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Article: Does the baby need a sleep sack in summer?

Does the baby need a sleep sack in summer?

Does the baby need a sleep sack in summer?

  Summer is hot, and indoor and outdoor temperatures are high. Many parents know that babies are more afraid of heat than adults. Wearing the baby too many clothes is easy to grow heat rash. So parents usually cover the baby with a quilt during his sleep.

  Through the observation, people found that most babies have the habit of kicking the quilt. When the baby is sleeping in an air-conditioned room with a cover, it is easy to catch a cold. Parents have to get up countless times at night to cover their baby the quilt.

  Does the baby need a sleep sack in summer? Yes.

Why does the baby need a sleep sack?

  The baby sleep sack prevents babies from kicking off the covers at night. Because when the baby is sleeping in an air-conditioned room or during the winter night, the room temperature is low. Babies are easy to get a cold. The sleep sack is a necessary item for the baby.

What kinds of sleep sacks are suitable for babies?

  Some studies show that after three months old, babies start to kick their legs and continue to do so until they are three years old. They usually kick their legs averaging 500-850 times per day. At this time, babies’ motor nerves and bones develop rapidly, so their energy needs to be released through kicking legs and waving hands.

  Babies get a cold easily during sleep because they love to roll over and always sleep in an unstable position. Every baby needs a suitable sleep sack to help him keep warm and avoid a cold.

  But with so many types of sleep sacks on the market now, what is the suitable one for your baby? How old should the swaddling sleep sack be for the baby? Is the split-leg sleep sack or the one-piece sleep sack good? What kind of is considered easy to put on and take off? Parents should be based on the actual needs to choose the right summer sleep sack for their babies.


  Babies under three months old have more startling responses during sleep. Their waving hands always are more disturbing to sleep. At this time, a swaddling sleep sack is an ideal choice. A good swaddling sleep sack needs to be easy to take on and off. Its fabric should be soft, breathable and safe. The baby can feel like returning to the mother's belly and sleeping peacefully with good sleep.

  In general, after 3 months, you can choose a one-piece sleep sack for your baby. The internal space of a one-piece sleep sack is large. The baby is free to move and feel unrestrained, like covering a lightweight layer of a summer cooler quilt.

  Babies six months or older need split-leg sleep sacks. The split-leg design makes the baby's activities more flexible. Some babies like to play in bed for a while before sleep. The split-leg sleep sack will not affect the baby's activities. Babies can wear it to play freely until they sleep.

  A loose split-leg sleep sack is more comfortable for the baby to wear, and the activities of the baby before bedtime will also not be affected.



  Summer baby sleep sacks are generally divided into two kinds of fabrics: organic cotton and bamboo fiber. Whatever fabric you choose should have a soft touch and good breathability. According to safety, infant and toddler apparel should meet high standards. Parents only choose pure natural materials to protect the baby's tender skin from allergies.

  Some sleep sacks that are made of organic cotton also have mesh cotton on the back, which can help to let the heat out. The baby can wear it to get a peaceful sleep all night.

humanized design

  Some minor details of humanized design of sleep sacks also can ensure the safety of the baby's wear. And at the same time, these designs can make it easy for parents to put on and take off and change diapers for their parents. For example, the zipper opening on the front or the two-way zipper style can make nighttime diaper changes much more convenient. For example, the design of the fit neckline also allows the baby to breathe and keeps him safe. The zipper protector design will not hurt the baby’s skin.

Is air conditioning safe for babies?

  Since babies have a faster metabolism than adults, they are more afraid of heat than adults. Therefore, the temperature of a baby’s bedroom should be adjusted appropriately according to the temperature, which means that the room with the baby can be air-conditioned.

  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also recommends that parents use air conditioning during the hot summer.

  One of the leading causes of infant mortality in the United States is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). And overheating will increase the risk of SIDS.

Tips for using air conditioning

Maintain the temperature at about 26 degrees.

  When opening the air conditioning, you should control the room temperature to about 26 degrees. Twenty-six degrees is a comfortable temperature that your baby will not feel too hot or too cold.

Do not let the cold wind of the air conditioner blow against the baby. 

  Your baby may be easy to get a cold.

Prepare a suitable sleep sack for your baby.

  Many babies can not sleep restfully at night. They often kick the quilt off and get a cold. We suggest parents can prepare a suitable sleep sack for their baby to keep warm in an air-conditioned room.

Baby care tips in summer


  The temperature in summer is high. Summer is also the season of bacteria and viruses flooding. It is recommended that mothers are better to do breastfeed. Because breastfeeding can not only give the baby balanced nutrition but also can enhance the relationship between the mother and the baby. Breast milk contains various antibodies to resist viruses and bacteria, which increases the baby's resistance. You also can choose formula feed. And you need to make sure that the milk bottles are absolutely clean and disinfected regularly. And never let your baby drink leftover milk. Make sure the milk is fresh.

Give your baby plenty of water.

  On hot summer days, babies are prone to sweat, which can lead to rapid water loss. So it is important to give babies enough water. Especially for breastfeeding babies, it is important to replenish water for your baby in time.

Pay attention to the care of your baby’s skin.

  The baby’s skin is delicate and easily stimulated by discomfort or allergies. Therefore, it is important to take good care of the baby's skin. Be sure to use safe organic cotton clothing, choose a natural bathing cream without chemicals, choose a suitable, no stimulation of the powder, etc. Besides, parents should change diapers for their babies regularly to keep the baby’s skin clean. It is also good protection for the baby's skin.

Prevent dehydration fever in summer.

  In summer, when the outdoor temperature is high, the indoor temperature has to be controlled. If the indoor temperature is too high, we must find a way to cool it down, because the baby's thermoregulatory centre is not well developed and cannot dissipate heat through the skin. If the ambient temperature is too high, babies have insufficient hydration, and many mothers wrap babies too tightly, dehydration fever can occur and cause high fever in infants.

Prevent infant diarrhea.

  It is necessary to prevent the baby's abdomen from getting cold. Summer is hot. And you can reduce the clothing on the baby, but remember to protect the baby’s abdomen to avoid catching a cold and causing diarrhea.

Sunburn protection

  In the summer, there is also a point that needs to be noted: to prevent sunburn, because the summer sunshine is abundant and also intense ultraviolet rays. The baby's skin is also more tender, so be sure to avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

  Apply a good baby's sunscreen before going out and make sure the sunscreen is natural and free of additives. And make sure to give your baby a good sun hat before going out. Parents also need to pay attention to the time to go out. Try to choose in the morning or afternoon, to avoid walking in the noonday sun.

Avoid dry skin

  Babies usually stay in the air-conditioned room in summer, which is easy to cause dry skin. You can choose some moisturizing cream for your baby. And sometimes, using natural ventilation to lower the temperature of the room is also a good idea.

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