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Article: things that parents usually worry about for their babies

things that parents usually worry about for their babies

things that parents usually worry about for their babies

  Most parents have started to worry about their babies from the time babies were born. They are worried about their babies’ health, growth, development, etc. Because newborn babies usually are physically poor and vulnerable. Parents need to pay attention to some things when their babies were growing up.

So what kind of things that parents usually worry about for their babies? I will list them as below, you can please check them out for references.

1. breastfeeding problems

  Although infant milk powders are safer these years, they are also nutritionally complete. Breast milk from the mother's breast is still the perfect food for a human baby. You do not need to worry about your baby’s food safety problem.

  New mothers always will meet some breastfeeding problems. Like biting, leaking, etc. Biting usually occurs at the end of a feeding when your baby is full. Babies don’t want to eat anymore, then they may start to bite you. If your baby is teething, an unconscious biting action makes mothers feel pain. So mothers need to pay more attention to breastfeeding. Once you find your baby stopping sucking, you can gently take him/her off to protect your breast.

  Leaking is also a common problem. You can prepare some soft disposable breast pads for yourself. These pads can provide comfort and single-use protection from leaking, and the breathable layers are for absorbency and dryness to protect your skin.

2. babies can not sleep well

  Sleep is hugely important to people’s mood and energy. It is also related to a baby’s growth and development. It is necessary for parents to help their babies to have high-quality sleep. How to make your baby have a restful sleep?

  • get a perfect sleep sack

  What kinds of sleep sacks are good for a baby to sleep? I think these sleep sacks need to have the below features.

1) made of natural, sustainable fabrics

  Babies’ skins are more sensitive, delicate than adults. If the baby clothes are not made of natural fibers easily cause skin irritation. You can be assured to buy Kaiya Baby sleep sacks that are made of 100% natural fabrics without chemicals, including 100% cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber.

2) can be worked for every season

  Due to the difference in temperature between day and night, and seasons, parents need to bring more clothes for their babies to change. Sleep sacks that are made of cool, breathable bamboo fiber are more good for wearing on hot summer days. Babies will feel cooler. On cold winter days, babies need a thick sleep sack that is made of double-layer cotton with padding. They can feel warmer, cozier.

  • create a suitable sleep environment

  Creating a perfect environment for your baby to match his/her personal sleep preferences is also important. It needs to be quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable.

  A 100% smoke-free environment is also necessary. It can protect babies from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke which is closely related to health.

  Babies need to sleep alone in their cribs. The crib can be set next to the parents’ bed. Parents can check out their babies at any time conveniently.

3. risk of SIDS

  SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. It is the chief killer of infants under one-year-old. Generally speaking, there are several possible reasons accounting for this risk.

  • sleep position

  A comfortable, safe sleep position supports good sleep. Compared to sleeping on the side and sleeping on a tummy, sleeping on the back is safer for babies. Some mothers may ask: what can I do if my baby likes to sleep face down? You should help him/her to change this sleep position.

  • second-hand smoke

  Second-hand smoke is seriously affecting babies’ health. It can cause people to suffer from breathing infections, increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

  • share the same bed with parents

  Sharing the same bed with parents is dangerous for the baby. Parents may hurt babies when turning over.  

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