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Article: Why is the baby always grunting and crying at night?

Why is the baby always grunting and crying at night?

Why is the baby always grunting and crying at night?

  The babies are too small to say words in any language. So how do they express their feelings? How do they communicate with people? Sometimes, mothers will find that their babies grunt in sleep or suddenly cry. They may be confused. Why is the baby grunting and crying? That is what we are going to talk about today. Get more additional information, please kindly read on.

Different aged babies have different sorts of behavior.

0-3 months

  Babies may make noises such as grunting. Sometimes, they will wriggle, stretch their straight and tight legs, and have a red face.

over 3 months

  Babies may have a tendency to toss and turn. They even may cry occasionally.

What causes a baby to grunt or cry?

  Before finding resolutions, mothers need to analyze the causes first.

grab parents’ attention

  As a new members of the world, babies are always insecure. They are afraid of the unfamiliar environment and things around them. They need the company of parents, especially mothers. Mothers can give their babies a sense of security and a familiar feeling. When a baby wakes up at high but can not find his/her mother, he/she will feel frightened. Then the baby will make some noises, like grunting or crying, to attract his/her mother.  

have bowel a movement

  Usually, baby grunting means your baby is learning how to have a bowel movement. In the beginning, babies don’t know how to relax and how to poop. They only can strain to do it. Then they will make some sort of noise, like a grunt. People call this grunting baby syndrome. The common abbreviation is "GBS".


  Babies who are overfed are prone to sleeplessness. So do not let your baby sleep immediately after overeating. If your baby suddenly wakes up frequently in the first half of the night, you should pay attention to whether your baby eats too much.


  As we said above, baby grunting may be a sign of pooping. But if a baby has grunted for over 20 minutes. He/she may have digestion or constipation problems. It will make babies feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, it can make babies cry.

obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)

  The main reason that a baby has OSAS is because of the tonsils and adenoidal hypertrophy, or obesity. If your baby grunts during sleep frequently or usually have breathing difficulties. He/she may have the OSAS.

breathing problems

  The breathing problems can be divided into different parts.

  • catch a cold

  Every change of the seasons causes differences in temperature. And the temperature also varies greatly between day and night. Delicate babies are easier to catch a cold. Cold symptoms include a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, etc.

  • asthma

  Asthma is a chronic breathing disorder. Patients often breathe through their mouths while sleeping. It affects breathing and causes grunting.

  • allergy problem

  Babies are prone to allergies. The breathing problem is a sign of an allergic reaction.


  A lot of sleep problems in babies are caused by colic. Babies' intestinal tract is not fully developed and is easily affected by colic, especially for babies who are born within 3 months. And in some cases, this symptom even can last up to 6 months. 

at a particular stage of sleep development

  This may be because your baby is in an active sleep state or his sleep cycle is changing.

  The percentage of the baby’s active sleep in early infancy is almost 50%. The baby's body is more active during this stage. So he is easy to grunt.

  Parents should not over-intervene at this time. It's what they need to let go of, and do not be annoyed. As your baby grows, the percentage of active sleep will decrease.

What can mothers do?

stay with babies in the same room

  Giving your baby a sense of safety is very important. This is given by babies’ closest people: parents. Trying to make babies feel that parents are always here for them. Setting a crib next to your bed in the same room is a good choice. On the one hand, it is convenient for care at any time. On the other hand, it reduces the risk of the baby getting in danger.

use a sleep sack

  Using a suitable sleep sack has many advantages.

  • offer a sense of security

  Newborns like to be swaddled. Because swaddling can give them a sense of security. Most sleep sacks for newborns have a function of anti-startle reaction. Babies can have a longer, more restful sleep.

  • stable body temperature to protect babies against the cold

  The sleepwear a baby wears should be changed seasonally. In summer, babies are better to sleep with some cool, breathable sleep sacks. In winter, mothers should choose some thick, warm sleep sacks for babies’ wear. Babies can get comforts through sleep sacks.

  • Kaiya Baby sleep sacks recommendations

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This is a newborn sleep sack that has a unique design with an anti-Moro reflex. Newborns need to be soothed and calmed. Because they are lack of security. The new world is unfamiliar to them and always makes babies feel insecure. They want to find some familiar feeling like they are still in the mother’s womb. This sleep sack can simulate an environment like the uterus for the baby and make him feel snug and cozy. After wearing this sleep sack, newborns can have a better, more restful sleep.

  The anti-Moro reflex is a primary function of this sleep sack. It has another unique design: mesh cotton. Considering that babies are easy to sweat a lot, our designer designed this mesh cotton for babies to let heat out easier.

  The front-opening design is designed for parents to change sleep sacks for their babies easier. The two-way zipper is easy to use. And there is a zipper tab to protect your baby’s chin from feeling uncomfortable.

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  This bamboo sleep sack is an ideal choice for families. Bamboo fiber is a suitable fabric for a baby to wear that is buttery soft, and breathable.

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  This is one of the most popular sleep sacks in our store. Why is it popular?

It has a classic design.

0.5 tog is lightweight for sleeping comfortably.

It is loose and flexible.

The bottom can be opened. Parents can change diapers for their parents more quickly.

Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

  This is a thick sleep sack that is suitable for winter. It offers babies enough warmth. Its cuffs can be folded. Babies can hide their hands in the cuffs. Parents’ don’t need to worry that their babies may get a cold in winter anymore.

relieve the colic

1) Do some abdominal massage.

2) Pat your babies’ back after feeding.

3) airplane hold

Try to lay your baby’s belly down across your forearm like an airplane. Your little baby will be soothed in no time.

  • Take some medicines according to the doctors’
  • Let your baby lie on the front. It not only can relieve the colic and abdominal pain, but it can also exercise the baby’s neck muscles, increase movement, and create conditions for learning how to crawl.

    create a perfect sleep environment

      What kind of sleep environment is perfect?

    • The sleeping room don’t need to be completely quiet. Completely quiet will make the baby feel unsafe because babies start to hear sounds when they are in the womb. Listening to similar sounds, like mothers’voices, will help them feel secure.
    • The room temperature should be just right. It can not be too hot or too cold. If the room temperature is too high, your baby may be overheated. If the room temperature is too low, your baby may have an increased risk of catching a cold. People should learn to adjust the air conditioner to the fitting room temperature.

    see a doctor

      If a baby has grunted or cried for a more extended period of time. You should take him/her to see a doctor, and find out the causes. Having early recognition and treatment.

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