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Article: All about babyhood illnesses and what to do?

All about babyhood illnesses and what to do?

All about babyhood illnesses and what to do?

  Babies usually can not make it through the first year of life without any minor problems. Crying, feeding problems, skin rashes, diaper rashes, and occasional fever are all common. When these problems are extreme, they can become health-related. For example, if a baby cries too much, has poor growth, or has a high fever. Most problems in early babyhood are not too severe. Today I will introduce some common illnesses of babies, new mothers can check for it.

1. Jaundice

  What is jaundice? When bilirubin is excessive, it will cause yellow pigmentation of the skin. For many newborns with jaundice, this is a fairly common problem. Newborns’ jaundice usually subsides over time. If it is severe, you’d better find a doctor to treat the infant. Because maybe your baby’s liver is not mature enough to handle the bilirubin from the gallbladder.   

2. Colic

  Colic is when an infant cries continuously for no reason. Usually, when the infant feels uncomfortable, but he/she is unable to express it. This symptom will disappear when the infant is 3 months old. You don’t need to be worried about it. Your baby will grow out of it.

3. Vomit

  Vomiting is also a very common problem for babies. Mothers are encouraged to help babies to burp in case they vomit. If the vomit is in green color, and vomiting persists, it indicates a serious problem. Babies will become dehydrated quickly, they need to see a doctor, and need medical help and treatment.

4. Cough

  Infants usually cough during feedings when the milk is flowing too quickly. But persistent coughing and vomiting during feedings may indicate a lung or digestive problem. It is worth heeding.

5. Skin Problems

  Babies’ skins are more delicate and sensitive than adults. Like diaper rash that can be painful for your baby. This is a skin reaction to diapers. I suggest that parents should change diapers frequently and in time, use use good diaper cream. If your baby wears a hat, you should wash his/her hair daily with a mild shampoo without chemicals.

6. Fever

  Fever may be due to several factors.

  Infants' body temperature is easily influenced by the external environment. Like high temperature, too much clothing, insufficient water intake, water loss, lack of air circulation in the room, etc. If a baby’s body temperature is unstable, too high or too low both will cause a bad cold. Common colds, otitis media, and urinary tract infections all will lead to a fever.  

How to keep the fever down?

  • fever cooling patch

  This method is easy to do. You just need to use a fever cooling patch on your baby’s forehead.

  • drink more water

  Water has the function of temperature regulation, which can make the high body temperature drop and replenish the water lost in the body.

  • dress right for the temperature

  Dressing in suitable baby clothes for your baby is also important. Too many clothes will cause your baby to overheated. Too less clothes will lead to a cold. Every baby needs a suitable sleep sack during sleep. On hot summer days, babies need sleep sacks that are made of bamboo fiber. A breathable, cool fabric that can help your baby feel more comfortable. On the contrary, babies need thick sleep sacks on cold winter days. These kinds of sleep sacks can make your baby feel warm, cozy, and snug. They can get more sense of security.

  Choose different sleep sacks in different situations. Babies can get more comfort. Then they can have a better sleep at night. Parents also can have a good rest.

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