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Article: How to take care of your baby's skin?

How to take care of your baby's skin

How to take care of your baby's skin?

  Whether adults or babies, learning how to take care of skins is very important. For adults, proactive skin care can help keep their skins youthful and healthy. For babies, parents should take care of babies’ skins more carefully. Because baby skin is very different from grown-up skin. Their skins are much more sensitive and delicate.

  Babies’ skin problems include eczema, rashes, acne redness, etc. Sometimes, you may also find that there is dry skin on baby head, face, hands, body, etc.

  So How to take care of your baby's skin? A great baby skincare regime involves paying attention to both the external and internal needs of the skin. Next, let us help you learn more about baby skincare.

1. protection babies from the sun

  No matter what kind of skin color you are, no matter how old you are. Everyone needs protection from the sun. So do babies. Put sunscreen on your baby’s skin to avoid getting sunburnt whenever you take your baby go out.

2. change dirty, wet diapers and baby clothes in time

  Once you find your baby’s diapers and clothes are dirty or wet, you should help your baby to change them in time. These diapers and clothes will make your baby feel very uncomfortable. Besides, it also easily causes diaper rash and eczema. If a baby already gets a diaper rash, you can apply some natural cream to your baby to help treat it.

3. help babies prevent allergies

Skin allergies are one of the most common causes of skin problems. What are the causes of skin allergies?

3.1 food allergies

  A food allergy could lead to hives, skin irritations. For babies, food allergies are dangerous. It not only causes skin problems to make babies uncomfortable but also can lead to stomach flatulence, diarrhea. So If you find that your baby is allergic to a certain food, you should eliminate it from your baby’s diet.

3.2 clothes, diapers allergies

  All products for babies’ uses need to have a qualified quality. Especially for the clothing, diapers that are next to the baby’s skin, are easily lead to rough skin and causing skin allergies. So the materials and fabrics that are used to produce baby products should be natural, healthy, without any chemicals.

  Baby clothes in Kaiya Baby are all made of 100% natural fabrics, like 100% cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. Below I will recommend three typical sleep sacks for your references:


  Firstly, we would like to introduce this newborn sleep sack which is made of bamboo fiber. It is suitable for newborns to wear on hot summer days. As bamboo fiber is a super breathable, super soft, hypoallergenic fabric.

  Organic cotton is a popular environmentally friendly textile. It is natural, non-toxic, firm, and breathable, is ideal for babies. That is why we chose organic cotton. This sleeveless sleep sack can offer every baby a completely comfortable feeling. The sleeveless design allows babies can shake their hands, arms freer. The wearing also won't have a bound feeling.


  This is one of the best-selling products in the online store. This sleep sack is made of double layers of 100% cotton with padding. The 2.5 TOG design helps babies to get more warmth after wearing it. The two long sleeves with folded cuffs also do a good job keeping babies cozy. In winter, a thick sleep sack is a necessary indispensable object.

3.3 dust mite allergy

  Old pillows, quilts, carpets, etc are easily rich in mite dung and cause babies skin flakes. All these things needed cleaning regularly or keep them away from your baby.

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