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Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo?

According to the different seasons, babies have different needs of clothing. In summer, bamboo fiber clothing is an ideal choice.

Bamboo fiber is an incredibly buttery-soft fabric that has many benefits.

1. luxuriously soft

  Bamboo fiber is fluffy and lightweight that has a cotton-like softness, silk-like smoothness. Babies can have the best comfort.

2. anti-bacteria

Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial effects. Under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton, wood and other fiber products. But the bacteria on bamboo fiber not only can not survive for a long time but also will disappear or decrease in a short time. And the death rate of bacteria on bamboo fiber reaches more than 75% within 24 hours.

3. uvioresistant

For 200~400nm UV ray, the penetration rate of cotton is 25%, the penetration rate of bamboo fiber is less than 0.6%. the anti-UV ability of bamboo fiber is 41.7 times of cotton.

4. environmental friendly

The growth period of bamboo is short. It usually take 2-3 years to grow a bamboo. It can be fast growth and renewal. The baby products made of bamboo fiber can be naturally degraded in the soil. And there is no pollution to the environment after decomposition, which is a natural, green, and environmentally friendly textile material.

5. efficient adsorption

The special structure inside the bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption ability. It can adsorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and ammonia in the air.

6. hypoallergenic

Bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic. It would not trigger any allergic reactions. It is eco-friendly to all babies who have sensitive skin or are easy to suffer from allergies. 

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