article will advise some helpful information and suggestions for references.

1. Do Parents need to worry about babies sweating a lot?

  Many parents may worry that their babies are sweating because of weakness or sickness. Parents also worry that their babies will lose trace elements in their bodies during sweating. In fact, it is not necessary for parents to worry about it. First of all, most babies that are under three or four years old have rapid metabolism. So they sweat easier than adults. It will naturally improve as the baby grows older.

  Furthermore, parents can check if their babies have other uncomfortable performances except sweating. If it is not, you don't need to worry too much.

On the other hand, sweating a lot also will cause some potential risks like below:

1.1 make babies catch a cold easier

  Usually, when a baby sleeps in hot conditions, they are easy to sweat. Hot air can also cause uncomfortable drafts feelings. At this time, sweating is a way that the body cools itself down, and how a baby regulates its own body temperature. But over-sweating also will make babies catch a cold easier. Compared to adults, babies’ resistances are poor. Mothers will usually wear multiple layers for their babies, and they can take them off as the babies heat up. Baby clothes need to be light and easy to put on and take off. They also can be layered conveniently if the temperature gets too hot or too cold. 

  Besides, if a baby sleeps in wet clothes, he will feel very uncomfortable. If a mother doesn’t change the baby’s wet clothes, the baby may catch a cold. Once a baby has a cold, he can't breathe through his nose, and he will feel much more uncomfortable.

1.2 baby may suffer from eczema

  On the one hand, parents need to change the diaper in time, or babies are easy to get diaper rash. On the other hand, baby clothes also need to be changed regularly. Babies who love sweating where it is easy to grow prickly heat, like the neck, forehead, armpit, ass, etc. Sweat or urine can both cause stimulation on your baby's sensitive, delicate skin.

2. When do babies sweat?

2.1 during feeding

  Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding is a kind of “strenuous sport” for the baby. It takes babies a lot of effort to suck the milk, which can make them sweat a lot. If your baby sweats a lot while breastfeeding, you can use a clean towel to dry the sweat from your baby's head or take off some clothing your baby wear. Remember to avoid breastfeeding in windy places to prevent the baby from getting a cold.

2.2 during sleep

  Some babies may sweat a lot during sleep. Why the baby sweats a lot while sleeping?

  • When the clothes your baby wears to sleep are too thick or notbreathable, he will sweat a lot. If the covers or quilts are too heavy, the baby also will be overheated. Typically, we don’t suggest a baby sleep with a quilt. Because it has the risk of suffocation.
  • The temperature of the bedroom is too high. The baby is almost motionless during deep sleep. So even when the babyfeels hot at night, he can not turn over or change positions by himself during sleep like adults. It prevents him from dissipating heat.
  • Overeating high-protein food before bedtime.The food digested and absorbed in the body will generate a lot of heat. So babies usually sweat to let heat out.
  • If ababy is too active during the day, and the heat in his body has not evaporated. Then the heat will only be released slowly at night, which also leads to sweating easily at night.

  For more details, please kindly check the blog content below:

Why the baby sweats while sleeping?

3. What can parents do when babies sweat a lot?

3.1 check if the room temperature is too high or the baby wears too much

  Babies and adults have different perceptions of room temperature. So parents should check the temperature of the baby's chest and the back of the neck with their hands. If it is warm, it means that the room temperature is suitable for your baby. If your baby sweats, it means your baby is hot. It is necessary to avoid overheating when the baby sleeps. Overheated sleep easily leads to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which is very dangerous.

3.2 change breathable baby clothes

  Try to avoid your baby getting prickly heat. If your baby sweats too much, dry the sweat and bathe him in time. Then you can change your baby to some clean, breathable clothes.

3.3 change and wash the bedding regularly

  Bed sheets should be replaced regularly to keep the baby's sleep environment comfortable and clean. Or the bed sheets will be easier to grow odor, breeding mites, and bacteria.

3.4 help your baby for drinking waterto stay hydrated

  Babies may become dehydrated because of sweating, especially on hot summer days. At this time, parents should pay attention to helping their babies drink some water timely. Do not drink too much at once. Because it should be noted that babies under six months can not drink water. Breast milk and formula milk can already meet the needs of a baby’s body. Excess water may affect the baby's appetite or overwhelm his body.

3.5 observe whether the baby has abnormal performance while sweating

  In general, it is normal for babies to sweat. But if your baby is sweating abnormally. You must take your baby to the hospital for checking in time.

4. How to choose baby clothes?

  The baby clothes are better to have good permeability and moisture absorption. Next, Kaiya Baby will recommend some baby clothes that are made of bamboo fiber below:

4.1 Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy

  This baby one piece is sleeveless and legs-free, which is more suitable for summer days. These unique designs are also for giving babies more freedom to move, including kick, crawl, stand, or even walk.

  There are three snaps on the bottom. Parents can take on and off it easier. The diaper change also can be more convenient.

  Now there are two available colors in the store: gray morn and lilac. These colors are both classic, simple, and unisex. Both baby girls and baby boys can wear it.

facebook kaiya baby

4.2 Organic Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

  These rompers have three solid colors and are made of bamboo fiber. And every footed romper has no-slip grippers on built-in footies to prevent babies from falling.

Organic Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

4.3 Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  This is a newly launched bamboo quilted sleeveless sleep sack. According to its name, you can know that this sleep sack has four selling points.

  • made of bamboo fiber

  According to the different needs of different seasons. Baby clothes that are made of bamboo fiber are suitable to wear in summer. Then babies will feel cool. The bamboo fiber is also eco-friendly for the baby’s skin. It is soft to the touch and can soothe babies at the same time. Besides, bamboo fiber is lightweight. Babies will not have pressure. And it is more breathable than other fabrics.

  • quilted

  The quilted design protects babies from getting a cold in the air-conditioned room. The 1.0 TOG sleep sack is suitable for babies to wear all year round. This is a four-seasons sleep sack.

  • sleeveless

  The sleeveless design has two benefits. Firstly, it can prevent your baby from overheating. Secondly, it is convenient for a baby to self-soothe.

  • perfect match with Baby Bamboo Velcro Swaddle Wrap Band

  If your baby is a newborn, you can buy the Velcro swaddle wrap band to match this sleep sack. These two items can help your baby to have a more restful sleep at night.

bamboo sleep sack

4.4 Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This is an organic newborn sleep sack that is made of sustainable organic cotton. It is perfect for a newborn to wear.

  • The 0.5 TOG rating is lightweight and cool for a baby to wear.
  • It has the function of anti-startle reflex. What is the startle reflex? The startle reflex is also called a Moro reflex. It usually occurs when a baby is startled by a sudden loud sound or movement. Sometimes, it will affect the sleep quality of the baby. Then we suggest mothers buy this newborn sleep sack for their babies to have a tighter sleep.
  • The mesh cotton is suitable for wearing in summer. It is easy to let heat out.
  • The neckline will not be too tight or too loose. Because it has a fit neckline design to prevent suffocation.

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