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Article: How do sleep sacks work?

How do sleep sacks work?

How do sleep sacks work?

  Have you ever encountered: whenever you put a blanket around your baby, he immediately starts kicking it as high as possible with his legs! If you cover it again, he will kick it again. After tossing for a long time, you lose your sleep and affect your work during the day. If you are bothered by this and don't know how to fix it, why not try a baby sleep sack?

  You're bound to have a lot of questions about sleep sacks. What are the benefits of sleep sacks? At what age can a baby use a sleep sack? How to choose a sleep sack? Read with patience, and this article may solve your doubts.

What are the benefits of sleep sacks?

Prevent your baby from catching a cold

  The baby's constitution is weak and often gets cold. If a sleep sack is used, it will not be easy for the baby to catch a cold without kicking off the blanket.

Prevent your baby from choking

  The simpler the bedding in the crib, the lower the risk of suffocation by burying the baby's face in the bedding. The sleep sacks have the functions of mattresses and blankets. After using the sleep sacks, the other supplies on the baby's bed are greatly reduced, and the possibility of the baby's suffocation is greatly reduced.

Give your baby more security

  If the baby is a newborn or is often insecure, then using a sleep sack can be wrapped, making the baby feel as safe as in the mother's womb.

Conducive to the growth and development of your baby

  Many sleep sacks come with a dynamic temperature adjustment function, which will automatically change the material form as the temperature changes and ensure that the sleep sack is always in a state of temperature balance through the release and absorption of heat so that it is neither cold nor hot. The more comfortable the baby sleeps, the better quality and time of sleep can be guaranteed, which is conducive to growth and development.

Give parents better rest

  If the baby does not wear a sleep sack, then parents need to cover the baby with a blanket frequently. Babies who wear sleep sacks can sleep in their own cots. Sleep sacks are generally designed with zippers. It is also very convenient to change diapers. Therefore, parents can also get better rest and reduce fatigue.

At what age can a baby use a sleep sack?

  Presumably, many parents are wondering whether their baby's age is suitable for sleep sacks. In fact, whether your baby is a newborn or a toddler, the baby can use sleep sacks from birth until you decide to not use them anymore. It is worth noting that babies at different stages need to be selected in a targeted manner and replaced in time when entering the next age group so as to better assist the baby's sleep, form good sleep habits, and improve sleep quality. A suitable sleep sack can escort your baby's growth. Therefore, Kaiya Bbay has thoughtfully designed a variety of sleep sacks for babies of different ages.

  Swaddling is suitable for newborns and small-month-old babies. It can usually wrap the baby to avoid sleep disturbances caused by the startle reflex. Babies from 0-8 months will not roll over, but their feet can kick off the blanket. When sleeping, they often lift their hands up and bend their legs and knees outward. If their hands and feet are restricted during sleep, they will surely cry. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a loose sleep sack and not give them a sense of restraint. After they are three months old, the startle reflex fades away, and their hands can be exposed.

  There is no doubt that babies get rapid growth in a short period of time. Around 2 to 4 months, your baby starts to roll over while sleeping, and you should start the swaddling transition accordingly. The transition sleep sacks can give your baby a sense of freedom and comfort. All transitional sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby are functional and easy to use.

  They have enough space in the bottom for the baby to kick legs freely and help ease the transition from the swaddle while still providing continuous comfort and longer sleep.

  Learning to walk and sleep training is really hard work. Don't worry, Kaiya Baby is here to aid you. Babies need to sleep independently during this stage, and the independent sleep sacks really work. They help babies move freely without being restrained.

How to choose a sleep sack?

Pay attention to the thickness

  It is not the thicker, the better when choosing sleep sacks for your baby. Too thick a sleep sack will wake up the baby and affect the baby's sleep. The baby's thermoregulation function is not yet fully developed, which will increase the risk of muggy infant syndrome. The thickness of the sleep sacks is generally expressed in TOG.TOG represents the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating, the stronger the warmth. Ordinary sleep sacks have four tog levels, and the applicable room temperature for each tog level is shown in the table below:

  When the room temperature is not within the above range, but it is colder or hotter, it is recommended to adjust with the air conditioner. A suitable room temperature and sleep sack can give your baby a better sleep. Remember that the optimal room temperature is between 16 and 20°C, which is the most comfortable temperature for the human body.

  Of course, each baby's perception of temperature is different. The TOG rating is just a reference. The most important thing is to observe your baby's performance. If the babies are sweating or restless, the room temperature needs to be adjusted again.


Pay attention to materials

  Babies have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults. When the material is not properly selected, adults can resist viruses and bacteria. But for babies, it can quickly lead to skin irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials scientifically. Poor quality sleep sacks can harm your baby's skin. In addition, improper laundry can also irritate the skin of infants.

  Parents always want to give their children the best possible they can. Sleep sacks made of organic cotton are undoubtedly the first choice. It's more breathable and better at regulating temperature, which also more efficient at hypoallergenic or anti-allergy. It can effectively absorb heat and moisture in hot summer and make your baby feel more comfortable and warm in cold winter.

organic cotton

Pay attention to safety

  When choosing a sleep sack for your baby, in addition to warmth and comfort, safety is also an important aspect to consider.

There should be no ropes

  Unintentional entanglement of the rope around the baby's neck is likely to lead to tragedy, and it is generally stipulated that the hat and neck of children under the age of 7 are not allowed to use the rope.

The size should be basically appropriate

  If the sleep sack is too large, the baby can easily slip into the sleep sack, thus causing danger; if it is too small, the sleeves and neckline are too narrow to strangle the baby's neck or cause local overheating, which may also be dangerous.

  Therefore, it is vital to get the right size when choosing a sleep sack. Don't think about buying a larger one so that you can use it for a longer time.

Sleeveless sleep sacks are better than sleeved sleep sacks

  For safety reasons, a sleeveless sleep sack is more recommended. It ensures the circulation of air under the baby's armpit, and conducive to heat dissipation and avoids excessive temperature, which will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Sleeveless sleep sacks kaiya baby

Don’t opt for full wraps and hooded sleep sacks

  Infants and young children have immature thermoregulation abilities, and overheating are often dangerous for babies. A sleeping bag that is too thick, fully wrapped, or hooded will affect the heat dissipation and cover the baby's mouth and nose without carefulness, which is easy causes danger.

Be careful with zippers and snaps

  When choosing a sleep sack with buttons or zippers, you need to pay attention to reinforcing the buttons, check the firmness of the zipper, and prevent the snaps or zipper heads from falling off and being swallowed by the baby.

  Furthermore, when selecting sleep sacks with a zipper design,non-metal concealed two-way zippers or zippers that pull down from the top will make it easier to change diapers at night.

  During sleep, your baby's body releases more growth hormones. Efficient sleep helps your baby's physical development. Scientific research shows that babies with higher sleep efficiency tend to grow taller, stronger, and smarter.

  From the birth of a child to each stage of growth, parents are the most direct guide. Good tools can yield twice the result with half the effort.

  A good night's sleep is essential for a baby's health and development. Kaiya Baby is dedicated to helping parents struggling with their children's sleep problems. Let’s work together to create a better sleeping environment for children and be their guardian angels.

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