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Article: Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

  Parents usually use swaddling sleep sacks to wrap newborns who can not roll over. Swaddling can help babies sleep on their backs to be safe. Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

  Yes. But you can not use swaddling sleep sacks for your babies. You need to change a new sleep sack, like a transitional sleep sack for your baby. 

  Babies grow to about 6 months and basically can turn over by themselves. At this time, I would recommend the split-leg sleep sack. Mothers do not have to worry about the baby that wearing a sleep sack can turn over such problems because this sleep sack is the most convenient to turn over. The split-leg sleep sack is like a one-piece suit, which is loose and comfortable. If your baby is active, he can roll over a dozen times freely during the night by wearing this kind of sleep sack and does not have to worry about catching a cold.

  The role of a baby sleep sack is not only to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt and causing cold and flu. More importantly, to prevent the baby from turning over when the quilt is pressed under the body. The baby will be easy to get sick, and it is not conducive to his bone development. So parents need to prepare baby sleep sacks. In addition, parents should pay attention to the fact that babies’ mouths and noses can easily be covered by the clothes, resulting in asphyxiation. So be sure not to place things in the bed and crib.

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When do babies roll over?

  Usually, babies master the skill of standing on their necks before turning over. Babies from 3-7 months will start to learn to turn over. Some mothers report that their babies unintentionally turn over once at a very early age and then never turn over again. In these cases, mothers should not worry too much. But if you find that your baby is slow in developing all significant movements except turning over, it is best to take your baby to the hospital for a detailed examination.

Signs when babies are going to roll over

  Babies are still too young to tell their parents clearly in words that they want to roll over. But they are smart enough to have other ways to remind their parents.

  • The baby can lift his head comfortably when lying on his stomach, which means that the muscles in his neck and back have become much stronger. Mothers can let their babies lie on their stomachs, use toys above them to attract their attention, and consciously induce them to lift their heads to train the head lifting action.
  • Babies are no longer satisfied with lying on their backs. They will often lie on their sides in one direction. This is a sign that your baby is turning over. Your baby may have an awareness of rolling over at this time, but his body is not yet able to complete this action well. Mothers can gently pull the baby in the direction of the side to see if the baby wants to turn over. If the baby moves, then mothers can assist him in completing the turning action.
  • The baby's legs can't help wiggling around when lying in bed. This is also a sign that your baby wants to roll over.

    How to help the baby roll over?

      Before learning to turn over, mothers can consciously give their babies some auxiliary exercises, which can help them better master the skills of rolling over.

    Exercise your baby's upper body strength. 

      Let your baby lie on his or her back and shake a toy above his or her head as a way to attract the baby's curiosity to touch it. Then he or she can support the upper body for as long as possible. The self-control of small babies is very poor, and they can not hold on to their own and then fall.

    Exercise the whole body coordination, especially the limbs. 

      Mom can hang a soft leather ball above the crib that the baby's limbs can touch and play with. The baby can play with the hanging ball for a while every day. Then their limbs can be exercised and help them establish the concept of balance.

    Put a small quilt behind the baby’s back.

      Moms can put a small quilt or a blanket behind the baby's back. So your baby's body can maintain a little tilt angle, which may be easier for the baby to roll over.

    Play some games with your baby to help turn over. 

      Mothers can put their babies on the bed and then hide in the direction the baby can not see, only to make a sound to attract the baby. Babies may move to find where the sound comes from. You also can suddenly move the position of the toys that your baby is playing with to lure the baby to try to move his position. These small games can indirectly exercise the baby's motor function and stimulate other senses.


    What to keep in mind when your baby rolls over?

      It's exciting to see your baby learn to roll over. But rolling over also comes with a significant increase in home safety hazards. Mothers should always watch over their babies to avoid accidents during this time.

    Prevent your baby from accidentally falling. 

      Never put the baby who can turn on his side or has learned to roll over alone on the sofa or the table, not even on the bed. Do not underestimate the danger. Leaving your baby alone has the risk of making him fall. Even if it is a large bed area, the baby may quickly roll over to the side of the bed and fall.

    Don't put too many things in the bed during the day.

      Quilts and pillows should be placed flat. If the baby does not have the skills to master turning over, he may not be able to control the direction or turn into a prone position but can not turn back. If the baby turns over to the top of the impermeable things, these things are easy to cause suffocation, which is very dangerous. Your baby also may hit the hard things. It is also very easy to make your baby get injured.

    Add the guardrail around the crib. 

      The action of a sleeping baby is more difficult to control. Their mobility has been much stronger for babies who are learning to roll over or have been able to roll over. If parents do not set guardrails around the crib, sleeping babies will likely roll off the bed.

      Protective mats mainly avoid serious consequences after the baby rolls over and falls out of bed. Therefore, parents who do not want to prepare the guardrail for their baby can choose to lay a thicker layer of protective mat around the baby's bed or crib, which can also effectively prevent him from danger. 

    Rolling over naturally.

      If the baby does not have a strong will to turn over, do not force him to turn over. Or it will cause your baby to have a repellent psychology of turning over. The mother force the baby too much is also easy to hurt him. 

    Do not let your baby be too tired.

      Turning over is a tiring thing for your baby. So the turning time should not be too long. A few minutes is enough. 

    Do not let the baby turn over immediately after eating milk.

      After feeding, you can hold the baby upright for a while so that he can eliminate food. Letting your baby turn over immediately after drinking is likely to cause the baby to vomit.

    Why my baby can not roll over?

    The baby is too fat.

      Parents may think that rolling over is a simple action, but for babies, this is a huge project. They need to coordinate their head control and arm muscle strength to complete the action. And some fat babies who have heavy bodies and fleshy limbs, their movements are more complicated. 

    Wear too many clothes.

      Some babies are born in August and September, and when they start to roll over, it is winter. In order to keep warm, many parents put their babies in a lot of clothes and wrap them up like dumplings. Wearing too much is not easy to make your baby roll over.

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