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Article: Breathable Fabric Clothes For Baby Wear

Breathable Fabric Clothes For Baby Wear

Breathable Fabric Clothes For Baby Wear

  A baby cloth has many different characteristics. Breathability is one of the most critical essential characteristics. Especially in summer, baby summer clothes need to be breathable and comfortable. What kinds of breathable fabrics are suitable for babies to wear in summer? Today’s article will talk about this topic.

1. Why Choose Breathable Fabric?

  The metabolism of infants is faster than adults. They are easier to sweat and feel hot. So babies’ clothes must be light and breathable. Besides, newborns can not move independently, or they can only have a small range of activities. Newborns are often lying in bed. They can not turn over by themselves. So newborns are easy to sweat and get prickly heat and eczema on their backs. Newborns should also pay attention to the choice of breathable clothes. When babies get older, they will be more active and have a lot of movement, which is prone to heat. So parents need to check their babies regularly and help them change their wet clothes in time for the hot weather.

2. Tip On Buying Breathable Clothes

2.1 need to be comfortable

The breathable fabric can give babies a natural feel and keep them comfortable. Compared to adults, babies are more prone to sweating. Especially in the afternoon, the skin temperature of babies will be at its highest, and their pores will also be more open, babies will sweat more. If the baby’s clothes don’t breathe, the clothes will cling to the sweat, making babies feel uncomfortable. Then your little one may be upset or cry. An uncomfortable sleep sack even can make your baby have difficulty falling asleep.

2.2 can prevent the baby from catching a cold

On the other hand, evaporating perspiration is easier to cause colds. So the baby clothes fabric needs to be ventilated, moisture-absorbing and perspiration. People need to sweat because the baby’s sweat glands pump out body heat in sweat. If a baby can not sweat, implying he may get sunstroke in hot weather.

2.3 choose natural and safe fabrics

  A baby’s skin is tender and easy to allergic. So, safe fabrics are the best choice in baby clothes, like bamboo fiber, organic cotton, etc. These fabrics are soft, breathable, easy to absorb sweat, and not easy to stimulate the baby's delicate skin.

2.4 choose natural-colored clothes

  I prefer parents to choose baby clothes that are natural-colored. Sometimes, light color is not necessarily a natural color. Natural colour is the fabric's original colour, which is safe and without any chemicals, like beige, light brown, etc.

In addition, do not choose printed baby clothes containing more chemicals. It is not suitable for the baby’s health.

2.5 should have a quality certificate

  High-quality baby clothes should have authoritative certification reports. Baby clothes need to be tested by professional third-party independent testing agencies like SGS, GOTS and Oeko-Tex®.

2.6 pay attention to the details of baby clothes

You should check if the baby clothing has fine workmanship before buying. If there are loose threads, whether the edges of clothes are smooth. Generally, labels should be sewed outside of the baby clothes to avoid your baby feeling uncomfortable.

2.7 the clothes should be loose

  When buying baby clothes, be sure to buy different sizes according to your baby's type. Do not buy too tight clothes. Too tight baby clothes are easier to cause your baby to feel uncomfortable and trapped. It is not beneficial to the growth and development of the baby. The baby clothes need to be a little larger than the baby.

3. Tips On Dressing Babies

3.1 change suitable clothes for your baby according to the environment

  The temperature of the air conditioner should preferably be suitable for babies. Parents need to maintain a certain temperature to prevent their little ones from catching a cold. If you have to take your baby out, you should pay attention to changing suitable clothes for him at any time. Or the big temperature difference between indoors and outdoors may cause your baby to get sick.

  In the air-conditioned room, parents should remember to cover the baby with a quilt or blanket if the baby is sleeping. Or your baby may have a risk of getting a cold. Besides, covering your baby with a blanket also has risks. On the one hand, babies may kick the quilts off when they are overheating. On the other hand, it also has the risk of suffocation. The blanket may cover your newborns’ faces, and they can not remove it by themselves.

  Try not to let your baby play barefoot on the ground indoors, especially in an air-conditioned room. Putting tiny socks on your baby is best because the baby's feet are more sensitive to the temperature. It is easy to get cold if the baby does not wear socks.

3.2 change clothes regularly

The baby is easy to sweat. If the sweaty clothes are not changed in time, it can cause your baby to catch a cold. In addition, baby clothes should be washed and changed diligently to avoid skin diseases such as dermatitis, rashes, etc.

3.3 do not wear your baby too few

  Babies have delicate skin. When going out, babies who wear too few are easy to get their skin tanned and sunburned.

  When you take your baby out during the day, you can use a sunshade with the baby or wear a light-colored, long-sleeved jacket for your baby to play a better role in protecting him from sunburn. You need to take some actions to avoid the direct ultraviolet radiation to protect your little baby's skin and eyes, etc.

  If your baby often sits around, there will be some health hazards. If at home, we should pay attention to often cleaning the floor, stools, etc., especially where your baby likes to sit.

4. Kaiya Baby Breathable Baby Clothes

4.1 Fabric Selection

  Kaiya Baby chooses 100% organic cotton and bamboo fiber to make clothes for more excellent breathability. Organic cotton is a great raw material for clothes production because it is natural, organic, eco-friendly, and breathable. Bamboo fiber is a new kind of fabric that is green and environmental. All the fabrics do not stimulate babies’ sensitive skin, which greatly affects their comfort level. Breathable organic cotton and bamboo fiber both have a great help for babies to have a better sleep.

4.2 Baby Clothes Recommendations

  This is a sleep sack for older babies or toddlers who can sleep independently. They can stand and walk freely while wearing it. A split-leg design is good for more unrestricted movement. The bottom can be folded and cover the baby’s entire feet for better warm-keeping. Keeping the feet warm can also help reduce the risk of your baby getting sick. Usually, if the lower limbs are not heated, it rises from the feet. Warm the feet is necessary. Two-way zippers from top to bottom for a more convenient diaper change. Every zipper has a protector at the top that can help avoid causing any discomfort to babies. 0.5 TOG is a suitable degree for babies. They will feel lightweight and comfortable.

Long Sleeve Split-Leg Sleep Sack

  This sleep sack is similar to the above one. The main difference is that this one is short sleeves and one-piece. And it has mesh cotton on the back that is good for letting the heat out and making babies feel cool in summer. The one-piece of this sleep sack is comfortable, giving babies more room for kicking legs more freely. The two-way zippers can also help parents change diapers for their babies more easily, even in the middle of the night. This product has five different printed colors: Galaxy Supernova, Starry Night, Bacca Pink, Bacca Mint, and Creamy Mushroom. Sleep sacks are made of 100% organic cotton. It is a safe, sustainable fabric that is a good choice for babies and beneficial to the earth.

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  • Half Sleeves Zip Wrap Romper

  This is a regular and classic romper. Different from the above two sleep sacks. These rompers are also suitable for newborns under three months. If your baby likes kicking legs, this romper is suitable for him. It has a split-leg design, babies can move freer after wearing it.

Half Sleeves Zip Wrap Romper

  There are no-slip grippers on the built-in footies of this zipper romper. This design has two functions. On the one hand, babies can hide their feet in it to keep warm. On the other hand, the no-slip grippers can help babies to avoid falling. 

Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

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