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Article: Should I do a massage for my baby?

Should I do a massage for my baby?

Should I do a massage for my baby?

  Have you ever done a massage on your baby? Many mothers may have such a question: is it good for babies? Should I choose a massage oil for a baby? How to do baby massage for his colic?

  It is good for babies if you do massage them with the right massage actions. Next, let’s talk about the details below.

1. What is baby massage?

  Baby massage is not just a regular activity. It is also a medical approach. This is because baby massage has been associated with medical exploration from the beginning. The early massage can give the baby’s brain cells and nervous system the appropriate stimulation during the critical period of brain development. It also promotes a baby’s growth and intelligence development.

  Baby massage is not only a communication bridge between parents and baby but also beneficial to the baby's health. Baby massage has the effect of helping babies to speed up their metabolism and relieve muscle tension. It helps to make the baby’s body produce more hormones and promote the digestion and absorption of food. Besides, baby massage also can strengthen your baby's muscles, so his limbs can grow stronger, and the body can be healthier. Baby massage can also help babies sleep tighter and soothe them.

  During the massage, if the baby looks happy, it means that he loves the massage. Each part of his body can generally be massaged two to three times. Parents can use their tiny fingertips or palms to massage. Each massage can last for a few minutes, gradually about 20 minutes. During the massage, you can play some soft music to let your baby relax. And this is the best time for mother-child communication that can make the baby feel happy during this time.

2. benefits of baby massage

  Baby massage has many benefits for babies. It will not only make your baby gain weight but also can relieve the irritability and soothe your baby. At the same time, it will also help your baby sleep peacefully at night. Mothers can get their own time to rest and relax.

2.1 help your baby relax

  Massage always will help people to relax. Not just relax the body, but it also can relieve your baby’s emotions. Babies, especially newborns, always will feel insecure. Parents need to find some ways to soothe their babies. Massage is a good choice. When a baby is in a state of being emotionally and mentally at peace, he can fall asleep easily. At this time, you also can take some time to have a rest.

2.2 help your baby have a better sleep

  When your baby is relaxed, he can have a longer, more restful sleep. Having a high-quality sleep is important for a growing baby. There are two purposes of sleep: physical rest and psychological rest. Getting enough rest is good for a baby’s growth and development. On the other hand, a night of good sleep also can help your baby to have a good mood. And it also can make life easier for you and your baby.

  Massage your baby regularly can make an anxious baby calm. And it is easy to help establish a pleasant mood for your baby. In the process of doing massage, melatonin in the baby’s blood will also be much higher than usual. Melatonin is beneficial in establishing a good sleep system for your baby.

2.3 improve the baby’s colic

  Colic is a common problem in newborns and babies. It is also a reason for the baby’s crying. Colic will make your baby feel uncomfortable. A good massage helps to increase the comfort of your baby. For more details on how to soothe a colicky baby, please kindly check the below link:

Tips to Soothe Your Colicky Baby

Tips to Soothe Your Colicky Baby

2.4 shorten the distance between you and your baby

  The loving touch is good communication between you and your baby. On the one hand, it can shorten the distance. On the other hand, it improves the parent-child relationship. Through constant touch, babies can feel their parents and get a sense of security.

2.5 different benefits to different parts of the baby’s body

1) massage the face: soothe the tightness of your baby’s face.

2) massage the chest: smooth your baby’s breathing circulation.

3) massage the hands: increase the flexibility of your baby’s hands.

4) massage the abdomen: help with gastrointestinal functions.

5) massage the legs: increase your baby’s motor coordination.

6) massage the back: soothe the muscle of your baby’s back.

2.6 promote the digestion and absorption of food

  Baby vomiting is one of the most common phenomenons in infancy. Why does it happen? The main reason is that the baby's stomach is not fully developed. So  the capacity of his stomach is not big enough to have a good stomach wiggle. So it is easy to cause gastroesophageal reflux and vomiting. Baby massage can relieve baby’s spitting up. You can massage your baby two to three times a day to improve his digestive problems.

2.7 promote your baby’s neurological development

  In the process of massage, you can sing some nursery rhymes to the baby. In the process, concentration can promote the development of the baby's visual sense and auditory sense. It also plays a positive role in a baby's neurodevelopmental system.

2.8 make your baby feel safe

  Parents can use massage to stimulate the baby's body and sensory abilities. Massage also can help the baby to feel his body and feel loved and cared for at the same time. And babies also can get a full sense of security.

  Besides massage, giving your baby a suitable sleep sack also can make him safe. There are many ideal baby sleep sacks that can meet all mothers’ needs in Kaiya Baby.

  This is a newborn sleep sack that has ergonomic with an anti-startle reaction. Newborns can get more safety after wearing it. A two-way zipper on the front opening of this sleep sack can help parents to change sleep sacks and diapers for their babies easily. And it has a fit neckline design. It helps to prevent your baby from suffocation. There is a new design for this new sleep sack. We used mesh cotton to let the heat out for babies. Mothers don’t worry that babies will be overheating in summer.

  • Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  The biggest advantage of this sleep sack is the fabric. The fabric is bamboo fiber. This is an ultra-breathable, ultra-soft fabric that can help your baby feel much more comfortable. It has a wide range of sizes. Babies from newborn to three years old all can wear it.

bamboo sleep sack

3. How to massage your baby?

3.1 before massage

  There are some preparations that need to be made before the massage. Giving the baby a relaxing bath and preparing a comfortable environment. Good bathing can make the baby relaxed. After the bath, place your naked baby on a clean, thick, soft bath towel or blanket. Remember, the room temperature should not be too high or too low.

  On the other hand, parents should cut their nails to protect their babies from scratching. Everyone knows that babies’ skin is very sensitive and delicate. In preparation for the massage, parents’ hands should be washed and kept warm to avoid to contaminating or irritating the baby's skin.

3.2 apply some baby oils or lotions

  Firstly, apply the baby massage oil or lotion to your hands. Then gently, slowly touch your baby's body with your fingers. The use of body lotion and oil can keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. It also helps mothers do massage for their babies more conveniently.

3.3 start to massage
  • Stroke around the baby’s stomach and belly button, it helps your baby’s digestion.
  • Turningyour baby's legs slowly can relieve stomach flatulence.
  • Use your warm hands tomassage the soles of your baby’s feet from heel to toe.
  • Use your finger pads to massage your baby’s faceand forehead  Massage the scalp in small circles.
  • Stop massaging if your baby seems uncomfortable.

4. massage notes

4.1 choose a proper massage time

  Choosing a proper to massage your baby can make a difference. Do not massage your baby after a feeding. It may cause your baby to spit up.

4.2 keep talking with your baby

  Most babies are familiar with the voice of their mothers. The voice can help them calm down and feel secure. It also helps the massage be more successful.

4.3 be careful

  Be careful when putting your baby down and picking him/her up. Especially after a massage. The baby oils and lotions can make babies slippery.

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