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Article: What is the best fabric for baby clothes?

What is the best fabric for baby clothes?

What is the best fabric for baby clothes?

  Fabric as raw materials for baby clothes. To some degree, the representability of the fabric can determine the final quality of baby clothes. The different fabric brings up various quality. The components of the baby clothes are also an important consideration for parents when they are buying clothing for their babies.

1. Characteristics Of Fabrics For Baby Clothes

  Baby clothing is worn by newborns and babies. And they are a protected group.

  Different aged babies also have different needs for fabrics:

  • 0 month to 1 month

 The choice of fabrics for newborns should meet the following three needs:

can protect the baby’s body from minor injuries

have the ability to absorb moisture and can regulate temperature

have an ergonomic design

  • 1 month to 3 months

  It's the age range that the baby's skin is delicate, the regulation of body temperature is not fully developed, and resistance is poor. But babies are too small to turn over flexibly during sleep. So it is not easy to let the heat out. Some babies may sweat a lot at night. Too much sweating can be prone to eczema. If the choice of fabrics contains hazardous chemicals, it will cause significant harm to babies’ body health and increase the chances of infection. People should choose suitable clothing fabrics scientifically for babies. It has great importance for babies’ physical and mental health. It is better to choose natural fabrics that are soft, smooth, warm, and have good moisture absorption and breathability. The colors of the fabrics need to be light. 

  • 4 months to 6 months

  When your baby, after 4 months, and can turn over and move freely in bed by themselves. Remember to avoid buying baby clothing that has accessories of pins, buttons, and other complicated things to prevent dangers for the baby. Choosing baby clothes with Velcro and safety concealed buckle or cloth belt instead of buttons.

  • 7 months to 9 months

  It is time to add complementary foods for a baby. And babies also start to learn how to crawl. Sometimes, babies may resist eating unknown food and get themselves dirty. On the other hand, they will sweat a lot while doing exercises. So fabrics of babies’ clothing should have good moisture absorption and breathability. It also needs to be durable and washable. Last but not least, the fabrics must be skin-friendly or will cause babies to have rashes and allergic reactions.

  • 10 months to 12 months

  Babies from 10 months to 12 months can gradually crawl, stand, and walk. The range of their activities becomes wider. At the same time, the choices of clothing are also increasing. The sterile, natural fabrics are always the first choice for most families.

2. Types Of Fabrics

  Most people perhaps do not know too much about the field of fabric. Below will introduce some great types of clothing materials that are suitable for making baby clothes.

2.1 100% Cotton

  100% cotton is a kind of traditional, common fabric for baby clothes. It is soft, healthy, and has no harm to babies’ skin. After all, as is known, babies’ skin is more sensitive, more delicate than adults’. Parents need to take care to avoid causing skin irritation. Besides, cotton clothes do not need to use fabric softener to stay soft. They are static-free. 

  There are many baby products in Kaiya Baby that are made of 100% cotton. Below is a typical 100% cotton baby romper recommendation:

Half Sleeves Snap Romper

  There are three snappers on the bottom of every romper. Parents are easier to change diapers for their babies. And these snappers also can help take on and off rompers more conveniently. Unique neckline design to achieve a more comfortable feeling for babies after wearing. Half sleeves and free legs are suitable for moving, doing more activities like crawling around, waving hands, playing with toys, etc.

  Besides, the prices of these high cost-effective rompers are competitive and affordable. Most families can afford it.

Half Sleeves Snap Romper

2.2 Pima Cotton

  Compared to the above regular 100% cotton, Pima cotton is an upgraded version of cotton. Pima cotton is a general designation of ELS(extra-long staple). ELS cotton is generally from the plants that are grown in the Southwest of the United States. The softness, durability, and color of Pima cotton are all the better than ordinary cotton. For durability, Pima cotton is 45% stronger than regular cotton. For softness, it has 35% longer fiber. For color, it makes the clothes’ color more vivid.

2.3 Organic Cotton

  Organic cotton fabric is an environmentally friendly textile, a kind of green fashion. It has become more and more popular over the years in the fashion industry.

  Organic cotton is grown without any chemicals, like synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, etc. For babies, it is a healthier alternative. It is soft, non-toxic, durable, and breathable. Choosing eco-friendly materials to make greener baby products not only is healthier but also can reduce the carbon footprint.

  Organic cotton is an ideal fabric for people, especially for babies. Babies’ skin will be particularly dry during autumn and winter. At this time, baby clothes are easy to develop a static problem. It will make your baby feel uncomfortable. The buttery-soft organic cotton is comfortable to wear.

Read more about why organic?

why organic

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  It is a new product of Kaiya Baby summer 2022 collection. The most creative design is the mesh cotton on the back. Where does the inspiration come from? One day, our designer found that her baby was sweating on a night in summer. She considers that some newborns always sleep on their backs that is not easy to let heat out. So she designed this special sleep sack to help babies to stay cool, this sleep sack is not just for newborns. Toddlers from one year old to two years old also can wear it.

  On the other hand, this sleep sack has a loose, lightweight design that can make babies feel more comfortable and free. Because babies do not like the feeling of restraint. This sleep sack can let them kick their legs freely.

  Safety and comfort are essential elements of a sleep sack. And at the same time, the sleep sack also can be trendy. This sleep sack has five available prints now, including galaxy supernova, starry night, bacca pink, bacca mint, creamy mushroom. There must be one that can meet your need.

sleep sack with mesh cotton

2.4 Bamboo Fiber

  Bamboo fiber is also an environment-friendly fabric that is similar to organic cotton. It is a green, environmental protection fiber that is made without any chemical method. As a natural fiber, bamboo fiber is an anti-bacterial, anti-bad smell, anti-mildew, and UV-resistant. And it has better absorbability, hygroscopicity, abrasion resistance, and dyeing properties. Sometimes, bamboo fiber is referred to as “the queen of fiber.” When the temperature and season change, it is easy to breed bacteria. You can consider choosing bamboo fiber.

  Bamboo fiber as a fabric has very widely used in the baby clothing industry. It is selected from bamboo as raw material, produced by bamboo pulp fiber to short fiber yarn. Bamboo fiber is a trendy fabric for most young mothers.

  Kaiya Baby chooses this great fabric to produce baby clothes.

Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy

  Sleeveless and legs-free are both designed for babies to have greater freedom of movement. They can do more exercises, like crawling around, clapping hands, stamping feet, shaking legs, etc. Moderate exercise is great for motor development and can help improve physical health.

Sleeveless Snap One Piece Girl And Boy

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  This is a classic type of sleep sack in Kaiya Baby. The original sleeveless sleep sacks only have solid colors. But this newness has eight new prints. Besides, we also have expanded the range of sizes. Babies from months to 3T all can wear it. You can let your wear one sleep sack for a longer time.

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

3. Tips For Selection

    3.1 Choose natural fabrics.

      Such as 100% cotton, organic cotton, linen, silk, bamboo fiber, and other fabrics that are made of natural fibers. Fabrics with chemicals will irritate the baby's respiratory tract, cause respiratory damage, and trigger various inflammatory conditions.

    3.2 Choose light-colored fabrics.

      Dark-colored clothing is easy to lose color. When the baby bites the clothing, it is easy to eat the dye into the stomach. In light cases, babies may have some bothersome symptoms, such as headache, insomnia, vomiting, cough, etc. In severe cases, babies’ DNA will be changed, which will lead them to a big danger.

    4. Conclusion

      No matter what kinds of fabrics you choose for your baby. It must be 100% safe and natural because babies need to be cared for and protected. That is also a necessary consideration that parents should remember when they are shopping for baby clothes.

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