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Article: My baby mixed up day and night, what can I do?

My baby mixed up day and night, what can I do?

My baby mixed up day and night, what can I do?

 Babies always spend most of their day in sleep, but some babies have their days and nights reversed. They always sleep more during the day, but not at all at night. This is a big headache for parents. What can they do when their babies are fighting sleep. And how to get a newborn to sleep. Mothers and fathers do need some sleep solutions.

  Generally, newborns sleep about 16 to 18 hours a day, which is more than twice as long as adults. As they grow older, their daily sleep time will naturally decrease.

  Today we will talk about it, all about baby sleep.

1. Why did my baby mix up day and night?

    1.1 physiological and psychological factors
    • hunger

    A baby's stomach capacity is small, and she needs to eat more frequently. So sometimes, your baby may be hungry in the middle of the night. They are natural to cry. It will affect the quality of sleep at night. At this time, you should feed the baby and let him drink milk. 

    • uncomfortable diapers

      A wet, dirty diaper can easily cause discomfort to your baby's little buttocks. So if your baby’s diaper gets wet in the middle of the night, he will cry and get upset.

      On the other hand, if the diaper is unfit, your baby also will feel uncomfortable.

    • lack of security

      Parents are the closest, most familiar people for babies. Sometimes when they can't see their parents, are suddenly startled by sounds, or feel lonely, they will cry. Because they hope to get their parents' attention.

    • sleep too much during the day

      Some babies sleep well during the day and naturally can not sleep at night.

    1.2 have physically sick
    • flatulence

      If your baby is flatulent, he or she will be crying because of an uncomfortable tummy. And they can not sleep well at night. Why does it happen?

      Below are some common causes of flatulence:

      Improperly sized holes of the pacifier.

      Poor feeding techniques.

      Incorrect methods of soothing the burping.

      If your baby has flatulence, it is recommended that parents can massage the baby's abdomen gently to soothe the discomfort that is caused by flatulence. If the situation cannot be improved, you can also ask your pediatrician to prescribe medication to help eliminate your baby's flatulence.

    • colic

      Colic babies can not talk yet. So they can only cry to express their discomfort because of the unbearable abdominal pain. Why does a baby have colic? The main reason is that the intestinal peristalsis is irregular. When your baby has colic, parents can give him hot compresses or massage to relieve his discomfort. If the effects of the colic are really serious, parents should take their babies to see a doctor. They can ask the doctor to prescribe drugs to soothe and cure your baby.

    • have skin problems

      The baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive. Parents are advised to check their baby's skin and find out the cause of discomfort. Discomfort makes babies have sleeping problems.

      In summer, babies are easier to sweat than adults. So babies usually will grow prickly heat on a hot summer day.

      During winter, people’s skin will become dry. So do babies. The skin dryness will cause your baby to feel uncomfortable or even painful.   

      The baby's skin is very delicate. When a baby gets insect or mosquito bites, his skin will be itchy and painful, which can make the baby very uncomfortable. He can not have a restful sleep at night. Parents can check their baby's skin carefully and figure out the reasons for discomfort or take their babies to see a doctor for treatment.

    2. Does it affect a babys development?

      Some babies always sleep a lot during the day. So once they get to sleep at night, they don't want to sleep at all. It has caused headaches for most parents. When a baby lives in a reversal of night and day, it not only affects parents to have a good rest but also affects the baby's growth. There are many factors that can affect a baby’s growth. Besides genetic, nutritional and exercise, baby's growth also is related to the secretion of growth hormone. Suppose the secretion of growth hormone is too little, which is likely to cause stunting. If your baby sleeps too late at night, it is likely to affect his height of him.

      It is normal for a newborn to mix up day and night. Because he has been in the mother's tummy for a long time, when he was in the womb, he can not distinguish between day and night. So after birth, newborns always need some time to adapt to the new world and learn what the day and night are. Parents should have the patience to help their babies to improve this problem.

    3. How to solve this problem?

    3.1 help babies distinguish between day and night

      It needs to take some time to help your baby establish the concept of day and night. It is best to start at an early age. Parents can try to keep the home bright and play some music during the day. At night, it is better to turn off the lights and try to keep the surrounding environment quiet. It can help your baby to have the knowledge of the night and develop the habit of going to sleep at night.

    3.2 control your baby's sleeping time during the day

      Limiting your baby's sleep time during the day to no more than 3-4 hours at a time. Then they can fall asleep easier at night.

    3.3 take a shower for your baby

      The bath time is best set to half an hour to an hour before bedtime. So that your baby can relax and easy to fall asleep. Besides, if your baby sweats a lot, you also need to take a shower and change new, clean clothes for him in time.

      In winter, if you find that your babies’ skin is dry. You can apply some baby lotions to calm and soothe the baby’s skin.   

    3.4 give your baby a sleep sack

      The sleep sack is a kind of necessary item for the baby. It has many advantages.

    • offer enough sense of security

      It is important to help your baby feel safe and secure at any time, especially during sleeping time. In this way, they can sleep better and longer.

    • soothe, and calm babies

      Sometimes, newborns have a startle reaction. Newborn sleep sacks can soothe babies very effectively.

    • cozy, comfortable

      Using sleep sacks to swaddle a baby can make the baby snug and comfortable. Babies get enough warmth and coziness. They can get a more restful sleep.

    • Kaiya Baby sleep sacks recommendations

    Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

      This is a sleep sack with mesh cotton that is designed for a newborn baby. Newborn babies always lack security and feel uncomfortable. This sleep sack can soothe and calm them effectively. The mesh cotton can make babies feel cool, even on hot summer days.

    Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

      Bamboo fiber is always an ideal fabric for summer. Sleep sacks that are made of bamboo fiber are fluffy, light, delicate, and soft. It is also a breathable, skin-friendly fabric that can give every baby a comfortable feeling.

    bamboo sleep sack

    3.5 create a perfect sleep environment at night

      What is the perfect sleep environment? Parents should control the room temperature, sounds, and light in their babies’ bedrooms. Then babies can have a restful sleep.

    • room temperature

      For a newborn baby, he doesn’t have a developed ability for thermoregulation. So the ambient temperature is very important to him.

    A too-high indoor temperature is not good for newborns. Some parents always worry that their babies are cold. So they usually will adjust the air conditioning to a relatively high temperature. But it may cause the newborn to overheat and sweat a lot.

      On the other hand, if the room temperature is too low, it is easy to make your baby catch a cold. Therefore, the appropriate ambient temperature is very important.

    • sounds

      Newborn babies are not easy to fall asleep. Parents usually need to spend a long time and energy putting them to sleep. Some parents may use white noise. White noise is an effective method that can soothe a crying baby and make him sleep more restful. But not all babies like white noise. Some babies don’t like to listen to white noise during sleep. Because different baby has different needs for their sleep.

    • light

      Ordinary light will not cause harm to the eyes of babies. However, it is necessary to protect your baby from too bright lights. There are some notes for new parents below:

    Choose a lamp with softer light.

    The light of the lamp is adjustable.

    Place the lamp away from your baby.

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