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Article: Are sleep sacks necessary?

Are sleep sacks necessary?

Are sleep sacks necessary?

Babies always love to kick the quilt when they sleep. Especially the baby grows up, and he becomes more and more active. The nighttime fuss is easy to make your baby catch a cold. So many people decide to get a sleep sack for their babies. Are sleep sacks necessary?

Are sleep sacks necessary?

Yes, sleep sacks are necessary, especially for newborn babies.

  • sense of security

Firstly, the sleep sack can provide a sense of security to the baby. Newborns are often prone to startle reflex. Sleep sacks can give babies a sense of wrapping and improve the quality of sleep.

Infants before four months, their nervous systems are not fully developed. Infants will have unconscious reflex behaviors during sleep. One of the common reflexes is the startle reflex, which is also known as the Moro reflex. The startle reflex will not have any effect when the baby is awake. It frequently affects infants during sleep. The baby’s sleep cycle is short. The Moro reflex makes his sleep cycle even shorter. Parents have to soothe their babies at any time more frequently.

Baby Moro Reflex

Newborns need to be swaddled. Swaddling can help newborns sleep better. And swaddling also gives the newborn baby a similar sense of security, making him feel he is still in the mother’s womb. For more convenience, you can get a swaddling sleep sack directly.

  • prevent suffocation

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend using too many soft items for infants, including pillows, quilts, mattresses, etc. Babies, especially those under one year old, cannot remove the things that cover their mouths and noses. Therefore, babies should use sleep sacks at bedtime to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Pay attention to the below things to avoid SIDS:

People should always ensure that the baby’s back is down and in a supine position when falling asleep. And do not forget to monitor your baby to make sure that the baby does not change his sleep position when turning over.

Do not place soft bedding in the baby crib, including blankets, pillows, quilts, etc., all of which will increase the risk of infant suffocation.

Do not place the baby in the adult's bed. The baby is safest in his or her own crib.

Dressing your baby too much can increase the risk of baby's body temperature getting too high. If you notice that your baby is sweating, has damp hair, has a red face, and has shortness of breath, be sure to take off extra clothes or change lightweight clothes for him.

For babies under 6 months of age, parents can consider using a pacifier for nighttime sleep and daytime naps.

Do not smoke in the area where the baby sleeps.

A European Journal of Pediatrics (EJPE) study, which was published in August 1998, showed that using infant sleep sacks could help maintain infants' sleep on their backs. That is why sleep sacks have the effect of preventing suffocation.

  • avoid kicking off quilts

In the old days, parents had to get up several times a night to cover the baby. Using baby sleep sacks can help people save valuable time and energy. Sleep sacks also can prevent the baby from kicking the quilt and catching a cold.

Types of baby sleep sacks

The swaddling sleep sack has excellent wrapping properties. It can mimic the baby's feelings in the womb, which is good for newborns to relieve the insecurity caused by the startle reflex and unfamiliar external stimulation. Swaddling sleep sacks also help babies to reduce the problem of difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping unsteadily.

Newborn Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle 0.5 TOG

This sleep sack is made of bamboo fiber, which is perfect to wear in summer. It is super breathable and comfortable.

  • Arms-up sleep sacks

Some babies have very uncontrollable hands while sleeping. They will suck their fingers or touch their faces to self-soothe during sleep. Arms-up sleep sacks can help babies sleep in a more natural and safe position.

  • One-piece sleep sacks

One-piece sleep sacks always have a very loose hem. Babies have enough room to kick and move their legs freely. These sleep sacks are perfect for babies who are motor and like to move around during their development.

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

This is one of the most popular sleep sacks in our store. It has a classic and simple design. And every sleep sack has a two-way zipper, which is convenient for parents to change clothes for babies at any time.

Sleeveless sleep sacks have no sleeves. This open design is easy to put on and take off and convenient for babies’ activities. You can let the baby turn over, kick legs and crawl freely.

And sleeveless sleep sacks generally are suitable for summer. It can prevent babies from being overheated.

Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

This sleep sack is sleeveless but has a quilted design. It is 1.0 TOG, which is suitable for your baby to wear for four seasons. Parents do not need to worry their babies will get a cold or be overheated. 

The split-leg sleep sack can meet the active baby's needs, who like rolling over, kicking, crawling, and other movements. Babies can do whatever they like to do and will not feel restricted.

Long Sleeve Split-Leg Sleep Sack

The split-leg sleep sacks are suitable for toddlers who can stand or walk by themselves to wear.

The guide to picking a suitable sleep sack

  • size

The length of the sleep sack is recommended to choose a little bit longer according to the baby's height. Babies usually grow fast. If you choose a fit sleep sack for your baby, he will not be able to wear it soon.

But take care not to choose too big sleep sacks, especially for babies under one-year-old. If the sleep sacks are too large, babies are easily trapped, which will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The thickness of a sleep sack directly affects the warmth. It is important to select a suitable sleep sack according to the room temperature and your baby's constitution. The temperatures are different between day and night, heating and air conditioning, and season factors

Especially in winter, do not just choose thick sleep sacks. It would help if you chose sleep sacks according to the room temperature.

Sleep sacks have the main performance indicator, which is called TOG. 


  •  fabric

Fabrics should be soft, skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing, and breathable like the fabrics we chose: organic cotton and bamboo fiber.

  • product design safety

Fit neckline. 

The sleep sack should have an appropriate width of the neckline. If the neckline is too small, it is easy to jam the baby's neck. If the neckline is too large, it is easy to let the baby's head slide into the sleep sack to cause suffocation.

The elasticity of the cuffs.

If the cuffs are too tight, it is easy to strangle the baby's hands and feet. If the cuffs are too loose, it is easy to let the baby’s hands and feet slip into the sleep sack. And the wind will blow into the cuffs and affect the warm-keeping of the sleep sack.

Zipper protection.

The zipper protection is also necessary, which can avoid injury to the baby.

Detachable sleeves.

Removable sleeves make it easy to adjust the baby’s body temperature according to the room temperature. Parents can take on the sleeves and make the sleep sacks become long-sleeved sleep sacks to keep their babies warm. After removing the sleeves, the long-sleeved sleep sacks can be sleeveless sleep sacks, which can prevent your baby from overheating.

Fixed zipper, buttons, snaps, etc.

Make sure all small parts on the sleep sacks are fixed to avoid them falling off and being accidentally swallowed by the baby.

Sleep sacks need to have no rope or string.

The rope will entangle the baby's body, which can cause blood circulation disorders or even suffocation.

Convenient to change diapers.

The two-way zipper is more convenient for diaper changing.

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