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Article: What kinds of soothing colors of babies’ clothing are good for babies?

What kinds of soothing colors of babies’ clothing are good for babies?

What kinds of soothing colors of babies’ clothing are good for babies?

  Most babies often cry hard at any time. There are many reasons for crying, including after a minor bump, when babies are hungry, uncomfortable, or even have no reason just for attention. Parents always find some way to try to comfort their babies. They may use pacifiers, swaddles, etc.

  At the same time, colors also can stimulate people’s emotions. Different colors of clothing can inspire different emotions in different people. Babies are more affected than adults.

  The color of the room and baby clothes can both make a baby hyper. It is better to choose a peaceful color that can make babies feel calm. 

1. Which colors should not be chosen for your baby?

  Vision is one of the latest maturing and slowest developing senses in humans. However, the basic visual cortex is able to receive signals from the fetal eye during the seventh month of pregnancy. The nerve cells of the visual pathway remain immature for several months after birth. And the world is mostly a blur to the baby. Babies have the ability to perceive colors from three or four months of life. 0-3 months old babies are already interested in vibrant colors.

  Some studies have shown that strong, bright colors can overstimulate an infant's internal senses, leading him to emotional instability and a lack of sleep.

  Bright red, yellow, and orange all can affect the baby's sleep. And these colors may be the reason for the baby's incessant crying. Colors with strong contrasts are responsible for over-stimulating babies.

kaiya baby bright colors

1.1 Bright Red

  Although the nervous system of babies can be stimulated by rapid excitement. It also can make babies feel fatigued more quickly. The baby’s bedroom should not be too red. It is not conducive to the baby's routine.

1.2 Bright Orange

  It also tends to excite the nervous system of babies and can attract their attention. So sanitation workers will wear orange overalls. It can play a role in warning the attention of oncoming drivers. The baby is curious. If the room is too orange, it will often cause the baby's attention and affect his sleep.

1.3 Bright Yellow

  Yellow also can stimulate the nervous system and digestive system. It is more appropriate to be used for meal location. But it is not suitable for excessive use in the baby’s room.

1.4 White

  White may make the baby feel nervous. And it has a certain negative impact on the baby to form a lively and optimistic personality. On the other hand, white gets dirty easily.

1.5 Black

  Black tends to make people fatigued and mentally exhausted.

2. What kinds of comfort colors of babiesclothes have a pacifying effect?

2.1 Green

  Green is a very soothing color. Green also symbolizes nature and has a healing feeling. It has an emotional association with peace, harmony, and tranquility. On the other hand, green also represents the “green” products. All baby clothes in Kaiya Baby are made of green, eco-friendly, environmental fabrics without any chemicals to ensure the safety and health of all babies.

2.2 Pink

  Is pink a warm color? Yes, pink says that things are soft and gentle. Babies in pink are very cute and adorable. That’s why the pink color was going on in the designer’s mind while she was thinking about the clothes’ colors.

2.3 Lilac

  All shades of purple are popular and fashionable, including lilac, lavender, and mauve. Designers usually will choose some more subdued pastel colors. Lilac purple baby clothes are also popular in Kaiya Baby store.

2.4 Light Yellow

  Yellow is one of the brightest colors. It represents sunshine and joy. Light yellow quilts and clothes can eliminate the baby's angry emotions and soothe him. More importantly, light yellow can also help stimulate a baby's wisdom and curiosity, which is beneficial to stimulating his mental activity and creativity. Some designers also like to use some prints of yellow fruits, like pineapple and lemon.

2.5 Blue

The color blue is reminiscent of the sea and the blue sky, which can be depressing and calming. The blue baby quilts and clothes can make your baby feel happy and reduce the anxiety of unhappiness. It also has a calming, soothing effect. If you want to keep your baby in a happy mood, having a blue sleep sack is a good choice. 

2.6 Khaki

  Khaki represents stability and neutrality. It is also the color of mother earth, embodying the truth and harmony that is widely found in the natural world. Khaki is also the color of protection. Babies can feel protected.

3. babiesclothes of soothing colors recommendations

  Light pink, purple, khaki, and green all have the actions of making people calm. That is why our designers choose these colors to make baby clothes. Below are some recommendations for you:

3.1 Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle

  The first recommendation is this zip-up swaddle for little babies from newborn to 6 months. The ergonomic design has an anti-startle reaction. So babies can get more sense of security after wearing this sleep sack and have a longer, restful sleep. Parents can get more free time to release their hands and have a rest.

  There is a two-way zipper at the opening front of the swaddle. Mothers can change diapers for their babies more conveniently. The suitable lightweight 0.5 TOG will not let babies have any feel pressure or burden. TOG is short of the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth your baby can get.

  This sleep sack has four colors now in Kaiya Baby: lilac, cameo pink, whisper green, and shell. Three pure colors have been introduced as the above. The shell pattern is the special offer of Kaiya Baby. The distinctive, concrete shell pattern reflects loveliness that is suitable to elevate  the cuteness of babies.  

kaiya baby swaddling sleep sacks

3.2 Sleeveless Thicken Heated Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG

  After introducing the above newborn 0.5 TOG sleep sack. Next, my recommendation is a thick 2.5 TOG sleep sack that is more suitable for the cold winter. Babies can have a warmer feeling. This one has a wider range of sizes. Infants and toddlers from 3 months and 24 months can all wear it. Babies can wear the sleep sack longer. Buy one sleep sack, and the baby can wear it for over one year. What a great deal! The garment industry also plays a vital role in sustainable development.

  The sleeveless design helps babies to move their arms freer. And it is convenient for babies to self-soothe. The roomy bottom also has more space for them to kick their legs. Babies can feel a new sense of freedom. Doing proper exercise is necessary for babies. It is good for babies’ to have better development and growth.

  These sleep sacks are made of 100% natural cotton that is durable and soft. The designers specially select them to make baby clothes to ensure every baby can feel comfortable, breathable, and cozy after wearing them.

thick sleeveless sleep sacks

3.3 Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  This is one of the best-selling sleep sacks in our store. Why is it so popular? I have listed below the benefits of this front opening long sleeved sleep sack for your preference.

  • Made of 100% natural fabric without any chemicals to keep the baby safe.

  Babies need to wear healthy, safe baby clothes. Because they are fragile, sensitive, and easily hurt. Parents have the responsibility to protect them.

  • Two-way zippers at the front of the sleep sack.

  The two-way zipper from the bottom to the top makes changes easier and safer. Besides, there is a zipper protector to protect babies from feeling uncomfortable and scratching.

  • The grow-with-me adjustable hemline.

  In the beginning, babies usually hide their feet in the sleep sack. The hemline of this front-opening sleep sack is adjustable and can be opened. On the one hand, an adjustable hemline is convenient for parents to change diapers for their babies. On the other hand, babies can peek their feet out easier.

  • Lightweight 0.5 TOG.

  This sleep sack is made of a single-layer fabric that is lightweight to help babies to feel more comfortable.
organic sleep sack

3.4 Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  The unique point of this short-sleeved sleep sack is that it is made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a sustainable, organic fabric that can keep the baby safe. In summer, babies will not turn over by themselves. So they are easier to sweat than adults, especially on their backs. We use mesh cotton to help babies to release the heat. The colors of these sleep sacks are all soothing colors that can calm babies to have a more restful sleep.    

sleep sack with mesh cotton

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