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Article: 3 key points to help your baby have a safe, restful sleep

3 key points to help your baby have a safe, restful sleep

3 key points to help your baby have a safe, restful sleep

  Most parents always are focused on how to make their babies have high-quality sleep. Having a safe sleep is also important. Because there are many possibilities that can drive the baby into danger. Such as your baby sleeping face down, sleeping with parents in the same bed, sleep in the wrong position, etc.   

  Parents need to prepare some items for safe, restful sleep. Like a sleep safe bed, a suitable sleep sack, etc. And today’s article will advise three key points for all parents to help their babies to have a safe, restful sleep at home.

1. sleep alone in a baby crib

  If your baby sleeps with adults on the same bed, it increases the risk of being crushed by his/her parents who turn over unconsciously during sleep. And there is a wide range of pillows and bedding on the big bed, which is more likely to cause your delicate baby to be covered. It leads to suffocation which is very dangerous.

  But don’t let your baby sleep in separate rooms too early. Because babies lack safety, especially newborns. The world is unfamiliar, and unsafe for them. And parents are the close people that they can recognize. It means parents can offer their babies a sense of security. At the same time, babies also can sleep better. Because they feel safe when they are sleeping in the same bedroom with their parents.

  The best way for parents is to set a crib next to their own bed. On one hand, babies can have their own space. On the other hand, parents can get up at any time during the night to take care of their babies conveniently.

Selection of the baby crib is also critical. 

1.1 What is a baby crib?

  A baby crib is generally made of wooden material. Now, most of the cribs are 4 in 1 convertible cribs which means the crib can become a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-size bed. The use period is longer. One crib can be used from the birth of a baby to about 6 years old.

1.2 How to pick up a good baby crib?

1) better to be made of real wood

  Parents better choose a crib that is made of solid wood. Solid wood is more stable and more breathable. And it also can regulate the temperature and humidity.

2) choose a crib with high security

  Besides, during sleep in the bedroom, parents should keep the air fresh. Because it helps the growth and development of your baby’s brain and body.

3) place the baby crib close to the wall

  The crib should be placed close to the wall. There should be no gap between the crib and the wall. Do not place the crib against the window. There are two reasons: one because that direct sunlight may make the baby uncomfortable. The other one is that the curtains and drawstrings on the window can be a big safety hazard.

4) do not have too much clutter on the crib

  Do not put too many soft mattresses on the crib. When the baby lies on the bed, you should ensure that the mattress will not sink the baby. In addition, do not have non-breathable bed curtains on the crib. Don’t place large stuffed toys, thick soft baby pillows, or quilts on the crib. To avoid the risk of baby suffocation.

5) check the baby crib for solidity regularly

  Parents should regularly check if the parts of the baby crib are loose or missing, and also check whether the brackets and other hardware are solid. Try to eliminate safety hazards on time for your little one.

6) better not to buy used baby cribs

  Used cribs may have damage that is difficult for an ordinary consumer to observe. And these damages can be dangerous to your baby if not repaired on time. So older cribs may not meet the current safety standards.

2. need a right baby sleeping position

  Poor sleeping posture will lead to uncomfort. So what kind of sleeping position is the most beneficial to your baby’s health and development?

1) back sleeper

  The supine position should be the most familiar sleep position. This sleep position can make your baby feel very relaxed and comfortable. But supine position also has advantages and disadvantages.

  Firstly, let's start with the advantages of sleeping on the back. When babies lie on their backs, their heads, necks, and spines are in a neutral position. The neck is not prone to pain. At the same time, sleeping on the back does not compress the baby’s body organs as well as his/her chest.

  However, If there are snoring problems or sleep apnea problems when your baby is sleeping on the back. You could take him to see a doctor.

2) side sleeper

  Sleeping on the side is one of the most popular sleep positions. Because this position is perfect for adults who will snore in their sleep and can effectively reduce the sound of snoring. Lying on different sides (the left side or the right side) have different benefits.

  • Left side sleeper: lying on the left side can help a person better absorb oxygen while sleeping. However, sleeping on the left side will compress your baby’s heart, affecting the blood supply to the heart, also is easy to make him toss and turn in his sleep.
  • Right side sleeper: on the contrary, the right side sleeper will not compress the heart and sleep more stably. But it may aggravate the symptoms of poor digestion.

3) stomach sleeper

  According to statistics, about 7% of people sleep on their stomachs. Sleeping on the stomach can also effectively reduce the symptoms of snoring. But this sleeping position is not good for babies. It compresses the baby’s heart and lungs. When a baby sleeps face down, he may suffocate. It is best to avoid choosing this position for your baby to sleep.

best baby sleep position

3. need a suitable baby sleep sack

  A suitable sleep sack is good for safe sleep for sure. Where are the best sleep sacks? How to choose a suitable one? I have some recommendations from Kaiya Baby’s online store.

  • newborn sleep sack

  There is a typical sleep sack that is specially designed for a newborn: Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle. These sleep sacks have three different types: the original front opening zip up swaddle, the bamboo front opening zip up swaddle, and the organic front opening zip up swaddle with cotton mesh. These three kinds of sleep sacks all have an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction that can offer a baby enough sense of security. Newborns can sleep a more restful, longer sleep in it. Different types of this sleep sack have different advantages. Like the one that is made of bamboo fiber, it is buttery soft, and super breathable. Newborns may be easier to be relaxed and cool. And the sleep sack with cotton mesh is an individual, newly designed only in Kaiya Baby. The cotton mesh is good for letting heat out. Parents don’t need to be worried that their babies may be overheated on hot summer days.

newborn sleep sack

  • toddler sleep sack

  Compared to a newborn sleep sacks, a toddler sleep sack needs to be more versatile. Like the best sell one: Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack. Every front opening long sleeve sleep sack has a two-way zipper which is easy for parents to take on and off it for their babies, and change diapers no matter what time it is. And the bottom can be opened, toddlers can hide their feet in, also can peek their feet out. One sleep sack has a longer service life.

toddler sleep sack

  • winter sleep sack

  Sleep sacks also can be divided by seasons. Like people will choose a thick, weighted sleep sack for the baby. Like a 2.5 tog sleep sack, it is warm, cozy, and snug. Babies can get enough comforts and safety after wearing it. On the other hand, parents are always worried that their babies may get a cold on cold winter days. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore, cause your baby has a Kaiya Baby 2.5 tog sleep sack.

winter sleep sack

  • summer sleep sack

  In winter, parents need to help babies to keep warm. But in summer, they need to help babies to let heat out. That’s why they need to find more breathable sleep sacks. For babies’ summer wear, we usually recommend you to choose sleep sacks that are made of bamboo fiber. Cause bamboo fiber is a super-breathable material, hypoallergenic, and a moisture absorbing.

bamboo sleep sack

4. Conclusion

  No matter what tips you get for your babies, choosing a suitable one is to enable your baby to have a good sleep. And a good sleep all night is important. In addition, there are several tips, such as a good night's sleep includes do not let a baby play with the electronic products before going to bed. Try not to drink or eat too much before bed and so on. All of these can help to sleep better and be safe.

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