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Article: How to wash & clean Kaiya baby sleep sack?

How to wash & clean Kaiya Angel baby sleep sack?

How to wash & clean Kaiya baby sleep sack?

  Many new mothers, after pregnancy, will start to prepare their babies’ clothes. Sleep sacks are essential. Women always are addicted to shopping and are very enjoyable in the process. After piling up a lot of baby sleep sacks at home, parents may be concerned about how to wash and clean these sleep sacks. Don’t be worried about it, and it is not particular hardship. Kaiya Baby is a professional baby clothing online store that sells the best baby sleep sack. And we are very appreciative of the long-term, loving support from all our customers. Today we have listed some washing and clean tips for baby sleep sacks for all the mothers to refer to.

1. How to choose a good detergent?

  Before you start to choose a detergent, you should know what it is at first.

  As the most common laundry detergent, it is suitable for daily cleaning of dirty clothes.

  The most significant advantage of laundry detergent compared to other types of detergents is that it is easy to rinse. It saves time and water for people. It is especially suitable for families who use drum washing machines. It saves water, and people do not need to worry about the residue.

  • about the potential of hydrogen

  Most laundry detergents are mild, neutral detergents that are relatively harmless to clothing. And these kinds of detergents are also effective in preventing shrinkage and discoloration. Clothes like cashmere sweaters, knitted clothes, silks, and close apparel all can use a mild laundry detergent because it will not destroy protein fibers that can cause clothes to harden and deform.

  • free of additives

  There are usually other additional ingredients in a laundry detergent, such as germicidal and deodorizing, softening, color protection, color fixation, etc. These are also an aspect that people need to pay attention to.

  As we are choosing a suitable detergent to wash baby sleep sacks. It is known to all that babies have ultra-sensitive, ultra-delicate skins. So I recommend babies are better to use detergents that are free of additives.

  • the cost-effectiveness

  When people are buying things, they always will consider both quality and price. And different people also have different needs. I wouldn’t recommend a specific brand of detergents. You can try to choose a suitable one for your baby to depend on your needs.

2. wash & clean tips

  • choose a specific laundry detergent for babies

  If you are going to wash your baby's sleep sacks, it is best to use baby-specific laundry detergents. Baby-specific laundry products are produced for the baby's needs. From the perspective of having a safe laundry, the detergent should be PH-neutral, have no added fluorescents, and contains no bleach and other chemicals. These are strictly different from adult laundry detergents.

  • check the care label

  Before washing, you must check the cleaning instructions for baby sleeping bags. Many sleeping bag material is not supported by machine washing.

  • soak sleep sack before washing

  Some baby sleep sacks are mostly made of cotton. Cotton is a kind of fabric that has strong adsorption. If you only do a simple rinsing, that is difficult to remove the chemical residues in the fiber. So before washing baby sleep sacks, you should first fully soak and remove the residual chemicals on sleep sacks.

  If you bought Kaiya Baby sleep sacks, you don’t need to worry about this problem because all sleep sacks in our store are made of 100% natural, sustainable fabrics without any chemicals.

  • rinse with water at least three times

  When washing sleep sacks, be sure to rinse them clean with water at least three times until the water quality becomes clear.

  • hand wash

  Nowadays, the washing machine is convenient. But it is a place where dirt is easily hidden, and it also can easily hurt clothes. So there are two ways you can choose: one is to choose a special washing machine for your baby. The other is best to hand wash your baby's clothes. Use your hands to wash the sleep sacks slowly and gently. So that you not only can ensure the sleep sacks are clean but also will not make them deformed and out of shape.

  If you wash your baby’s clothes and adults’ clothes together in the same washing machine, you should clean and disinfect it regularly. Whether you use a public washing machine or a household washing machine, both of them need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Because some stubborn bacteria on the clothes may remain on the inside of the washing drum, and the longer you don't clean it, the more bacteria may remain inside the washing machine.

  It is advisable for parents to be able to give the washing machine a full cleaning and disinfection once a month. You should especially pay attention to the rubber ring, laundry detergent box, and so on.

hand wash

Hang To Dry,better to drying it in the wind naturally


Using a dryer may shrink your sleeping sack

3. wash Kaiya Baby sleep sacks

  We select two kinds of fabrics to make sleep sacks: bamboo fiber and organic cotton. Different fabrics have different washing methods:

3.1 bamboo fiber

bamboo fiber

  Now there are many sleep sacks made of bamboo fiber, like front opening newborn sleep sack, baby bamboo quilted sleeveless sleep sack, etc.

  • It is best to do hand washing.A washing machine also can be used, but do not dehydrate and tumble dry because bamboo fiber is like silk. The fiber is delicate, so it should not be wrung to dry. It will damage the fiber tissue of the sleep sack. Choosing moderate wringing and hanging sun-drying is 
  • Note: the bamboo fiber cannot use hot water to wash because it is a natural fiber. It can not use hot water, and it will damage the fiber structure itself.
  • The bamboo fiber sleep sack is madeof green bamboo fiber that can inhibit bacteria and mites. People can easily wash and clean it in lukewarm water. 
3.2 organic cotton

organic cotton

  • Organic sleep sacks are both machinewashable and hand washable. And because of the poor elasticity of the fiber, it is best to wash lightly and slowly. Do not use vigorous rubbing. Wash gently. It can avoid causing the sleep sacks to change shapes, affecting the size Remember to rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water after washing. If it is a machine wash, please choose rinse or weak wash. The dehydration process should not be too long.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned, dry cleaning is the best But if there is a hand wash care label on your sleep sack, then you can use special baby detergents to hand wash. Put the cotton sleep sack inside out, put it into warm water below 40 ℃, and then hand wash. It should be noted that cleaning cotton sleep sacks can not use strong alkaline detergents to prevent damage.
  • Organic cotton fabrics are betterfor using cold water washing because they can maintain the original color. 
  • Remember to be sure to wash dark-colored organic cotton sleep sacksand light-colored organic cotton sleep sacks separately to avoid mixing colors. 

4. get an ideal Kaiya Baby sleep sack

  Different babies have different needs for sleep sacks.

  • newborns

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This newborn sleep sack can meet newborns’ needs. Newborns always need security and safety. The design of this sleep sack is humanized. It makes your baby feel like he is still in the mother’s womb. The sleep sack creates a familiar environment for your baby.

Newborn Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

  This sleep sack is similar to the above organic one. The main difference is also the fabric. This sleep sack is made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a good fabric that can give babies the best softness. In summer, bamboo fiber is also good at losing heat.  

bamboo sleep sack newborn

  • toddlers

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  It is a soft sleep sack that can give every baby softness. The baby needs a good environment that is snug and cozy to soothe him.

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  Next, I will recommend one of the top-selling sleep sacks in our store. The front opening long sleeve sleep sack. I list some selling points of this sleep sack below:

  • 0.5 TOG: It is made of single-layer organic cotton, which is lightweight and cool to wear.
  • Various print choices: three classic, gentle solid colors, and three stunning, adorable prints.
  • Grow-with-me hemline: There are two snaps on the bottom of the sleep sack. If your baby wants to peek his feet out. Mothers can open the bottom for their babies.
  • Removable long sleeves: The long sleeves of sleep sacks in shell, whisper green, and cameo pink are removable. We added two zippers on the shoulders. Mother can remove the long sleeves and change the long-sleeve sleep sack to a sleeveless sleep sack at any time.
  • Two-way zippers with zipper tabs: The two-way zippers are convenient for mothers to change sleep sacks for their babies. And it is also easier for parents to do diaper changing for their babies. Besides, the zipper protectors protect babies from being scratched by zippers.
organic sleep sack

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