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Article: Great Baby Accessories - Must Haves For New Moms

Great Baby Accessories - Must Haves For New Moms

Great Baby Accessories - Must Haves For New Moms

  There are many newborn baby must-haves. In previous posts, sleeping bags, rompers, etc have been introduced. Today’s article will list some baby accessories that mothers may need. For more details and recommendations, please kindly check below:

1. Adjustable Snap Baby Drool Bibs

  It is common for babies to drool in the first two years of his/her life. Because many muscles in different parts of their bodies are underdeveloped, like mouth muscles, neck muscles, etc. Babies have swallowing difficulties at the beginning. They may drool at any time. When they are awake or asleep.   

  When a mother finds that her baby starts drooling, it means her baby’s teeth are appearing. Drooling is natural and normal during the teething period. Mothers need to check if their babies’ clothes are wet regularly. If the clothes are wet, they should be replaced in time. On the one hand, by putting on damp clothes, babies may catch a cold and feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, wearing drool clothes for a long time also may cause drool rash.

  At this time, every mother needs baby drool bibs. Kaiya Baby adjustable snap baby drool bibs have adjustable snaps for easier take on and off. It is also convenient for adjusting sizes to help babies to get a perfect, comfortable fit. The most important function of baby bibs is to absorb drools to protect babies from drool rash.

2. 100% Cotton Baby Personalized Swaddle Blankets

  Normally, a swaddle blanket has three different usages: cover babies, wrap babies, babies can lay on it. Kaiya Baby the baby blanket size is 48in*48in that is large enough for wrapping and covering babies. Kaiya Baby chooses quality fabrics from 100% cotton which is healthy, cozy, breathable, comfortable, warm.

3. Baby No Scratch Mittens

  Babies’ arms like to flail in all directions, and sometimes, it may scratch their own faces. It is necessary for a baby to have a mitten. Kaiya Baby mittens have cute appearances with high quality. One size is suitable for all aged babies from newborn to 24 months, because the fabric is elastic. On the one hand, it is comfortable to wear and helps babies’ hands and fingers have enough space to move freely. On the other hand, it has a longer lifespan. It is a high-performance-cost baby product for mothers to choose from.

4. Baby Top Knot Hat

  By appearances, there is a cute knot on the top of the hat. The knot is not just for beauty, it is versatile. It can be tightened or loosened. Mothers can adjust the size of the hat by adjusting the knot for a suitable fit, it is very convenient. 100% cotton fabric also makes the hat more comfortable, more breathable, be better for warm-keeping.

5. Elastic Baby Bow No-Slip Headbands

  Headbands are kinds of cute items for adorable babies. Stretchy fabric for more comfortably fitting, and it is also gentle, soft for babies’ sensitive skin. The headbands won't slip off or leave any red skin marks on babies' heads. A neat bow makes babies even more lovable. Kaiya Baby headbands have four different colors(lilac, cameo pink, whisper green, shell) to match different colored sleeping bags or rompers.

  Shell is one of the most special fabric printings in Kaiya Baby. It is also a branded element. The moral of the shell is: Kaiya Baby will always offer durable baby products, and will always be here to company, protect, take care of all the babies. Besides, the shell is also a very attractive, distinctive pattern. No matter babies or parents both love it.

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