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Article: How to soothe a crying baby of 0-12 months?

How to soothe a crying baby of 0-12 months?

How to soothe a crying baby of 0-12 months?

  The biggest headache for new parents is that newborn babies always keep crying and can't be soothed to stop. Maybe your baby is crying in sleep, even cries all night long. In fact, most newborns have inconsolable crying because they have left the warm and comfortable womb. And they feel insecure when they come into a new and unfamiliar world. So they only express their unsafe feeling through constant crying. People can try various methods and pay attention to their baby's needs at all times. Then you can finally calm down your crying baby.

1. soothe babies with very soft touches

  Gentle, soft touches can quiet, calm a crying baby or even make him/her fall asleep easier. Different babies like different soothing ways. You can try different methods to see which one is your baby’s favorite.

1.1 Carry your baby around in your arms, or for a walk.

1.2 Taking your baby for a ride in the car.

1.3 Putting your baby in a crib.

1.4 Let your baby swing.

1.5 Take your baby in a stroller.

1.6 Walk around the room with your baby in your arms.

2. play some soothing sounds

  Playing sounds with a soothing effect can calm your baby and reduce crying effectively. On one hand, interesting sounds can attract your baby’s attention and help reduce distress. You can look around for any appropriate sounds, and choose one that your baby likes best.

3. swaddle

  It is a good way to soothe a crying baby. Because the baby feels as warm and comfortable as if he or she were in the mother's womb, with a sense of security of being protected. You can use a small, light blanket or a swaddle to wrap your baby. Let his/her limbs close to his/her body. You also need to pay attention to avoid sudden death or breathing difficulties. Don’t wrap your baby too tightly, and try to keep the baby sleeping on the back.  

4. give your baby a warm bath

  For some babies, a warm bath is also a good way to soothe them. We know that warm baths can help relieve stress in adults. And it can also help babies get ready for a nap or relax. This method may not work for all babies, but you still can try it and see if it has a positive effect on your baby.  

  Recently, Kaiya Baby launched a new summer collection. Including an upgraded version of the newborn front opening sleep sack. There are two things that have been upgraded.

  • fabric

  These organic newborn sleep sacks with mesh cotton are made of 100% organic cotton. This is an ultra-comfortable, buttery soft fabric. And it is 100% natural without any chemicals. It is also sustainable, not only good for people but also good for the planet.

  • cotton mesh on arms and legs

  This is a completely new design. Because our designers have considered that babies may feel uncomfortable on hot summer days. They specially design this for newborns. It can be easy to let heat out. Newborns can feel cooler during sleep.

5. Sucking

  If your baby is crying a lot, he/she may want something to suck on. Babies don’t need to suck on the breast or a bottle. You can give them pacifiers or their own fingers to satisfy them.

6. Massage

  You also can try gently massaging your baby's body. It is useful to calm your baby with loving touches. You can also use your fingertips to gently massage your baby to help soothe his/her tense emotions.

7. check the clothes your baby wears

  It is also possible that your baby is crying because of his/her clothes. Parents should check if their baby's clothes are too tight. Tight clothes can make a baby feel uncomfortable or make him/her feel restricted in his/her movements. And people also need to consider the fabrics of the clothes you bought for your babies. The baby clothes need to be 100% natural, and organic without any chemicals that will not irritate your baby's skin.

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