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Article: gift inspirations for babies

gift inspirations for babies

gift inspirations for babies

  There is too much selection online, customers have run out of gift ideas, and don’t know what to send to a baby. The things you can give include big things and small things. Actually, a growing baby needs a considerable amount of essentials to develop. Next, I will share some gift inspirations for babies.

1. baby crib

  In the old days, parents usually will sleep with their babies in the same bed. On one hand, they think it is dangerous to let a baby sleep alone. On the other hand, sleeping in the same bed help parents to check their babies’ at any time more conveniently. But it also has its risks. Every time parents fall asleep, they will be unconscious. Sometimes, they can hurt their sleeping babies.

  Then people invented the baby crib. It helps create an ideal sleeping place for babies. Parents can put the baby crib next to their bed in the same room. In this way, parents and babies both can sleep much better on their own beds.

  Sometimes, your baby may cry when he/she is lying in the crib alone. A thing that hangs over baby crib can attracts his/her attention.

2. baby sleep sacks

  As I said above, good sleep needs a good sleeping place. That is why I recommended the baby crib. Then I will say a high-quality, suitable baby sleep sack is also necessary. If you don't know how to dress baby for sleep, buying a sleep sack never goes wrong.

  Before sleep sacks were invented, parents only could cover their babies with quilts. Babies sleeping with quilts is risky. When the quilt is too heavy, babies may feel uncomfortable, which even can lead to choking. When the quilt is too light, babies can kick the quilts off easily, then they may catch a cold. Now, sleeping with a sleep sack can help babies to be risk-averse.

  What kinds of sleep sacks are good?

  • Made of natural, sustainable fabrics without any chemicals.
  • Wear comfortably, babies can feel cozy and snug.
  • Easy to take on and off, change diapers.
  • Choose cool, breathable sleep sacks for summer wear, choose warm, thick sleep sacks for winter wear. Below are some typical sleep sacks in Kaiya Baby, you can please check them for references.


  The weather is gradually getting warmer. It is time to prepare a new sleep sack. This sleep sack is made of 100% organic cotton that is super soft, super comfortable. Besides, it has a sleeveless design which can be convenient for a baby to use self-soothing, and make him/her feel freer.


  Of course, we can't forget the star product in winter, the thick sleep sack with 3.5 TOG. It brings warmth to all babies and helps them to have a restful sleep. A perfect item every mother can’t miss. Grab the last chance to get one before it is gone.

3. pacifier

  Don’t you know how to help to comfort your crying baby? Giving him/her a pacifier or finger is a great idea. As babies grow older, parents need to help them to give up the pacifier.

4. baby carrier

  The baby carrier is another good choice as a gift for active parents who like to take their babies out. After having a baby carrier, you can hold your baby closer, and keep your hands free for other things at the same time. It is a perfect item for outdoor use.

5. footie pajamas

  Besides sleepwear, daily wear and playwear for a baby are also necessary. So this footie pajama becomes another recommendation. It is comfortable for wearing and playing. There are no-slip grippers on built-in footies that can help your baby to against falls.

6. diaper

  A good diaper needs to be hypoallergenic and easy to take on and off. Because babies’ skins are ultra-sensitive and ultra-delicate. Parents should pay attention to all things that can cause an allergy.

7. baby teether

  When your baby is teething, he/she will have an itching feeling. It will make him/her feel uncomfortable. Giving your baby a teether can help ease it.

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