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Article: Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

why is organic cotton better than regular cotton

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

  Many people do not quite understand the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton. Organic cotton has many aspects that are different from regular cotton, including the material, features, functions, etc. In this article, you'll learn some useful information that can help you get the difference between these two different kinds of cotton. And mothers can get the point about how to select the best organic cotton baby clothes for their babies. 

  • What is organic cotton?
  • What is regular cotton?
  • Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?  

organic cotton

1. What is regular cotton?

  Regular cotton is a traditional fabric that is the cotton as raw material woven into the textile. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber. Its main component is cellulose. And it can do skin contact without any stimulation, and negative effects. It is beneficial and harmless for people to wear. Cotton fabric is firm and resistant to folding and has good waterproof performance.

2. What is organic cotton?

  Organic cotton fabrics are made of organic cotton by traditional processing. In organic cotton production, processing, spinning, and dyeing are totally, environmentally friendly organic, and degradable. 

2.1 Organic cotton is pure natural cotton.

  In agricultural production, the soil needs to be more than three years without chemical fertilizer pollution. And in the planting period, people choose organic fertilizer, biological control of pests and diseases, and natural farming management. It does not allow the use of chemicals. Besides, the production of the spinning process also requires no pollution. 

  The fabric which is woven by organic cotton is luster bright, buttery soft. It also has unique antibacterial, and anti-odor properties. Babies’ skins are more sensitive and delicate. Organic cotton fabric has alleviate allergy symptoms and can reduce the normal fabric caused by skin discomfort symptoms, such as rashes. It is more conducive to the care of the baby’s skin. Organic cotton can make people feel especially cool in summer. In winter, using fluffy and comfortable baby clothes also can help your baby eliminate excess heat and water in the body. Babies can feel cozy and snug.

2.2 Organic cotton is one of the important components of sustainable agriculture.

  Organic cotton has great significance for ecological protection, the development of human health, and green natural ecological clothing. It is natural farming. The planting process does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Organic cotton has a 100% natural ecological growth environment from seed to harvest. All productions are natural and pollution-free, and no chemical residues. So organic cotton will not induce allergies, asthma, or atopic dermatitis. 

  Organic cotton never uses genetically modified seeds. The planting process also does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The colored cotton is not the same as organic cotton. But organic cotton can be dyed by using plant dyes. And it eventually can become brightly colored organic clothing and textiles.

2.3 Organic cotton has international certification

  If you want your organic cotton products to go into the international market. It needs to be certified by professional bodies. Many foreign organizations are engaged in the development of organic cotton standards and certification. Example: the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, the U.S. Organic Trade Association, etc.

  Our company's baby sleep sacks are certified by GOTS.

2.4 Organic cotton does not contain any toxic or harmful substances to the baby's body.

  According to an organic cotton promoter found: T-shirts and bed sheets that are made of regular cotton may contain more than 8000 kinds of chemical substances. Because the production and process of organic cotton are completely free of chemical residues, it will not cause allergies, or rashes. Organic cotton is very suitable for infants and babies. Because its planting and production process is all-natural and environmentally eco-friendly. It does not contain any toxic or harmful substances to the baby's body. 

3. Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

  There are differences in many aspects between organic cotton and regular cotton.

3.1 growing place

  • organic cotton

The soil quality requirements for the plantation of organic cotton are particularly strict. The soil has to be tested and the trace elements must meet the standards, and the environment around the soil is also very important. The water quality of the rivers passing through the plantation must be up to standard. Then people can plant organic cotton here.

  • regular cotton

  The planting land of regular cotton does not require much soil. There is a suitable climate for the growth of cotton. The light and heat need to be sufficient. Regular cotton planting is used in large quantities of mechanical planting and harvesting. The labor consumption is not large. So the price of regular cotton is much cheaper than organic cotton.

3.2 fertilization

  • organic cotton

Organic cotton needs to use natural, organic fertilizers for planting fertilization. During the growth process, it can not use any chemical fertilizers or pest control pesticides. The whole process is completely pollution-free.

  • regular cotton

  The fertilization of regular cotton uses chemical fertilizers directly. It reduces costs. But the main thing is that the health of regular cotton can not be very good protection. After the processing of the textile and the fabric, and then fabrics are made into clothing. Babies who wear these clothes in the body are naturally unhealthy. Some fabrics even need to be chemically printed and dyed. It cause double harmful to your babies’ health.

3.3 seed

  • organic cotton

  Seeds of organic cotton are planted by professional breeders in the organic cotton fields. After the harvest, these seeds are selected strictly. The final seeds also need to get the professional test certification. Finally, these seeds can be used as organic cotton seeds in market sales.

  • regular cotton

  Regular cotton seeds can be grown under unrestricted conditions. People will use pesticides to kill insects during the growth process. In order to save time and energy, regular cotton uses chemical fertilizers during its growth. After the seeds are harvested, they will be packed into the seed market for sale directly.

organic cotton growth

4. Organic Sleep Sacks in Kaiya Baby

  After learning about the advantages of organic cotton. We realize that sleep sacks made of organic cotton are ideal items for babies. That is why we have launched various organic sleep sacks. Next, I'll introduce some iconic sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby.

  This is a specific, new sleep sack that has five different prints: Galaxy Supernova, Starry Night, Bacca Pink, Bacca Mint, Creamy Mushroom. And another special design is that this sleep sack has cotton mesh on the back. It is designed to help let heat out on hot summer days. A 0.5 TOG sleep sack is lightweight, and babies will feel comfortable with it.

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  This is the first attempt to launch a top, a cute long-sleeve baby kimono. You can find the snaps and cross-tie design which is safe and convenient to take the kimono on and off. The kimono can be single worn, and also can be outer clothing.

Organic Long Sleeves Baby Kimono

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