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Article: Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, which is better?

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, which is better?

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, which is better?

  In the process of baby feeding, you may often encounter choices, difficulties, setbacks. This is one of the most common problems: breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, which is better? Personally, I can't say which one is absolutely superior. After all, there are strong points in both types of feeding.

1. breastfeeding

  • breast milk is safe, healthy

  Many parenting specialists have said that breast milk is a perfect food for the human baby. It contains many nutrition and natural vitamin D. Even Some research does claim that breast-fed babies are intellectually brighter. You may have heard about SIDs, the main killer of infants under one year old. If mothers want to minimize the risk of SIDs, improve their babies’ survival rates, they should breastfeed their babies. Compared to baby formula, breast milk is easier digested, babies also have fewer incidences of diarrhea or constipation.  

  • good for mothers

  There is some convincing evidence showing that breastfeeding can reduce the mother's risk of diabetes, heart disease, breast, and ovarian cancer. Besides, it is also good for postpartum recovery.

  • enhance the parent-child relationship

  Breastfeeding is a good way to enhance the parent-child relationship. Because mothers have skin-to-skin contact with their babies while breastfeeding.

  • save money

  Sometimes, the fee of baby formula is not a small expenditure for a family. Even some families can not afford these fees. Breastfeeding is almost free of cost.

2. bottle-feeding

  • mothers can have time to take a break

  Bottle-feeding means everyone can feed the baby. So mothers can have time to take a break, or they may be suffering from exhaustion.

  • control the food intake

  Different from breastfeeding, parents can control the food intake while bottle-feeding. In this way, they can ensure their babies won’t eat too much or too little.

  More informations to check how long should i breastfeed.

3. bottle-feeding tips

  • try the breast pump

  Before using your breast pump, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly, and dry them with a clean towel. Pumping breast milk directly into breast milk storage bottles and freeze. Food grade silicone bottles are safe. You can use them when your baby needs them. Not just for mothers, it is also a good opportunity for daddy to get up at midnight to feed babies.

  • check the temperature before feeding

  Firstly, pour water into the bottle. Then, add the milk powder. Thirdly, place the cap on the bottle and shake it well. Before feeding, you need to check if the feed is at the right temperature. You can pour a few on your wrist.

  • clean and disinfection

  Remember to clean and wash the milk bottles thoroughly before and after each use. It is a matter of your baby’s physical health. I have newborn baby gift ideas for parents. The milk bottle is a good choice.

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4. breastfeeding tips for first time moms

  • get your baby a right, comfortable position

  The breastfeeding position is more important than you think. Babies will be more rested and better behaved when they feel comfortable. Your baby can wear some snug clothes. Baby clothes need to be made of 100% natural, healthy fabrics without any chemicals. Like organic cotton, 100% cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. You can get some in Kaiya Baby. Babies won’t feel any uncomfortable and are less likely to have allergy problems.

  • prepare a bib

  Put a bib on your baby, and prepare a new, clean cloth. Because there will be spit-up milk or formula that may cause the baby’s clothes wet and dirty. You should change a dry, clean cloth in time for your baby to help prevent colds.  

  • ask a person with experience

  It's the first time, people usually don’t how to do it. At this time, asking a person with experience is a good way. You can profit from other people's lessons to avoid blindness and detours.   

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