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Article: Why Choose Bamboo Fiber To Make Baby Clothes?

Why Choose Bamboo Fiber To Make Baby Clothes?

Why Choose Bamboo Fiber To Make Baby Clothes?

  Most people have heard of bamboo fiber, but they may have no idea of this special fiber. Today’s article will talk about it in detail as below. For more information, please kindly check for references.

1. What Is Bamboo Fiber?

Bamboo fiber is a new type of regenerated cellulose fiber. In recent years, different technologies have been developed in bamboo fiber to be used for a wide range of textile and clothes production.  

2. Why Choose Bamboo Fiber?

2.1 Renewable

  Different from plastic, bamboo fiber is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate. Renewable fabric selection plays a vital role in sustainable development. 

2.2 Environmental

  Bamboo fiber is grown naturally, organically without any chemicals, like pesticides, insecticides. Chemicals could cause skin problems easily.

2.3 Ultra-Soft

  Bamboo fiber clothes are super soft. Babies will feel light, gentle, friendly to the skin while wearing them. Compared to adults, babies’ skins are more sensitive, more delicate. So babies have a higher quality of fabric requirements.

2.4 Stabilize Body Temperature

  Bamboo fiber also can regulate babies’ body temperature. It helps babies feel warm on cold winter days, and feel cool on hot summer days. It also can protect the baby from getting cold in an air condition room, and also has no risks of overheating.

2.5 Anti-Static

  Normally, synthetic clothes are easier to develop a static problem when the weather turns cold and dry. Baby clothes made of bamboo fiber don't need to worry about it.

2.6 Anti-Bacterial

  Natural bamboo fiber fabric features a good effect of anti-bacterial. It can provide the baby with a healthier, cleaner, safer sleep environment.

2.7 Breathable

  The special structure of the bamboo fiber contains micro-gaps that make this fabric more breathable. Breathable fabric is good for moisture-wicking. It also can promote heat dissipation, and make air circulation.  

3. Kaiya Baby Bamboo Fiber Baby Clothes

  Below are three Kaiya Baby baby clothes made of bamboo fiber:


1) Sleeveless and legs-free design helps babies to move more freely.

2) Three snaps on the bottom for an easier diaper change. Parents can take it on and off more conveniently.

3) There are two available colors of this cloth now: gray morn and lilac. Unisex colors are suitable for both baby girls and baby boys.

4) This cloth also has a special personalized service. Customers can leave their babies’names, then they can receive a cloth with their babies’ names on it. What a distinctive gift!


1) This is a swaddle designed for newborn babies under 6 months. The wrap-around design simulates the uterine environment that gives the baby a safe feeling to prevent flailing arms, and have a better, more restful sleep.

2) Built-in footies and mitten cuffs are both for better warm-Besides, mitten cuffs also can prevent babies from scratching themselves.

3) Two-way zippers are easier for taking on and off.

4) Split-leg design gives babies more freedom to kick.


1) Three-dimensional bottom of crotch gives more space to baby for more comforts while wearing a diaper.

2) Two-way zippers are more convenient to take on and off. Snaps on the bottom make the diaper change easier.

3) Short sleeves and split-leg design give more freedom for babies to crawl, stand, walk.

4) There are three different colors of this sleeping sack: aster purple, gray morn, and shell. Clothes in aster purple and gray morn are made of bamboo fiber. Clothes in shell are made of 100% cotton.

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