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Article: best sleep sack for summer

best sleep sack for summer
Sleep Sacks

best sleep sack for summer

  Babies usually sleep in an air-conditioned room in summer. Many parents will be worried that if their babies are easy to catch a cold. They can give the baby light and comfortable sleep sack at this time, which is more suitable than covering a blanket or a quilt. And parents also do not have to worry about the baby kicking off the cover.  

1. What is the sleep sack?

  Baby sleep sacks are invented to prevent babies from kicking off the covers during sleep. It is increasingly common for women to work. The task of caring for babies and watching them sleep at night has become an unbearable burden for young mothers. And with the spread of scientific parenting knowledge, more and more parents have recognized the need to give their babies sleeping space, which will let the baby have the crib and sleep alone. Baby sleep sacks are a product that can prevent babies from getting a cold and help them sleep better.

2. Why do babies like to kick quilts?

  There are many reasons that babies like to kick quilts.

  • physical discomfort

  Teething pain, hunger, cold, overeating and other physical discomforts can make babies sleep poorly at night. Once they can not sleep well, they will kick the covers. Parents must deal with the specific reasons for their baby's body and prescribe the right medicine.

  Generally, tummy pains in babies may be caused by colic. Colic is a common condition. It will finally disappear as the baby grows, often after three months. If the cases are severe, parents should take babies to the doctor in time to make a professional judgment.

  In addition, the tummy pain of babies is mainly caused by improper feeding by parents. So parents should not let their babies eat too much or too less before bedtime.

  • over-excited before bedtime

  If your baby plays a lot or is too excited before bedtime, his brain will be still excited while sleeping, which can cause the baby to kick the quilt.

  Don't do things that tend to excite your baby before he goes to sleep. Don't tease your baby too much, don't play too exciting games with him, don't scare your baby.

  In addition, you should give a signal to your baby before going to bed, like tell your baby that you should go to bed after bathing, after turning off the lights, and when the environment becomes quiet.

  • uncomfortable environment

  Wearing too much, unstable temperature and humidity, too cold and too hot, unfamiliar sounds, sudden movements and other external environmental stimuli can also cause babies to be uncomfortable and kick the covers.

  Whether dressing or covering your baby, you should choose breathable, soft, and absorbent fabrics. Do not cover your baby with a too thick blanket, and do not dress in too many clothes for your baby. As far as possible, let the baby sleep in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

3. Why use the sleep sack?

  A European Journal of Pediatrics (EJPE) showed that the use of infant sleep sacks helps maintain the baby's sleep on his back, reducing the chances of turning over to sleep on his stomach. Sleeping with covers has the risk of suffocation. It also prevents hypothermia and hypoxia caused by the cover of your baby’s head and face. The study made the following conclusion: “Parents should be strongly advised to use baby sleep sacks for newborns". The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that parents can use infant sleep sacks, which on the one hand, can keep the baby warm, and on the other hand, will avoid the danger of suffocation.

  In addition, using sleep sacks also can help reduce SIDS. What is the SIDS? SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome, which is the leading killer of babies under age one.

sleep sacks

4. How to choose a suitable sleep sack?

  Next, I will give you some suggestions from different aspects.

4.1 Style

      There are many different styles of baby sleep sacks on the market today.

      These two kinds of sleep sacks both have their own advantages. On the one hand, sleeved sleep sacks are suitable for warm-keeping on cold winter days. On the other hand, sleeveless sleep sacks are convenient for babies to self-soothe. When the baby’s arms are exposed outside the sleep sack, he will feel freer, and his arms will not be bound.

      Different aged babies have different needs for sleep sacks.

      Newborn babies prefer swaddling sleep sacks. Because they are always insecure after birth. Swaddling sleep sacks can make them feel safe and secure. Babies also can sleep in a safe arms-up sleep position with this sleep sack. In addition, the swaddling sleep sack can prevent babies from SIDS and Moro reflex.

      Babies grow gradually, and they start to roll. Then parents can stop swaddling their babies. Or swaddling is not convenient for turning over. At this time, babies need a new style of sleep sack that can make them feel free. The transitional sleep sacks are functional and usually have a one-piece design. 

      Once babies start to learn to walk, they will be mobile. Split-leg sleep sacks are easy and comfortable to wear. Babies can wear it to crawl and walk more freely.

    4.2 Fabrics

        Natural, organic fabrics are always our first choice for making baby sleep sacks. Babies’ skins are sensitive and delicate, and can easily be allergic to chemicals. Organic cotton and bamboo fiber are ideal fabrics for babies, which are both safe, soft, and comfortable.

      organic fabrics

      4.3 Smell

          Do not forget to smell the smell of the sleep sack before buying. If the sleep sack has a pungent, strange smell, I recommend you to give up buying. This kind of sleep sack is not safe for your baby.

        4.4 Workmanship

            You should touch and feel the sleep sack with your hands when choosing a baby sleep sack to feel the texture, thickness, and softness of the sleep sack. Pay attention to the unique design of some small parts, such as whether the zipper has a zipper protector, and the inner layer has a neat row of stitches, the accessories have been fixed, and so on.

          4.5 Size

              It is better to choose a suitable baby sleep sack that fits your baby. And from an economic point of view, I prefer one-piece sleep sacks that can be extended. A good quality sleep sack can be used for a longer time, which is very economical.

            4.6 TOG

                You need to check the TOG rating of a sleep sack before buying carefully. What is the sleep sack tog rating? What is tog sleep sack suitable for summer? TOG is the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth your baby can get. 0.5 TOG sleep sacks are suitable for babies to wear in summer. Because 0.5 tog sleep sacks are single-layer, lightweight, and breathable.

              5. Best sleep sack for summer

                  Finally, I am gonna introduce some perfect sleep sacks for your baby to wear in summer.

                Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

                  Organic newborn sleep sacks with mesh cotton are kinds of swaddling sleep sacks that are useful to help newborns to feel more secure and have a more restful sleep. In addition, this sleep sack has mesh cotton on the back. Newborns usually sleep on their backs. So their backs sweat easily. The mesh cotton is good for letting the heat out to prevent your baby from growing prickly heat.

                  Swaddling sleep sacks are suitable for newborn babies, which can simulate the mother's womb for the baby, who likes to be surrounded by warmth. The baby's hands can also be naturally wrapped in the sleep sack, which gives the baby a sense of security.

                newborn sleep sacks

                Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

                  This short-sleeved baby sleep sack with mesh cotton has the same design as the above swaddling sleep sack. It also has mesh cotton, which is perfect for the baby to use in summer while sleeping.

                short sleeve sleep sacks

                Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

                  The front-opening sleep sack is one of the best-selling sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby. The long sleeves of this sleep sack in cameo pink, whisper green, and shell can be removable, meaning this sleep sack can be a long-sleeved sleep sack and a sleeveless sleep sack. It is very functional and easy to wear.

                  Parents can remove the long sleeves on hot summer days to change the sleep sack to a sleeveless one. On the one hand, it is cooler for babies to wear in summer. On the other hand, toddlers can self-soothe easily.

                Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

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